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5 Essential Car Accessories for Winter

5 Essential Car Accessories for Winter

Road trips become difficult naturally during the winter season. Slippery roads, fog, falling snow etc can make your journey hard if you are not well equipped to handle them. It’s crucial to treat the season seriously whether this is your first winter with your car or just another one. Many regions of the world have extremely cold winters, with night temperature frequently falling below zero degrees. This can make driving risky and occasionally even getting out of the driveway difficult.

Equip your car as though you’re going on a long-distance trip, even if you’re simply dropping the kids off at school or driving a short distance to work. Even a short commute can become an unforeseen emergency situation when temperature drops too much suddenly. Take a look at the Essential Car Accessories for Winter in this post to ensure that your car is equipped to handle anything Mother Nature may throw at you.

What are car accessories?

The experience of driving a car gets amplified with its features and convenience and they are crucial in determining whether this experience is positive or negative. To ensure a good driving experience, you can customize the car’s style and characteristics by adding some extras called accessories.

There are car accessories that you may add to your vehicle to increase its functionality, comfort, convenience, aesthetics, safety, hygiene, and so on. Based on your personal preferences, some sorts of accessories may appear to be more beneficial than others. Check your car’s tools and accessories to make sure you’re prepared for winter driving before the big chill arrives. Here are 5 Essential Car Accessories for Winterthat you must keep handy in this hostile season.

01. Winter Tyres

Many people are unaware that manufactures provide unique tyres specifically for the cold months. These tyres have unique compounds that give them more traction and grip in the snow. These tyres also have a distinct tread pattern with bigger spacing. There are many regulatory organisations in various nations that verify if the tyres pass particular testing.

They are the most crucial piece of equipment you might have for yourself and your vehicle. Winter tyres, as opposed to studded rally tyres, are specifically made to provide the best winter performance; they are neither all-season nor four-season tyres. Although they won’t help you stop much faster, a set of tyres like the Wintrac Pros from Vredestein or the Blizzaks from Bridgestone will provide you much more traction to help you get moving and navigate turns. Such tyres don’t necessarily fall in the category of Luxury Car Accessories and can be used in any car.

02. Car Cover or Windshield

A car cover or windshield cover can save you a tonne of time if you don’t have a garage and don’t want to spend your mornings scraping snow and ice. If you don’t want to spend money on a custom cover, you can cover your windshield at night using towels, a tarp, or even a folded bed sheet. Windshield covers are quick and simple to use. This will save you time in the morning, but keep in mind that the hood, roof, trunk, and rear windshield will still need to be cleared of snow and ice.

Your entire automobile, including the paint, will be shielded from the elements by a car cover. Additionally, it may help your windshield wiper blades last longer. However, you’ll still need to allow additional time in the morning because removing the cover will require some time and work if snow has accumulated overnight.

03. Wiper blades and winterized floor mats

Winter floor mats keep your car’s floor cleaner and significantly minimise the amount of moisture that is absorbed by the carpeting as a result of the snow, rain, slush, and salt that are dragged into and out of your car. Your car’s dealership should have a set, but a few businesses, like WeatherTech, also provide customized ones. In contrast to the conventional skeleton/metal frame wiper blade, the winter blades are constructed more robustly to assist in clearing snow from your windshield.

Another option is to use one-piece “beam” wiper blades, which are more resilient and have a significantly lower chance of freezing. These chains are attached to the tyres. In snow and ice, they are utilized to increase traction. Usually, they are attached to a car’s drive wheels or front wheels. In exceptionally slick conditions, this aids the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle. These chains can also be built of outside materials in addition to metals or steel. The car’s speed and fuel efficiency are decreased yet it still has adequate traction when these chains are used.

04. A Jump Starter or Battery Cables

One of the most frequent issues drivers have in the winter is a dead battery. Batteries lose power as the temperature drops; by the time the thermometer reaches 32 degrees, they have lost up to 35% of their power, and by the time it reaches zero, they have lost roughly 60% of their power. A further issue is that starting a car in cold weather can require up to twice as much energy as it does on a warm day.

Battery cables or an external jump starter should always be kept in your car, even if your battery is brand new. Battery cables make it simple to jump start your car from another one that is already moving. You can jumpstart your own automobile without a backup vehicle using an external jump starter. If you have both, you can aid others if they need it in addition to preventing being stranded with a dead battery.

Your portable jump starter should be recharged after each usage and at least once every six months because they run on batteries. And last, depending on the weather, buying an engine block heater for your automobile can be a good option. By warming up your engine and important fluids before you start your car, these practical gadgets lower the danger of damage from “cold starts” and idle time.

05. Hand Warmers

Having your fingers and hands frozen won’t assist in this sense because they control your car and keep you on the road. Even if you have the necessary equipment, skills, and information to escape a situation, having ice cold hands might seriously hinder your ability to complete the task. Disposable hand warmers heat up quickly and keep working for several hours.

They can assist you in keeping your hands warm when performing tasks like changing a tyre, starting a car, or waiting for assistance. The majority of hand warmers, like HotHands, are tiny chemical packets that cause exothermic reactions to safely heat up your hands. There are further electronic ones available as well, similar to a heated steering wheel.

Some other Essential Accessories for Winter

Anti-Fogging Spray

For winter driving, this defogging spray is great. It comes in a 103 ml quantity. When driving during the winter, using a small amount of the anti-fog sprayed on a paper towel or cotton cloth helps prevent interior fogging. To get a crystal-clear view, it is wiped on the car’s windscreen and mirrors.

Blanket And Warm Clothing

Don’t imagine you’ll never be stranded in your automobile for a long time; blankets are essential in that case! (Recall how, in February or March 2018, motorists in Scotland were stranded overnight in their vehicles on the M80?) If you find yourself very wet and shivering while trying to dig yourself out of the snow, warm clothing is a must, especially if you can’t use the heater in your car to warm up. Also, remember to wear gloves!

Non-perishable food and beverages

Similar to the blanket, food and drink will be necessary if you are stranded in your car for a long time. As snacks like cereal bars offer a lot of energy in a tiny amount, be sure the food you have in your car isn’t perishable.

Car Parking Stopper

When it is snowing, parking your automobile in uphill spots can be really difficult. A parking stopper becomes essential to keep in your car. They are usually made of premium plastic and guarantee durability, good performance, and compression resistance. They aid with the protection of parking lots, automobiles, and pedestrians and are easy to install. This is among the Must-Have Car Accessories.


Q.1- Essential Car Accessories for New Car

  • Dashboard decoration
  • Car cover
  • Windshield treatment
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Tyre inflator
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) navigator
  • Parking camera/sensors
  • Dash camera
  • Glass breaker
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Air freshener
  • A mini dustbin
  • Seat cushion
  • Neck/back support
  • Phone mount
  • Universal charger

Q.2- 7 items to keep in your car for winter

  1. Winter Tyres
  2. Car Cover or Windshield
  3. Wiper blades and winterized floor mats
  4. A Jump Starter or Battery Cables
  5. Hand Warmers
  6. Anti-Fogging Spray
  7. Blanket and Warm Clothing

 Q.3- Best Car Interior Accessories

  • Mobile, Laptop Chargers & Inverters.
  • Sun Protection.
  • Seat Covers, Cushions & Comfort.
  • Mobile Holders & Mounts.
  • Keychains & Accessories.
  •  Car Foot Mats.
  • In Car Hygiene.
  • Steering & Gear Accessories.

Q.4- Car Accessories for Men

  • Car Vacuum
  • Trunk Organiser
  • Jump Start kit
  • Driving Gloves
  • Sunglasses Holder
  • Dashboard Camera
  • Magnetic Phone holder

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