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“Hiring the right talent for the right task”

Any firm must hire the right people if it is to develop and flourish. It plays a meaningful role in building a secure environment encased in ethics and cultural values. Given the possibility of fraud, deception, or other risks in hiring, companies must exercise extreme caution. Pre-employment and employment screening solutions are a silver lining in this matter. Background screening tools have been vital for hiring staff because of how big, diverse, and dynamic India is. With digitalization, screening practices have morphed, becoming an area for entrepreneurs to explore.

The criticality of this service also attracted the attention of our editors. In our entrancing edition, “CEO of the Year 2022,” we sought to feature entrepreneurs/leaders exploring areas that ensure a company functions seamlessly. Our search got us in touch with Aayush Saini, Founder & Director of iverify Research Services. We interviewed him to find out about his journey, his mission, and what he seeks to achieve. Given below is a holistic version of our discussion.

Aayush is a seasoned entrepreneur and business development professional with a vast background in human resources, as well as direct sales, client acquisition, business analysis, team management, and public relations. Of all the avenues, it was while he was in the catering business that the concept for iVerify first struck. Aayush used to organize high-class parties, which required a sophisticated ensemble of people. But most of them came from unverified areas and were paid as daily wagers. He says, “Even if their IDs were verified, I desired a more systematic model.” I felt that professional and well-screened personnel should do such a responsible duty. “

After thorough research, he discovered a big market that is simply waiting to be discovered and has the potential to be applied in every industry. The realization sowed the seed for digitized screening services, and iVerify was born. With a focus on reducing risk while elevating growth, he has introduced intelligent hiring services for businesses of all sizes and shapes. iVerify is an ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 certified firm with a pan-India presence and with a global presence in 170+ countries.

iVerify’s pre-employment and employment screening services promise clients a safer, more productive workplace. People are a company’s principal asset, and finding resourceful people is onerous in today’s dynamic market and mobile workforce. The widely used techniques cannot meet the growing demand. iVerify gives a business the ability to stay up with technological advances. One of its noteworthy USPs is that it speeds up the screening process. The platform uses predictive technologies like AI &ML to assess the background data of candidates and forecast their behavior in the future with a certain degree of accuracy.

iVerify also enables firms to conduct continuous monitoring. People and their circumstances both change. However, iVerify makes sure that nothing is overlooked that might affect a company’s success. It ensures that clients are informed of a candidate’s shifting circumstances or life events, such as criminal cases, compliance checks, financial status, and so forth.

In other words, iVerify is redefining the entire hiring process and giving businesses the advantage against reckless hiring practices. Aayush adds, “We are pleased to state that we are the pioneers in adapting AI and ML algorithms for background screening.” They have a solid technological backbone and employ ML algorithms for both internal and external deliveries and background checks.

Aayush launched iVerify in 2019, just before COVID-19 hit the nation. People were getting fired rather than getting hired. The scenario also escalated the potential for fraud and employee theft. The prevailing screening systems often took over a month to run a background check on one individual.

iVerify is packaged with a portfolio of automated solutions, including drug abuse testing, background screening, leadership screening, criminal record monitoring, and case management, in response to the problems. The offerings promise a quicker turnaround time and make the documentation phase quicker and easier. “Clients need to initiate a case on the platform, and the rest will be taken care of by iVerify,” says Aayush.

Additionally, it has an in-house team who also gets in touch with applicants to request missing paperwork and monitor the entire process. The platform is secured by many levels of tech parameters so that all paperwork is kept secure and clients can get the final results within a certain time frame. iVerify is industry-agnostic, even though most of its iterations happen in the IT sector. It also serves many blue-collar sectors like manufacturing, media, telecom, and government sectors, among others.

“Where others were seeking direction, I sought to create a path”- Aayush Saini. This inherent desire has been the basis of his entrepreneurial career. Before starting iVerify, Aayush attained an MBA in International Business from Stanford University and worked for a time there. On his return to India, he no longer wanted to work for someone or fall for a mediocre lifestyle. He is objective-driven and wanted to do something exemplary that keeps him ahead of the market. The opportunity came with iVerfy.

While he has had over a decade of an entrepreneurial career, it is his biggest breakthrough. The platform truly reflects what Aayush seeks to achieve as an entrepreneur – to set a benchmark. This core focus has made the platform an essential tool for optimizing hiring procedures for many big names.

Simultaneously, entrepreneurship has enabled him to lead and be an example to an ensemble of young and dynamic team members. iVerify is a product of dedication and passion, and Aaysuh ensures every team member is energetic enough to retain its value.

Unquestionably, they are very collaborative, and result-oriented and strive to go to every extent to make iVerify a cut above the rest. The CEO also reveals that they host engagement activities to keep the team enthusiastic about work, especially on Saturdays. All the efforts add to forming an affable work culture where work and engagement are both prioritized.

Aayush’s journey as an entrepreneur hasn’t been a walk in the park, especially over the past three years. However, an entrepreneur is known to thrive on risks and challenges. His and his team’s determination allowed them to onboard a Fortune 500 and a Global Fortune 500 client within a year of inception. “I’d like to congratulate our sales team for this milestone and our sales manager, whose exceptional support helped us onboard eminent clients and arm us with advancements,” exalts Aayush.

That being said, he and his team are working on launching their flagship product in the market. As per Aayush, it will focus on automated background verification for clients and will be a critical feather in their cap. They are also planning to establish themselves as a prominent brand within India and rise to become an MNC in the next few years.

For the aspirers: “If your mind is set on entrepreneurship, then go for it. No matter how many efforts it takes, your progress will improve you as a person.” For the new buds: “Find a trusted mentor to act as your leader. Read books, and take notes on what they did wrong. Although mistakes are inevitable, knowing the strategies used by the successful will increase your odds of success.”

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