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Add Value Consultants

Add Value Consultants-In the world of Consultation, an Advice house of specialists

The inception of the idea

Former to becoming leader, the denotation of success is diverse than in the wake of it. Elaborating this, we can say that it is about growing the best version of oneself formerly, though once we partner success, the meaning transfers to developing others under your shadow.In short, success is not just about thinking of self, but appreciating the presence of others and working unitedly.

While working at a Key Managerial Position in the Mahindra group of companies, Mr. Chetan Bhojani recognized his cravings to serve businesses were developing, and he wanted to satisfy his growing urge to serve industries in a way that it may help increase the profitability graph of the businesses.

The founder of the now leading Management Consultancy firm dropped his profession to start serving the industry clients by providing business consulting solutions and Corporate Training programmes, yet helping the organization to hold exponential growth.

Establishments& Services

With a vision to make Add Value Consultants a renowned knowledge hub that serves the Businesses by helping them grow strategically, Mr. Bhojani had to hit it hard. By making the entrepreneurs aware of and making them understand the industrial demands and a need for consultancy, he has delivered its clients an immense satisfaction for working with his company.

Growth acceleration of the industries by analyzing their businesses and providing Management Consultation is what makes the consultancy, a favorite. After successful establishments of branches in the major cities of western India like Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bhavnagar, Jaipur, and Pune, now the consultancy has started its operations in Germany and is soon planning to extend its services in Italy.  Services offered by them are available in multiple business verticals, such as:

  • Business Strategy: Global & Domestic Markets
  • HR & People Management: Design & Implementation of HR Policies and Systems
  • Marketing: Global Business Advisory Services
  • Fund Raising: SME IPO and Fund Raising, Business Model and Reports for Fund Raising.
  • Academic: Global Tie up and Placements for University and Institutions.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Strategic CSR Planning & Consulting.
  • Add Value Happiness Centre (Recently launched): Happiness Coaching, Relationship Counselling.

Peculiarity and steadfastness

Mr. Bhojani’s organization not only aids its customers in strategic planning but also gets equally involved in the implementation of the same. The knowledge-driven and result-oriented approach makes the company unique, yet making it one of the best in the particular kind of business. The company further aims to expand its operations explore new markets and launch new services.

The unfolding Indian Economy has caused the company to witness an immense transformation in the way of doing business.  New startups and SMEs have gained better opportunities as a result, which will continue to be a leverage for years to come. It is upon the organization how they get accustomed to the changing trends.

Serving species of clients in need of Management Solutions with dynamic business cultures, the firm has been working for its client’s growth by providing them consultation. They have supported SMEs and startups by helping them to scale their businesses globally. HR consulting solutions are inclusive of Performance Management systems, HR Audits, HR Restructuring and Cultural Transformation at the consultancy.

Helping the companies build their image globally in countries like USA, Germany, and Italy, the consultancy offers services to almost all classes of industries, such as Engineering, IT, Healthcare, FOOD, FMCG, Automobile, Hospitality, and many such enterprises.

Remoulding with the market trends

Advisors, strategists, and planners focused on people.

Gratifying clients with expert services are the primary focus of the company. A “Zero Tolerance Policy” and a structured curriculum, which is regularly reviewed and monitored, is ensured for the client’s satisfaction.

The company works by adopting a 70-30-time rule, meaning 70% time is spent refurbishing ongoing trends, the remaining on learning new things. Their global exposure to the business practices and markets align them with the futuristic requirements.

Other than performing consistently on the research of market trends, future technology, and management, the company actively participates in conferences and seminars to remain updated. Mr. Bhojani personally meets the global CEOs and the key business influencers to understand the changing world. Agility, being the key to success for organizations nowadays, insists clients invest in R & D, yet focusing on Innovations.

 New accomplishments or Recent moments of pride

Intending to spread happiness in society, they have recently introduced an Add Value Happiness Center. It includes four major programs, namely Happiness Coaching, Relationship Counselling, Child Counselling, and employee counselling. Seminars and conferences are frequently held to spread awareness about the program.

A free management library is a yet another initiative made by the company, wherein they will be providing a free reading of the Management Books.

By their CSR advisory services, they build area partners with the companies and NGOs to render CSR activities to help the society.

Goals, achievements, and milestones

The knowledge-driven and result-oriented management consulting firm by the visionary leader, Mr. Bhojani, have expanded horizontally and vertically in the past few years, in terms of absolute business growth, and their achievement lies in the trust that they have created with clients. They also have operations in various parts of the country and recently have overseas operations in Germany.

The successful and developed consultancy is a full spectrum of Management services, and when it comes to giving back to society, the Zero Rental Management Library and the Add Value Happiness Centre, has successfully gained the goal of being an initiative.

The success stories of clients created by the consultancy have witnessed a journey that stretches from a small sized company up to unknown dimensions. Having a realistic and optimistic approach and being customer-centric and knowledge-driven, the consultancy has achieved a high level of trust among its clients.

Personal life and social impact

Having born in a middle-class family Mr. Bhojani has a diverse career exposure and experience in terms of Industry verticals and geographies. . The village-native takes pride in holding a Masters’ degree in Chemistry, and Information Technology (IT), and has also studied Human Resource Management and Behavioral Psychology.

Other than being a professional, spending quality time with his family, reading books, and exercising is what makes Mr. Bhojani occupied. Balancing work and life is an essential part of life according to him. He believes that a complete ‘NO’ to mobile phones after working hours boosts the mood of an individual, and relaxes oneself by investing in ‘me’ time. Besides being successful, his motive is to attain happiness that he acknowledges practicing in life without fail.

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