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Adit Agrawal President & CEO: Lahari Laminates Pvt. Ltd., Alco Foods Pvt. Ltd., Alcoeats (Alcowhiz Inc) & Natty Hatty Inc.

Adit Agrawal President & CEO: Lahari Laminates Pvt. Ltd., Alco Foods Pvt. Ltd., Alcoeats (Alcowhiz Inc) & Natty Hatty Inc.

A dynamic entrepreneur revamping the business landscape with his innovative ventures…

With the enhancing numbers of study abroad programs and foreign job opportunities, Indian students have to make themselves adaptable to a completely different environment where food culture is quite different. Shifting the food identity is quite difficult for the students who are habitual of having three-time Indian meals enriched with the world-renowned delicious taste of Indian delicacies. Food is the basic necessity of our overall daily life and plays a fundamental role in our comprehensive well-being.

And, as per multiple studies made by various research institutes, most Indian Immigrants are dispirited and frustrated by the limited food choices across foreign geographies which subtly contributes to their unhappy mindset. Hence, for Indians craving the taste of homemade cuisines Mr. Adit Agrawal has incorporated two major FMCG firms Alco Foods Pvt. Ltd and Alcoeats which have emerged as revolutionary ventures that are catering for the authentic taste of Indian food to the end consumers.

Within a short span of time, both ventures have created a ripple effect in the FMCG industry by carving a niche for themselves in the market. Both companies were established by a young and dynamic visionary Mr. Adit Agrawal who is a 25- year old Young, Charismatic, and a Game Changer business leader with a roadmap to add substance to people’s life by implementing innovative ideas across the business landscape. Therefore, he established one more venture i.e. NattyHatty.Inc in USA, consulting – an expression of his experience in the software engineering space(being a software engineer from Michigan’s Kettering University) where he wished to revolutionize the sports field space with his innovative Natty Hatty a “SportsTech Website”.

But, before we talk about his phenomenal success story and business ventures in detail, we need to get started from the grass-root level. Entrepreneurship is in Adit’s DNA as his father- Mr. Pradeep Agrawal has been a serial entrepreneur and industrialist who has set- up a gamut of business ventures targeting various industrial segments. During his nascent stage in the business world, Adit was associated with his father’s well-established decor venture- Lahari Laminates Pvt.Ltd which was established since 1994 and owns a prestigious benchmark of its own in the decor and laminates industry.

Mr.Adit, with all his wide spectrum of business acumen, learned the nuances of business operations and toiled day and night to make it a huge success in equal partnership with his father. The bold statement of his personality is marked when at the early age of just 21 yr, He with all his wide spectrum of business acumen has earned himself a key position of Chief Strategy Officer as well as Chief Marketing Officer of Lahari Laminates Pvt.Ltd to revamp the decor industry and has crafted a very whole new dimensions of “technological innovation”,” Data-Statistics” & “Automation”. Firstly, let’s began this exclusive narrative with Mr. Pradeep’s business trajectory

Pradeep Agrawal personifies magnanimous potential and owns over three decades of experience in the industry where he commenced multiple ventures targeting various industries. Being a serial entrepreneur, several ventures he established have been represented by the ROC(Registrar of Companies). From Power and Steel industry to food and decorative laminates- he has a diverse industrial background.

Throughout his journey, he has managed to play the directorial role for over 12 ‘bigwigs’ and mighty firms. To name a few of his corporations across Raipur- Lahiri Laminates Pvt. Ltd., Veneers Private Limited, Raipur Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd., Raipur Processing Company Pvt. Ltd., Bamleshwari Niwesh Pvt. Ltd., Jai Lahari Finance Pvt. Ltd., Shyambaba Finance Pvt. Ltd., Whale Technology Private Ltd., Secret Aura Private Limited, Indo-Lahari Bio Pvt. Ltd.,etc.

Established in the year 1994, Lahari Laminates Pvt.Ltd owns a reputation of being a pioneering manufacturing company that deals in various types of Decorative Laminates Sheets, located in Raipur, Chattisgarh, India. Known for its impeccable quality, innovative designs, textures, and prompt delivery, it has become a well-acclaimed name in its domain. Owing to its High-Pressure Laminates, it not only stands apart in terms of its magnificent designs but also in terms of its performance. The laminates are popular for their durability and unique blend of colors, thickness, and texture etching a niche in the market. The administration keeps a deep consideration of the industry requirements where corporate houses, as well as individual customers, are offered world-class products.

Adit absorbed all the crucial stuff with his great tactical precision and started three innovative ventures too that have been adding substantial value to the people at ground level. Over the past couple of years, his dream venture Alco Foods has been scaled into a big company owing to the thoughtful leadership of Adit. Now, let’s talk about Mr. Adit and his whole detour in the trajectory of evolving into a serial entrepreneur from a software engineer.


Adit Agrawal rather than just being a successor of his already established business decided to create his own path to becoming a successful business tycoon and blossomed into a visionary leader who has become a young and inspiring entrepreneur with a unique approach to operate a business. He is commonly referred to as a ‘True Visionary’ and ‘Gourmet Guru’ across his niche market. Often considered as an entrepreneur who changes lives for the better. When asked what his driving force was, he responded that “Being self-aware is my superpower”.

Back in 2013, during his college years in Flint, Michigan, he was a person struggling with obesity. It caused him to lose his confidence and become an introvert. Later, in order to transform his body as well as personality, he decided to hit the gym and opt for running while sticking to a strict diet schedule. In his journey, he realized that there are quite a few restricted options in terms of Indian food in foreign lands for Indian immigrants-especially students. This was the lightbulb moment when he decided to establish a venture that could provide healthy yet delicious Indian food to those craving the taste of Indian Cuisine.

His quench to introduce a reliable brand serving homemade healthy gourmet was inspired by a famous quote from Bennethy Frankel- “Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” Since his realization of what he was up to, there was no turning back! Next comes his exemplary start-ups that have become popular across the FMCG Industry.

Indian households are known for the extraordinary mix of masalas used in the kitchen. Even foreigners find Indian masalas to be absolutely delicious. But, in foreign lands, Indian folks keep seeking that ‘ghar ka swad’ due to the dearth of a pure blend of Indian masalas. Realizing this, Adit decided to cater the purest quality of spices to the Indians living abroad as well as the natives. Adit discussed his idea of establishing a food business in a foreign land and involved his father- Pradeep Agrawal and mother- Nutan Agrawal in his endeavor.

Owing to their guidance, he was able to create a proper blueprint for the success of his brainchild. Finally, on 16th January 2019, Alco Foods Pvt. Ltd was established with the idea of catering homemade spices to those seeking the taste of Indian cuisines in places where it is hard to find a similar taste. Today, it is a popular brand of spices across the targeted market where millions of people come under its customer base.

Gradually, evolving the overall business model, Adit decided to offer instant gravy bowls, pure and mix recipes and “Shop by Diet” which helped to create a wider portfolio to expand the reach of Alco Foods in pan India.No preservatives, No artificial flavors, Non-GMO, Paleo, Keto Friendly, and Vegan are the crucial aspects and the USP’s that set them apart and distinguished from their peers. The whole concept behind this establishment was to ensure the global population with healthy snacking options and easy-to-cook Indian food options in stores.

With a constant increase in the number of Indian expatriates and household’s everyday favorite, Alco Foods has successfully satisfied the urge of having easy-to-cook meals, providing purest authentic Indian traditional taste to a great number of commonalities. Alco Foods Pvt. Ltd has its niche in wide varieties of- Pure Masalas, Mix Masalas, Instant Gravies, and uniquely flavored Cashew Nuts.

After the huge success of its wide range of masalas- especially their exclusively distinct and loved variety of spices like “Bihari Kabab Masala”, “Nihari Masalas”, “Jhal Muri Masala”, “Achari Chicken Masala”, “Pudina Chutney Mix” , Alco Foods started catering instant gravy bowls with jarred packaging after observing the bowl concept to cook anything- meat, egg, fish, chicken, or vegetables. One could just enjoy the trouble-free cooking by using the “ready-touse” and “easy-to-pour” gravy that is low in calories and is made up of natural ingredients delivering the ‘Ambrosian’ Indian taste to the food.

Adit also decided to introduce a quirky range of munching snacks in the form of flavored Cashew nuts and named “Funny Nuts” that are delectable yet healthy. There are many unique and exotic flavors of Cashew nuts that have become pleasing to its global consumer base today. In the same line, He launched“Mi-Amore”, the sweet varieties of cashews like Espresso Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Cinnamon-Sugar flavored Cashews are ingenious products that have taken the market by storm with its delicious chocolaty taste.

After witnessing the resounding success of Alco Foods in Pan India, a huge breakthrough for the brand came into existence in 2019 when Mr. Adit Agrawal took his same pioneer FMCG business overseas and started Alcoeats by incorporating Alco Whiz.

Inc in USA.With a mission: “To provide tastier, healthier, and better food items to every pantry in America” for which he proved every of his products to get an FDA certified. The idea is similar to the compilation of Alco Foods Pvt. Ltd and comprises spices, flavored cashews, seasoning, Indian simmer sauces, coffee, and more to mention. a new venture- a food distribution company in the USA. Basically, it was an endeavor that was dedicated to the people of America to redefine the meaning of food. The venture commits to offering healthier, tastier, and better edibles to every pantry in the USA.

Moreover, what needs to be considered here is the hidden fact that Alcofoods never makes any compromise on the product’s quality. They might compromise their profits but never the quality. It is evident from observing the loss they are witnessing in their Garam Masala range as they wish to cater high-quality products at affordable prices to the common people. Well, such a wide portfolio of products needs better distribution facilities that require a reliable service provider. This realization made Adit start yet another venture- Alco eats under the company name Alco Whiz. Inc. Let’s see a brief overview of the brand.

As both of his ventures started flourishing exponentially, Mr. Adit aspired to do something different by targeting the technology domain in sports, motivated by his years spent pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Industrial Engineering as Majors & Minors in Business, Entrepreneurship & Statistics. He incorporated Natty Hatty.Inc in USA to create a hurricane in sports-tech space. He happened to develop amazing software that is efficient enough to manage the business operations like registration, scheduling, automated reminders, invoicing, accounting and more.

After observing the efficiency of the software, he thought of utilizing it in the dynamic domain of sports technology. This offering is targeted on athletes and one associated with various arenas of sports utilities to make the enthusiast stand on their mark with pride by providing them with a single platform to cater various services like scheduling their sports activity as well as being an informative support system to those who are aspiring to explore various sports domain in just in a click.

For Adit, a customer-centric outlook is the foremost important aspect of being a leader. He emphasized that keeping customer pain points at the core of all the decision-making process has paid off well for his ventures. For instance, the Zip-Lock technology in their masala packaging is quite exclusive and was introduced after noticing the customers’ difficulty in maintaining an airtight environment to keep the spices fresh and vibrant.

Even to keep up with the health standards across the globe, they have been including the use of non-GMOs, and vegan crops to provide world-class quality edible products to their end customers. No preservatives, no added colors, and FDA- approved food products are what they take immense pride in presenting in front of their customers. Even post covid times, they have ensured the sterilization of their products to provide infection-free eatables to common people.

What is even more fascinating is the fact that Adit doesn’t believe in competing with his peers, rather he focuses on what his customers require the most. Indeed, if a business can cater to the needs of its customers, then effortlessly it is a success! This fact is true to the crescendo of success reached by Alco Foods. Well, tapping into new markets in the future ahead, Adit envisions greater things coming his way as he is just getting started!

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