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The purpose of an entrepreneur is to bring a significant change or reform that affects people’s lives and the world at large. While they create job opportunities, drive innovation and empower their employees, maturing their skills and talents, they also push new ideas and employ breakthroughs, creating an elevated living standard. Given the right environment, entrepreneurs can also inspire aspirers to follow their passion and start their businesses. One of the visible and distinct changes entrepreneurs has brought over the years is the area of focus.

While tech entrepreneurships are increasing in numbers, there is a visible proportion of innovators developing products for personal care hygiene. A.G. Industries is a popular name in the assembly of such entrepreneurs. It is a family-owned business, AG Industries is offering the global market a fine range of quality-certified products for personal care and development.

Our entrancing issue, ‘Entrepreneur of the year 2021’ is focusing on enlisting inspiring entrepreneurs whose efforts go beyond the financial growth. Arpit’s & Achin’s dedication in leading the company achieve an impeccable reputation as a continuously succeeding entity makes them a noteworthy individual for inclusion.

Located in GautamBudh Nagar, UP, AG Industries offers advanced progressive solutions for complete skincare, haircare, baby care and personal care, including herbal products. Specifically, it provides personalized labelling and custom formulations for brands dealing with personal care. It has a team of skilled, nurtured and dedicated professionals that stay with the clients throughout the private labelling process to create a range of customized products. Besides manufacturing, AG Industries is premier a wholesaler, importer, and exporter of Natural Essential Oils, Carrier Oils & Skincare Products.

AG Industries provides a chief emphasis on quality and standards. Its quality in products and manufacturing are USDA Organic  certified along with GMPWHOISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000, Halal and other multinational standards. The emphasis remains constant – from sourcing superior quality raw materials to turning them into premium products. This justifies AG Industries’ preceding reputation in manufacturing an incomparable range of all-natural products, including Mint Products, Essential Oils and Carrier Oils, amongst others. Its arduous efforts to create the best natural products, possible in regulated circumstances, have imprinted it with several distinct organic qualities.

AG Industries strives to become a global leader in the cosmetic industry, thriving on its customers and the growth of its organization. It aims to produce high-quality herbal and natural skin, hair and personal care products with a focus on continuous innovation, timely effort, and providing exceptional value to our customers and business partners.

In 1990, Mr. Anil Gupta, a financial genius, started a manufacturing unit for mint products. Tasting progress in a brief span, he birthed a new brand, AG Industries, which apparently earned unmatched popularity for Essential Oils, Cold-Pressed Carrier oils, across allied product manufacturers and suppliers. Keeping quality in the centre, it improved its practices, innovations and resources to be a leading B2B supplier of therapeutic-grade 100% organic products. After this initial rise, Mr. Anil’s son Arpit Gupta (President & CEO) introduced a technological and imaginative vision to create an organized system and lead the company into this new era.

Under his guidance, AG Industries reinforced itself with modern marketing and strategic practices that expand its presence and product portfolio. Arpit also helped to create a dedicated team of professionals to ensure supreme quality in products and manufacturing. He helped expand the product range, instilling a customer-centric approach and introducr various packaging methods to cater clients of all scales. It created distinct departments to organize the entire production method.

The next milestone was when Achin Gupta (President), the founder’s youngest son, introduced a cosmetic line based on organic goods and a customer-centric strategy. His entry also paved the way for infrastructures of utilitarian excellence. He and Arpit further founded AG Organica to enhance their presence and growth;the road ahead was all leaps and bounds. The trio is a pillar that binds the organization as one unit. Their technical expertise and skill-sets ensure high-quality end-to-end supervision in product development, testing and R&D, project management, etc.

AG Industries consistently meets client satisfaction with an unyielding ambition to produce products that help to stand out. And their efforts have helped in building a clientele of international repute. “We help our clients avail honest and ethical business dealings while welcoming new clients into an association of mutual benefit,” says the CEO. Their mentorship has set AG Industries to keep building its reputation as a persevering and progressive entity.

AG Industries uses a very flexible and adaptable model that keeps it on top of things and subtleties in manufacturing. It can undertake small orders and fulfil requirements of bulk production as well while offering a complete range of associated services. But what makes it competitive and qualifies for preference? A series of fundamental values that ensures every product is market-fit, eco-friendly and hygienic.

  • Competitive Price Guaranteed : High-quality products at the most reasonable rates is a promise that comes with every product. Customers can order products in bulk quantities for commercial use, as it offers them at wholesale rates.
  • Wide Range: Having a diversified portfolio, AG Industries has something for everyone. Be it carrier oils or natural oils – each product has distinct functions suited for personal and commercial purposes. It has DIY Body creams, Body scrubs, face creams, moisturizers, hair masks, Shampoos, and endless products from our pure body butter. The Special range of body butter is promising and comes with high-quality packaging and production standards.
  • No Artificial Fragrances: Made with natural ingredients, the carrier oils release a natural aroma that leaves a long-term effect. It synergically made its products to maintain their natural properties and effectiveness for a long time.
  • Lab Tested: Our products are pure and certified for quality and safety. We offer lab-tested Organic & Natural Carrier Oils variants to ensure their purity and quality standards. You can also check out the Certification of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheets listed in each Carrier’s Oils.
  • Easy Payment & Heavy Discounts: All the products are manufactured under the banner of AG Organica. It offers easy payment options and heavy discounts to customers along with prompt delivery across the country.
  • High-Quality Packaging: The product packaging has a smooth texture and buttery consistency ideal for making lotions, creams, and various other skincare, hair care, and cosmetic applications.

Two things are always constant in its operations: benchmarked quality and stringent safety standards. Every formulation is prepared with a variety of ingredients and given specific attention. It has a dedicated crew that puts its heart and energy into ensuring operational transparency. “Everything, from the right machinery to technical know-how, is ensured to procure and manufacture quality products,” states Arpit. This also helps build long-term connections with stakeholders and keeps the company on track with its objective and vision.

Fully engaged in creating innovative formulations, R&D has been an evergreen component of AG Industries. It has a state-of-the-art in-house lab to facilitate clients with quality and analytical testing and stability results of products. Additionally, R&D assists in innovation development. With advances in skin biology, such as biological genes, skin microbiomes, and nanotechnology, there is a lot of space for cosmetic ingredient innovation.

Although it is difficult to make breakthroughs, the development of new materials can lead to innovation for an entire category. According to the patent application and the bureau of financial investment in the beauty industry, skin micro-technology, bio-fermentation technology, and cell extract will be the hot spot in the industry. The innovation of raw materials will allow the professionals in the cosmetic space to overhaul.

Seizing these opportunities, AG Industries implements advancements to help consumers analyze and use the best product for targeted skin management. “We have also developed a new line of organic natural products such as lip balms, hair serums and similar cosmetics for use and feedback,” says Achin. The company simulates test scenarios for consumers, monitors skin conditions, and provides expert skincare advice.

If technology and innovation are the heart and mind of AG Industries, employees are its soul. As an organization, it goes way beyond perks and employee benefits and offers employees a voice. Its culture is propelled by honesty, productivity, team-building activities, celebrations, and pure unfiltered joy. The company has aged with time and understands the value of an appealing culture.

More than a fruitful atmosphere, culture helps in strategizing what the company or brand stands for. It affects every aspect of a business, from employee performance to marketing and the customer experience. Interestingly, 80% of the talent pool believes that a good organizational culture is crucial. It acts as a viable recruitment tool and is bound to attract talented resources.

Manufacturing companies typically have a fast-paced, dynamic culture, and employees must be adaptable and motivated. So what keeps the colossal team of AG Industries engaged? An open working environment, shared sense of transparency and collaboration, as opposed to filling up an office with cubicles and limiting employees’ freedom. Its definition of an ideal work environment includes a healthy, enjoyable, and open setting where each employee can enhance their professional and personal, physical and mental health. It has recreational and refreshment areas for staff as well.

“We know how important wellness is in the workspace, and we strive to provide safe and relaxing facilities to all our employees,” says the CEO’s of AG Industries. It conforms to labour laws and compensates its employees fairly by offering compensation packages that include salary and benefits.

As a pioneer organization, AG Industries has grown to witness the highs and lows of the industry. Over the years, it has encountered challenges that have truly tested its might. For example, when the economy tanked in 2010, it faced severe financial downfall, but with teamwork it outsmarted the situation. They changed their strategies, diversified the product range, changed marketing strategies and motivated the employees through incentives to sail forward. Similarly, when the Pandemic hit, AG Industries focused on the significance of humanity, kindness, and coexistence. First, it ensured the safety and livelihood of its employees.

Sanitizers, masks, and other protective equipment were distributed, ensuring that all employees are familiar with healthy practices and precautions. “We also ensured that none of our workers is hungry and everyone continues to see their expenses smoothly,” asserts Anil. AG Industries made sure that employees received their salaries on schedule. Employees who relocated to their hometown were also supported financially. It also indulged in creating new job opportunities.

This unanticipated viral outbreak wreaked havoc across the landscape, striking fear and creating a distressful phase for everyone.  But, AG Industries has kept its spirits high during these unprecedented times, always motivating themselves and everyone around them to emerge as winners.

AG Industries’ rousing success is marked by its perpetual landmarks for over 2 decades. With its unparalleled quality in products and customer service, the company is influencing the world of organic cosmetics. Few of the key moments in its illustrious timeline includes:

1994: The Beginning
Reinventing a manufacturing unit of mint products into an established brand for organic cosmetic oils.

2006: A New Direction
AG Industries launches a private label cosmetics line, including an all-purpose skin cream, shampoo, hair oil, and body oil, alongwith free demonstrations and samples.

2010:Arpit Joins AG Industries
Arpit appoints as Chief of production officer to lead the company’s overall product strategy—including product management, design, growth, and analytics—and a global innovation.

2014:Achin Joins AG Industries
Achin enjoys interacting with clients, answering their questions and seeing their cheeks light up when they notice the impact a new colour or product can make in his appearance – and his attitude.

2019: Adding a New Slide
Arpit and Achin Gupta founded AG OrganicaPvt Ltd. Arpit is in charge of innovation, product development and sales, while Achin is in charge of production, finance and operations.

2021: Phenomenal Milestones
With the development of three manufacturing facilities and the debut of a new own state-of-the-art infrastructure and manufacturing facility. With world-class production facilities and access to the best quality raw material at all times, AG Industries manage to market and sell some of the finest and highly effective aromatic herbs products and Natural oil extracts across the globe.

These periodic milestones symbolize the hardwork of the company’s leaders, especially Arpit. He has been a passionpreneur from an early age with a knack for gaining knowledge and helping others. He loves what he does, which helps him succeed, as well as end his day on a satisfying note. His energetic leadership and dedication keep every resource onboard inspired and passionate to pursue their dreams.  “Unlock both success and happiness by tapping into the power of passion,” states the CEO’s.

Arpit’s contributions to AG Industries’ illustrious trajectory have been recognized and highlighted in enthralling issues of prestigious journals. It was named one of Silicon India’s ’10 Most Promising Brands 2019-2020′ and Forbes India’s ‘India’s Best Employers 2020-2021’. AG Industries wants to be known as a genuine and internationally recognized brand with the finest products in the industry. It already has a prominent hold in therapeutic essential oils and carrier oils. And it aspires to expand into the mainstream cosmetics business, contract formulations, private labelling, and white labelling in the future. While doing so, it will focus on extending beyond geographical limits and human capital.

“An organization stands on its people, technology and learning environment. It’s the company’s responsibility to empower leadership through mentoring. Make sureemployees are comfortable collaborating with colleagues at all levels and encourage one-on-one meetings between various roles and teams. This will foster transparency, internal collaboration and mutual success, which will ensure a customer-centric culture.” – The Leadership Team, AG Industries.

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