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AHAsolar: Digitizing Solar Energy across the world

AHAsolar: Digitizing Solar Energy across the world

AHAsolar, is a technology and financial, AI-powered Cleantech platform for solar energy, which enables all stakeholders, be it consumer, EPC company or government to connect & transact seamlessly among themselves as per their technical and financial needs. Built on the digital platform and powered by strong engineering and software support, the company provides end-to-end solutions across the value chain for project management,  technical design & monitoring. The Company is working twowards to revolutionize the solar industry through its efficient digital platform.

AHAsolar has played a vital role in digitalizing the solar ecosystem in the state of Gujarat by developing Unified Single Window Portal for Gujarat Energy Development Agency and Gujarate Urja Vikas Nigam Limited which has reduced the overall processing time for project processing by almost 40 to 50%. Further, the App based Tools for Project Management and Designing a PV system is helping EPC companies to reduce their operation cost by efficiently managing the data on a single platform. In addition to it, an e-marketplace provides single place to sell and purchase the services and equipment to EPC Companies and consumers.

AHA Platform comprises of three products 1) AHA Solar Helper 2) Sun Analyzer 3) AHA Marketplace to provide a one point solution for all the solar needs at under one roof.

The foundation of AHAsolar was laid by a team of technology enthusiast experienced in the Solar industry and IT industry. Over the last few years, the energy sector has witnessed a paradigm shift – from analogue to digital network. AHAsolar was conceptualized to be a part of this transformation, bringing all stakeholders of the solar industry on a single Digital platform.

To a vast extent, their approach has been very successful. The entire business is based upon a transformational framework which captures data – converts it into digital information – process it into business intelligence & analysis and finally delivers the end result through the platform. This step-wise process has helped them devise customized products and services that address their stakeholder’s needs.

AHAsolar offers research-oriented products and services, and play an integral part in digital expansion of our Country. Their trove of products include:

AHA Solar Helper:  A Project Management Software that helps consumer and EPC to find and manage a solar project efficiently. The consumers can determine the cost, generation, saving and connect with an EPC company. The platform consists of over 2000+ verified Solar EPC Company in its list. Adding to this, the software is powered by  AI that assists in Project Management by delivering advice, not only gives data, – an advice that can help EPC Companies manage their work and data of a project efficiently. The product is integrated with AHA e-marketplace, that connects consumer, EPC company with the OEMs of the solar industry and an in-house product  – Sun Analyzer, that designs and monitors Solar PV systems.

Sun Analyzer: An AI-powered SAAS based software, that sizes solar panels on the roof or ground to design a PV system and also monitor energy production and helps visualize the solar PV system that has to be installed. It performs shadow analysis, design to generate real-time complicated engineering designs and documentation required for sales and technical jobs. It also provides a solar PV plant monitoring solution, by connecting the plant generation data on the mobile app.

AHA E-marketplace: A marketplace for connecting for buyers and sellers of the solar industry. This unique marketplace helps EPC companies to also plan, manage and procure the equipment within a few minutes based on the requirement.

As part of providing a solution to all stakeholders, AHAsolar provides its services through a Project Management Software (“Unified Portal”) for the government agencies. This is  India’s only fully automated working Govt. Portal for Rooftop Solar connecting more than 1.5 lacs consumers, 1000+ Solar EPC company and Government Agencies. The portal helps Govt. bodies build an ecosystem of Solar, further extending to fast adoption of solar systems by the consumers as the process of registration and approvals becomes more convenient.

AHAsolar invests on in-depth research and development to curate the most qualified solutions at an affordable price.  The Company practices in-house research and also builds partnerships with research organizations or universities that can conclude to successful product innovations. As of now, they are invested in three research-based work:

  • First, working with German Federal Organization (GIZ), for developing software for sizing a Solar PV system and Battery Energy Storage System, by replacing Diesel Generators.
  • Second, innovating the Sun Analyzer Monitoring Solution Solar PV system with a low-cost approach with the existing set-up.
  • Third, working with an R&D team on auto cleaning systems for rooftop and a cost-effective energy monitoring solution for a distributed solar system, which an end consumer or the system integrator can check in a hassle-free manner on their app.

On the other hand, an analytical approach helps in maintaining the foremost quality of the service delivered. Every client is, provided a business manager and a technical team, who ensures the quality of service on every level. Moreover, they have a feedback support system and a data analysis team to monitor the data trends as a part of our preventive solution approach. Lastly, they have a strong consumer feedback mechanism in place to address day to day matters of clients.

The stringent quality assurance has enabled them to work with Public Sector organizations like Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (GUVNL), Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), Jharkhand Energy Development Agency (JREDA), Big 4 Consultancy firms like KPMG, EY, and international organizations like GIZ, RENAC and World Bank. Apart from the above, they have more than 100+ private Solar EPC companies like Zodiac Energy Limited, Adani, Solex Energy, etc. as their clientele.

Mitigating the challenges of COVID-19 has been a backbreaking job of Companies. For progressive continuation of their business, AHAsolar initiated work from home since April 2020. To keep the team synced, with their work and stay connected, they did online meetings and conferences. AHA Solar’s initial goal was to be a part of the Digitalization 2.0 and Industry 4.0. As such, even in these tough times, the Company worked meticulously and developed new modules for SAAS products and the sales of this SAAS product augmented by 86% during the last 6 months.

Further, to diversify the risk arise due to the COVID 19, the team also worked on advisory projects for site assessments for solarization of Indian Railways assets. During this period, itself the Team travelled across the state of Gujarat to identify and assess the land for projects of more than 1 GW and the Railways are currently out with the tendering phase.

Solar Energy is one of the advanced sources of renewable energy and to grow in this field, fervid professionals need to be in play. AHAsolar has marshalled an adept team experienced in the solar and information technology industry. They have seasoned leaders on the helm namely, Pulkit Dhingra (Founder and Director), Shatrughan Yadav (Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer), Mona Patel (Co-founder & IT Head) and Kalpak Prajapati (Vice President IT), Kshitiz Vishnoi (Sr. Manager, Business Development). The Company was incepted in the midst of digitization as such, it has the cognizance about diverse projects and time it can take to complete. Since, its inception AHAsolar has developed several projects that corroborated to digitalization and time management with respect to solar projects.

A highly motivated team is the key to the success of any organization. On that note, AHAsolar ensures a flexible environment, so that people can enjoy their work and spend time with their dear ones. The team engages in recreational activities like sports, outing, dinners and other team bonding activities that keep them energized.

Since its inception in 2017, AHAsolar has played an integral part in raising the bar of solar energy in India. After a year of inception, they acquired the opportunity to actuate the World’s Biggest Rooftop Solar Programme having a capacity of approx. 2000 MW to which will be accomplished by 2022. It is a fully digitized project, meant to develop an ecosystem for the System Integrators and EPC company to propel their business at a better speed.

Contrarily, the DisCom Portal has been a gamechanger. The complete procedure that used to take around 180 days including application to DisCom and installation, now been targeted to conclude in 60 days which is a major perk for stakeholders.






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