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AMY HRMS India Pvt. Ltd.

AMY HRMS India Pvt. Ltd.

Top HR consultancy setting the pitch for thriving careers in Pharma & Healthcare

Everyone wants to have a successful career, but it can be challenging to find the right path. On the other hand, for businesses, it is difficult to identify suitable talent in today’s market. And if the demand is for specific skill sets, it can become overwhelming. Speaking of which, Pharma and Healthcare promise some of the most sought-out career opportunities. The sector has promising stability and gives aspirants an opportunity to help people and a chance to earn recognition and respect. But the opportunity often remains unfulfilled due to the unavailability of proper channels. As the job market has become more disruptive, people need a reliable HR partner that exceeds the expectations of businesses and aspirants.

However, it can be as exhausting as finding a needle in a haystack. There is an avalanche of them, everyone vying to be the optimal choice. Nevertheless, a company with a record of sustainable placements and a globally established network will definitely earn everyone’s trust. Introducing AMY HRMS India, one of the pioneering HR consultancies in the sub-continent. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has a history of upholding trust and integrity worldwide and is recognized as the top HR recruitment and consulting organization in India for the Pharma and Healthcare industry.

AMY India was founded and has flourished under the leadership of Mr. Manoj Kumar Pundir (Founder, CEO, and Chief Mentor). He holds a record of training tens of thousands of managers to advance in leadership and mentoring 250+ professionals for senior management positions. His desire to see the career prospects in Pharma and Healthcare industries prosper inspired him to become an entrepreneur. At the turn of the millennium, he saw that even while the Pharma and Healthcare sectors were booming, they certainly needed

“Many managers that have built their career in Pharma and Healthcare, share their stories of how they are guided and supported by AMY India Consultants and Mentors, helping them to achieve the best in their career.”

specialists for further prosperity. On the other hand, a sizable portion of candidates lacked the proper approach for a stellar career. Dedicated to change, Mr. Pundir, with a team of professionals, launched AMY HRMS India. The core mission was to serve the Pharma and Healthcare companies with the best managers and executives, guiding talents towards their professional development

The journey from ‘Plinth to Paramount’ was an uphill task. The entire team had to be trained through a dedicated HR mentorship program to embrace the core vision and become qualified consultants. However, their positive mindset and hard work bore rich fruits. Today, AMY HRMS India is a 9001:2015 certified and globally recognized HR consultancy firm providing successful business leaders to the Pharma and Healthcare industry.

They have guided over 22,000 professionals towards career growth and placed more than 200 strategic business heads managing businesses worth over $1 billion. The company serves 100+ Indian and MNC Pharma & Healthcare companies, including Ajanta Pharma, Aristo Pharmaceuticals, Franco Indian Pharma, Hetero Healthcare, Indoco Remedies, Ipca Laboratories, Meyer Vitabotics, USV Limited, Wallace Pharma, Zydus Healthcare and many more.

AMY INDIA has established a robust PAN India presence for its specialized HR solutions over the past two decades. But what truly distinguishes it from others? Unlike other recruitment agencies, AMY HRMS India focuses on the professional growth of its candidates. It has a customized SOP to maintain the quality of services and satisfaction of its clients and candidates. They also have a unique interaction system called Career Growth Discussion (CGD) to understand their needs and future plans.

With a proper understanding, the firm helps candidates realize their plans for at least the next three years while guiding clients towards consistent business growth. Dealing with each client/candidate with a tailor-made approach, the firm creates impactful experiences that reverberate their uniqueness across the industry.

Their in house programme, Positive Energy Lab (PEL), which is a part of their value-added services, is essential in nurturing clients and candidates. By empowering people, the project ensures that learning and growth are focused and that clients have practical industrial experience. AMY HRMS India has dynamic mentors who experiment with strategies (books, wisdom tales, and motivational videos) to assist professionals perform better in their personal and professional journeys.

AMY HRMS India ensures an effective balance of technology and human integration to create its innovative services. But this process is a lot more complex, diverse, and interdependent in nature. Managing it requires an evaluation of the strategic roles of individuals, groups, structures, organizational planning, and a lot more. This is where R&D plays an integral role. The firm has an internal R&D team that interacts with customers to comprehend their underlying needs while examining the market for innovations in HR services. This aids in having a crystal level of transparency while engaging with prospects more efficiently.

Staying abreast of the market also helps in fast adoption of the latest technologies. The company takes pride in its Application Tracking System (ATS), robotic intelligence, and data analytics systems. “The integration of these systems has helped us improve efficiency by 40% in the last year,” reveals Mr. Pundir.

People and culture define a company’s capacity to excel, which is another area AMY HRMS India is proud of. The company is among the choicest career environments as it supports and encourages personal, professional, and spiritual growth of its members. However, Mr. Pundir is not the only one responsible for sustaining it. He is joined by a team of HR consultants and directors who have served as the company’s bedrock.

Their wonderful team includes Ms. Amita Bisht (Director of Operations), Ms. Manisha Sharma, Ms. Priya Kulkarni, Ms. Meghana Tungare, Ms. Roshni Bhura, Ms. Kanchan Makwana, Rupal, Prachi, Rajal, Mahek, Akanksha and many others. To ensure the team’s engagement and integrity, AMY HRMS India focuses on continuous L&D and recreation. “We hold weekly mentorship and PEL sessions and, in parallel, take part in recreational pursuits like Yoga sessions, Zumba classes and plan annual get-togethers,” reveals Mr. Pundir. Long story short, AMY HRMS India believes in a rewarding ecosystem that ensures each employee has a stellar career and memorable experiences.

Started with a dedicated mission, AMY India has made many notable strides in its run so far. This is evident from the sizeable number of prospects they have addressed so far. Their focus is to ensure every business that knocks on its door attains tremendous growth through HR services and value-added services (PEL). In the following years, the company seeks to emphasize further L&D and PEL activities. They are also researching to improve their staffing solution model to be the “top-tier recruiter” for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries by 2025.

For professionals – “Hard work will get you close to success in your job, but your attitude will give you 100% success in your career.” For entrepreneurs – “While continuous improvement in products or services will thrive your business, a consistent increase in your loyal customers will help you multiply your business phenomenally.”

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