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Written By:- Indranil Roy

Anthology Inc. is a global leader in the Edtech space, known for its expertise in providing technology solutions for higher education, skill development, as well as technical and vocational training institutions across the globe. Headquartered in Boca Raton, USA, Anthology is a single entity of three turn around specialists – Campus Management, Campus Labs, and iModules. Anthology has always ascertained the proper use of technology as the corner stone of student success and educational outcomes. It strongly supports the new National Education Policy (NEP) to encourage tech-providers to take a holistic approach of fast-tracking digital adoption of campuses for technology integration across teaching, learning as well as assessment. Its innovative solutions – are designed leveraging Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Anthology is born with the motivation to re-define the purpose of Edtech solutions towards higher education. With constant evolution in the technology space, it is no longer about software in silos that run operations for one purpose. Never the less, while these solutions empower individual departments, an institution as a whole faces difficult times harnessing the power of information. Anthology believes the true power comes from connecting experience and sentiment to the measurement of how the actions affect outcomes. On that note, the Company helps in transforming the higher education industry, by connecting colleges and universities with real-time and cross-departmental data to drive actionable insights, that proliferate institutional missions.

Anthology’s solutions map encompasses industry-leading requirements for Education 4.0 from Digital Campus, Research Excellence, Student Experience to Accreditation & Compliance. Implanting leading solutions gives better understanding of students’ experience to provide robust solutions in student engagement, faculty enablement, student retention, blended learning, library management, lifelong learning as well as career services. The ability to provide pioneering solutions is further driven, by existing leadership position in CRM solutions to support recruiting, enrollment, student success, and alumni engagement to deliver a holistic view of constituent relationships. The process concludes to, deliver datavisualization and analytics to empower decision-making by institutional administrators.

The development of products and solutions is also attributed, by modern technologies. Anthology is positioned as a one-stop-solution for all Edtech Solutions in higher education, skill development as well as vocational training. It helps Institutions leverage its solutions, helping them succeed and stay aligned to the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Anthology’s solutions are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Automation, etc. in fact, every advancement that Global Leading Higher Education institutions – are looking forward to strategically align themselves to developments. Their products and solutions help institutions stay student-centric, focuses on education and skills to make them more personalised and portable.

With time, student expectations, curriculum, learning and delivery has constantly changed, with student outcomes aligned to the industry needs.

Anthology’s products and solutions empower institutions to address these changes, stream lining and automating the entire process from student admission to Alumni connect and upgrade the learning process, with modern delivery models. At the end of the day, this integrates the institutional process with the next-generation industrial needs so that students can experience the modern world – mobile and on-demand.

Anthology is working, with 2,100+ colleges and universities in 30+ countries, meeting the interests of all constituents of higher education. This includes some of the trending universities like IIM-U, Flame and Timespro. Along with private institutions, the Company facilitates its excellence to skill ministries and mainstream skill organizations propelling the national mission, State universities to address their challenges of institutional advancement and student success. A few names include TNSDC, Tamil Nadu Directorate of Vocational Education & Training (DVET), the MAHA IT initiative that affiliates 14 Universities under a seamless platform. All the solutions curated in these partnerships were actively powered by Campus Management. A synopsis of Anthology’s work with these 3 bodies is shown below:

TNSDC: Anthology works with the Sector Skill Councils, Training Partners, Assessment Agencies and Assessors, Ministries within the Government and Corporate bodies to meet TNSDC’s and associated state govt. upskilling missions. The Skill Development Management System (SDMS), designed by Anthology Inc. plays an integral role in this. The online platform is a Central Information vault, that manages information across all partners including trainees, corporates/SMBs seeking skilled professionals and the Govt. to keep track & monitor a candidate’s training to placement. Govt. agencies can make informed decisions at any point in time, by providing insightful reports. The approach streamlines and authenticates the whole certification process, with each citizen’s record checked against the Aadhaar number and facilitates placement by incorporating the SDMS job mechanism into the backend.

Directorate of Vocational Education & Training (DVET): In this partnership, Anthology Inc. has developed a web-based decentralised government platform that can cover all 35 districts and sub-districts and supervised, by 6 divisional offices. The platform enabled a sound functioning of DVET’s academic framework, from admission to providing Job opportunities after course completion. The platform has effectively accrued 4 lakh, 70 thousand registered candidates, to date – bridging urban and rural obstacles. Furthermore, it accommodates 15 allocation metrics to include ethnicity, religion, social strata of candidates, people with disabilities, academic scores, athletics, defence background, etc. through 6 applicant iterations, for the choice of program. All 900+ institutes under DVET in Maharashtra are covered under this solution.

MAHA IT INITIATIVE: Working in this partnership, Anthology Inc. devised India’s first University Management System. The platform is foreseen to be India’s fore most state-wide University Management System covering 14 universities of Maharashtra, 4700 constituent and affiliated colleges. The cloudbased solution works on the CampusNexus platform, enabling the Govt. to propagate education and skill development across 27 Lakh aspirants in the state. The trajectory includes implementation of an end-to-end ERP Solution that covers students, faculty, operations and finance.

Anthology is highly driven on the nation’s mission to empower quality education across the country. It has built progressive relations both in Govt. and Private foundations, propelling their institutional success with scalable technologies. Its services are utilized, by more than- 8000 Institutions and 20,000+ learning centres, accumulating around 1.6 crore students across India. Anthology is a one-of-a-kind organisation for its holistic solution and enjoys No. 1 market share. The Company has achieved a mandate to digitally transform 16 major universities in India. Their SDMS platform is a significant tool for NSDC assisting in employment of the youth and are also used, by 18,000+ training partners and 12 million candidates, registered in the programmes.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Anthology incurred a massive collection. The education industry faced a paradigm shift and was compelled to adapt to a remote framework, for training and learning. Many institutions weren’t ready for this, with respect to knowledge and infrastructure. Anthology came to assist these challenges, facilitating institutions with tailored digital solutions.

With its base of operations in India, the US-based tech entrepreneurship foresees to augment India’s higher education framework increasing student success and operational efficiency, through effective technology. The Company is already in conversations with state governments, to deploy university management systems to address their student intake and streamline operations, for better transparency and compliance. The solutions will play an integral role in identifying employment opportunities for students coming from higher education or vocational institutes.

Moving ahead, the Company is also planning to establish in Tier 2 Cities of India and augment its workforce standing with 600+ employees – more than 50% of its global workforce.





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