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Safeguarding Doctors And The Medical Community With Innovative Risk Management

The rapid evolution and transformation in healthcare have made patient care the utmost priority. While the pertinent resources for the same are available, uncertainties and risks in these areas must not be overlooked. Validating this, risk management is a rising prominence for every healthcare provider – be it individual or institution. Risk management has different value additions in every segment. In Healthcare, it covers a wide spectrum of concerns, including equipment functions, practices & procedures and other hazards. Managing all of them together ensures the safety and security of patients while reducing expenditure and costs. Risk management practices also assist healthcare companies in reducing the risk of losses.

But as previously mentioned, one can’t be always prepared for all kinds of risks. Unexpected events will continue to occur, causing displeasure, major crises, and a loss of goodwill if not properly managed. This holistic awareness backed by the idea of coping with crisis by meticulously preparing effective strategies laid the foundation of Apex Insurance Consultants Ltd. (AICL). Established under the Indian Companies Act of 1956, the Company is a leader in risk management in the Sub-Continent. Its competence accounts for the effective and careful use of social sensitivity approaches to help any doctor or medical organization in the country deal with stressful circumstances.

Apex Insurance Consultants Ltd. was drawn upon the idea to erase the communication gap between doctors and patients. Despite a doctor’s experience and skillsets in treatment and communication, the ball often drops on the goal line when it comes to crisis management. This is where AICL creates its niche. Growing with the tides, it has seen how communication difficulties, globalization, and advancing technologies, increases people’s demands and make the healthcare field more complex.

To change the scenario and make it favourable, Apex has pushed risk management, making solutions more accessible to help medical professionals dodge unwanted hurdles. The Company was among the prime to introduce organized risk management to the Sub-continent. Its excellence encircles everything from understanding the problem to developing an aligned and adaptive plan and execution. It has the pertinent resources on board which helps it command every step in the process.

This further positions Apex Insurance Consultants Ltd. as a proactive firm – always ready for its clients in any event of crises, whether foreseen or unforeseeable. Apex has made reputed experts available to members of the fraternity, which traditionally belonged to affluent medical professionals. This is a prominent part of its commitment to solve healthcare concerns and make medical professionals risk-free. Apex Insurance Consultants Ltd., in simple words, has threaded a needle streamlining all the requirements with a robust network of legal & medico-legal experts of repute, offerings clients support, guidance, mentorship, and plans to ensure a risk-free professional business.

AICL is a joint venture founded by Mr. Sanjay Kalika Mishra, Joint Director, and Mr. Vijay Arora, CEO, under the umbrella of Apex Group. Around the turn of 2000, the two came up with the idea of assisting professionals in crisis resolution when there was a massive budget cap. Sanjay has a number of educational degrees, whilst Vijay has a law degree as well as an MBA. They started Apex Group in 2000, and it grew into a powerhouse of multiple business solutions. Apex was formally registered a year later. Sanjay oversees the sales and strategic development while Vijay manages the complicated day-to-day operations.

Their efforts have helped Apex institute a PAN-India presence and a track record of effective crisis management operations in the Medical sector. They have imbibed the company with guiding principles – team planning, assessing the scope of problems – developing a credible plan, test that plan, and keep actions and plans updated. In addition, the dynamic pair have built a team whose competence extends beyond qualifications – they mostly are made of people from less fortunate backgrounds who choose to make a difference in their lives. Risk Management is a very competitive career field that permeates all functions and departments of an organization. And as a company, Apex is offering prospective opportunities with much more to achieve.

‘Quality and Consistency’ at reasonable prices has been AICL’s cornerstone. Over the two decades, it has witnessed many life-threatening problems and has successfully settled instances involving unqualified personnel, untimely mortality, or sudden death of patients at the OT table. Its unique solutions have helped clients deal with arduous concerns such as post-death media trials, anaphylaxis-related deaths, post-spinal meningitis, “Brought dead,” and more.

Any fatality or serious harm resulting from a medical operation or treatment lands physicians in civil and criminal court. Their complexity even prompts courts to enlist the help of specialised personnel to carry out processes. Medical complexities require distinguished scholars edified in medicine and law. As a result, Apex’s medico-legal speciality was an instant success. Under this banner, it has onboarded best-in-class experts from all over India.

AICL’s foray into risk management was a risky move, but it did pay off handsomely with ever-increasing accomplishments. Its solutions attest to the company’s core beliefs and experience in protecting doctors’ and organizations’ market reputations, accreditation, reimbursement levels, brand equity, and community status. Apex positions itself as the best choice to promote patient safety, avoiding legal liability, and becoming more proactive in contingency planning while assessing risks from a much broader perspective.

With its unique expertise, Apex has placed bespoke personnel in many medical associations across the country. The inherent expertise has also helped in entering and reinventing new business dimensions. It’s aware that simple insurance can’t assist in alleviating all kinds of crises. Even though insurance companies had a policy called Professional Indemnity Insurance, they were concerned that selling it on a large scale would result in unnecessary financial struggles.

Apex took an ethical approach to grow, assuring its insurance partners of their feasibility. It marched bravely, dispelling illusions about loss and liability, and sold approximately 2 million policies, with less than 2% of cases reaching the courts. Most of the cases even got rejected due to their effective defence experts. This helped in growing both as a Risk Management organization as well as a viable and Profitable partner for its insurers.

With its mission to improve medical services and society as a whole, Apex recently introduced the DirghAayu Setu App. Built with cutting-edge innovation, this app gives clients access to top healthcare providers and allows them to keep track of their health and well-being. The app enables patients to manage personal and family’s medical records methodically. It has customized interfaces and is compatible with any smart device.

Users can also communicate with their preferred practitioner via video consultation and exchange crucial documents via e-mail, SMS, or WhatsApp from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, the app provides the DirghAayu Setu Health Card that allows medical professionals to access a patient’s records in an emergency, perhaps to save their life.

Digitization is the way forward, and healthcare is moving towards a paperless tomorrow with digital records, quicker and efficient treatments. The app is a small step towards that brighter tomorrow. It assists users in taking a significant step towards environmental awareness by eliminating unnecessary paperwork. Moreover, it has proven to be a one-stop shop for risk management.

“When we think about our life and what we want to do with it, everything boils down to building a platform to positively impact communities we are engaged in and causes AICL stands for,” asserts Sanjay.

Bringing digital practise and risk management under one roof, it has already served over 1 lac users, including many doctors’ associations, forums, and communities on a pan-India level.

Vijay also commemorates the product saying, “We are trying to create a commercially viable product within the regulatory landscape. Of course, at AICL, there is nothing more exhilarating than that process.”

The platform is a great example of digitalization and one-of-a-kind solutions for efficient patient care.

While AICL has achieved several business milestones, developing a strong team from the ground up is a one-of-a-kind feat. As previously mentioned, its team consists of people from ordinary backgrounds. However, Apex has nurtured them with education, engagement, and support Program, changing their lives and turning them into outstanding business builders. The Company stands proud of this team and its mission to provide tailored solutions to its clients.

It has opened up new career and income opportunities in local and national economies by providing a viable path for the impoverished. The leaders and teammates co-work to ensure scalable quality in risk management. The team is technically competent and flexible to provide personal assistance anywhere in
India. They are known to offer clients peace of mind, adding value to businesses and ensuring their success.

Ensuring expertise of the highest standard, AICL has held a position in the hearts and minds of professionals for the past 20 years. It houses over 50 global Medico-legal professionals and 2000 legal experts, making it competent to deal with every relevant concern. Its services are 24×7 available and at par with global standards. It has a wide network of doctors (60,000 and growing every day) as members. AICL is highly endorsed by Indian Medical Association (IMA).

The Company has received several testimonies, appreciations, and awards for its resources and bespoke solutions, placing it among the global pioneers in risk management. From free consultations to efficient record keeping, counselling to free seminars, emergency response, and media support, AICL proudly serves as a comprehensive professional shield for medical practitioners. It provides Coverage for all Acts (PNDT, MTP, Labour Laws, etc.) and complex cases about personal Medico-Legal CPA Criminal and Medical Councils.

The Company’s endeavours are testament to its pledge to safeguard doctors and the medical community. In the years to come by, it aims to expand its already established healthcare network – and aims to do so by widening its offerings portfolio. Also, it aims to further broaden its horizons and be the preferable name for insurance/ risk management solutions. Last but not least, it is emphasizing the digital platform to further strengthen relationships between patients and health providers.

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