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Where technical- penchant and foresightedness are reforming the parameters of IT-security

Business Connect features yet another intriguing entrepreneurial journey of a dynamic business leader- Anil Bhandari who is the founding luminary of ARCON – an information risk management solution provider. Let’s dive into the pool of magnificent insights shared by Anil Bhandari for his first and foremost brainchild.

Having carved a reputation as one of the world’s leading companies in the segment of Information Security, ARCON offers exemplary solutions to secure digital identities, confidential data and systems across the globe. The firm proves its forte in Privileged Access Management and continuous risk-assessment solutions that has been successfully implemented for more than 1500 clients, globally. A robust product portfolio backed by adept IT Pros has been the prime mover in developing some impenetrable perimeter security around datacentres while facilitating holistic development of comprehensive Governance, Risks and Compliance (GRC) framework.

ARCON understands the significance of security of digital identities; thereby, through its products and services, ensures a staunch IT security infrastructure for the client. The founding philosophy of the organisation states – Predict | Protect | Prevent as they avidly reckon that modern-day IT threats are quite unpredictable and data breach has become a common scenario and their products will help in preventing / Protecting it by Predicting the same.


  • Anil Bhandari (Chief Mentor) owns a repute that is quoted as an inspired innovator, technologist and thought leader in the Information- Risk Management area. By profession, he is a Chartered Accountant but his core area of interest has always been Enterprise-wide Risk Management. Owing to his in-depth experience of risk assessment of datacentres, networks, varied technology platforms and core IT processes, he guides a huge team of techies in product innovation and technology roadmap. His extensive acuity in the Information Security and GRC domains has made ARCON an unwavering solution provider in the IT security space.
  • Lalit Popli is steering the business operations as COO IN ARCON. He is an industry veteran in Information Security, who has served as CIO, CTO, CISO, for eminent banking organisations in India. His key responsibilities are to devise strategies for cohesive growth and expansion of the organization by focussing on customer delight in meeting their Information Security Goals. With these endeavours, he guides the operations for different departments efficaciously.

So far, ARCON’s robust stack of products includes ARCON|Priviledged Access Management as its flagship product. Laced with superior technology, it assists IT risk managers and compliance departments to shield the privileged identities from the data breach menace.

Other solutions that help to mitigate IT frauds and data breach threats emanating from the end-users, include UBA and IDAM while SCM helps to reinforce the security framework by configuring baseline configurations check systems.

Established in London in 2006 with its R&D centre in Mumbai, India, ARCON commemorates its Crystal Jubilee this year. Reminiscing the light bulb moment behind the inception of this company, Anil states that while implementing major banking, telecom and IT projects at ANB—a renowned consulting and advisory firm which was founded by Anil along with his motley crew of consultants, they recognised insider threats posed a huge threat to a company’s IT framework.

Owing to this realization, we concluded that Identity and Access Control Management, especially the Privileged Access Management practice could create the waves of change by becoming the cornerstone of robust IT security posture, both from an IT security perspective and regulatory compliance framework.

ARCON is named a Leader in the recently published (July) 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management report. It is one of the comprehensive reports in the IT community and a global benchmark to evaluate privileged access management solution providers.

Customer-oriented outlook, high-quality solutions, global support with 24×7 help desk, finest CRM, best in class consulting and implementation, product usage training by ARCON University and much more are the noteworthy aspects that give it a leading edge in the market. In addition to this, their well-defined KRAs facilitate them in maintaining service quality, which is backed by ceaseless evaluation by different HODs. The ‘secret sauce’ for being a preferred choice among the eminent organisations across the globe is quite simple that Anil reveals fervently,

“We are winning their faith simply by offering the most relevant solutions and world-class services that help them address some of the most complex access control use-cases challenges whether on premise, on-cloud or hybrid IT environments. Moreover, the technical assistance, as and when required by our clients, are addressed promptly.”

Furthermore, ARCON’s risk predictive element has become an indispensable part of its DNA that allows it to innovate avidly to address the pain points for its valued customers.

And when it comes to ensuring high ROI to the end-users, then ARCON has stayed far ahead of the competition. Thus far, in their successful implementation of some major projects, several IT heads, CIOs, CISOs, CEOs testify for their agile and effective solutions that never overrun the budget.

Led with an adroit team of futurists who strive for the development of gen-next technologies to align the product portfolio with the market requirements while addressing complex IT use-cases, ARCON has become the harbinger of tech-adaptation in its respective industry. Owing to its tech-oriented facet, the firm is experimenting and innovating at every possible level to utilize tech-upgradation in the formation of better and efficient IT-risk mitigating solutions.

On that note, the Founder’s vision is on-

  • Cloud-Native applications: Where Global CIOs and IT heads are opting for virtualization platforms, IaaS platforms, container platforms, micro-services for IT efficiency, faster development and deployments.
  • AI/ML: Where an instrumental shift from reactive to proactive approach utilizing AI/ML advancements and capabilities will assist enterprises to adeptly deal with challenges posed by endpoints and end-users on a real-time basis.
  • Deep-learning: Where PAM solutions will be entrenched with ML implementations and AI incorporation will  be followed afterwards. In this direction, Deep Learning will prove to be substantial.

Moving ahead, Anil emphasises the significance of R&D in the success of any organisation. Of course, ARCON has not been an exception in this line as they have identified several areas in their lines of business where R&D has been proposing opportunities to take it to a whole next level.

In this direction, two-thirds of the company in the next five years will migrate data to the cloud or have hybrid architecture to ensure IT effectiveness, hence, a significant number of resources will be dedicated towards developing cloud-native applications.

Operational Technologies will witness more R&D on access control and integrations with OT devices which will be extremely beneficial as large manufacturing plants are looking to protect their SCADA environment from cyber-attacks as the focus shifts from safety to safety as well as security.

ARCON has been making a difference to its targeted market in the most sophisticated manner ever since it has dipped its feet in the respective space; thereby, its exclusivity is being recognized and awarded by some eminent institutions across the globe.

  • ARCON is named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management (2021)
  • ARCON was highlighted as Overall Leader in Kuppingercole Leadership Compass for Privileged Access Management 2021.
  • ARCON became the recipient of the coveted Cyber Sentinels Future Security Award.
  • It has been featured in “Insights Success”, where it was titled –Undisputed Market Leader with Robust Risk Control Solutions.
  • The enterprise has been conferred with Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2020 Award.
  • A reputed business magazine has enlisted ARCON as one of the “10 most recommended Telecom Solutions Providers 2020”.
  • ARCON has bagged the prestigious ‘CIO CHOICE 2019 Trust’ seal as the favourite brand in the Governance Risk & Compliance category.

By and by, ARCON has decided to adopt an aggressive geographical expansion strategy where it will also multiply its sales and marketing operations to expand its footprint worldwide. For this, they will be primarily focused on penetrating the US and other important regions.

“We are in the business of protecting our clients Information Security Assets through our products which uses latest technologies to address emerging use-cases and services which is best in class.” Lalit Popli, CEO

Modern entrepreneurship is all about what you believe and what you foresee. A true entrepreneur finds opportunity in every challenge, and that is what elevates him/ her on the ladder of success. In Information Technology, the world is changing fast, and we have no other option but to stay updated with the current and future trends. Those who can keep up their pace with the changing genre can find entrepreneurship within themselves. -Anil Bhandari( The Founder)

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