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Artihcus Global Private Limited

Artihcus Global Private Limited

Introducing a Standardised Approach to Oversee Warehouse Operation with Cutting-edge SAP Solutions

Warehouse management and maintenance are complicated tasks that require multiple levels of collaboration. A warehouse management system (WMS) is the standard platform frequently used to centralize all warehouse processes including the inventory management, warehouse control, and warehouse logistics. Even the most savvy management team may find it difficult to manage all of these tasks, so it’s usual for companies to consult with outsourced warehouse management organizations and service providers.

In the present scenario, there are a plethora of firms providing warehouse management services across the globe, but not all are creating an impact. Finding a supply chain partner that can bring complete control over operations and the smooth movement of goods is the secret to success for most big corporations. One such firm providing holistic control over all warehouse operations and ensuring the seamless flow of goods throughout the supply chain is, Artihcus Global Private Limited.

Dedicated to empowering the supply chain industry, Artihcus Global kept its stepping stones in place in 2019. It is specialized in warehouse digitalization and has been enhancing the flexibility and scalability of warehouse operations and optimizing them with global, end-to-end logistics for the last three years.

Today, Artihcus Global is recognized as an industry leader with excellent ERP solutions that streamline complex warehousing procedures, combine accurate inventory visibility, and make effective use of resources, potentially reducing unnecessary costs compared to manual methods. The company has been flourishing day by day with the support of its highly skilled and competent team, which is working with tremendous enthusiasm under the dynamic direction of C. K. Reddy.

Artihcus holds a victorious journey in leveraging the power of SAP Technologies, a specialist product tailored to meet the unique requirements of warehouses. It provides companies with efficient solutions for all the problems created by continuously advancing technology.

With its headquarters in Hyderabad, India, the company has established a solid market presence on national as well as international level thanks to its unique technical and functional competence in SAP Extended Warehouse Management, knowledge of the warehouse management business process, and global network.

The Brain behind the Brand: A Brief about the Founder

A highly experienced and versatile personality, C. K. Reddy is heading the company’s growth and business expansion initiatives in the key position of CEO. He is an accomplished SAP consultant with an excellent track record of working in the information technology and services industries.

Mr. Reddy has certifications in SAP EWM 9.1/9.4/9.5 and experience with the SAP HANA module. Over the years, he has established himself as a highly esteemed SAP EWM topic leader. He has also written books in the same field. In academics, Mr Reddy holds a B. Tech. degree from the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.

The Gensis of Artihcus Global: At a Glace

The contemporary supply chain management is mostly the outcome of developments in the market, technological advancements, and shifting consumer tastes. By facilitating the interchange of goods between firms and customers, it lays the groundwork for economic expansion.

As a SAP supply chain seasoned professional and industry veteran, C. K. Reddy recognized the significance of warehouse digital transformation as a component of supply chain management and emphasized warehousing digital transformation using SAP EWM. He previously took an active role in SAP community networks and wrote a book on SAP EWM.

With his years of expertise working in various MNCs and successfully implementing digital transformation with SAP EWM, C. K. Reddy had enough courage to commence his entrepreneurial journey and keep the foundation of Artihcus Global.

Throughout the journey, the dedicated team with well-rounded experience in business processes helps the company comprehend customer business processes and implement SAP technologies by understanding them from the route level. Also, Mr Reddy’s family has been his main source of motivation throughout the voyage.

“At Artihcus Global, we value collaboration. To create specialized solutions, we bring together business executives, subject-matter experts, and SAP specialists. They provide a comprehensive business model by using the skills of SAP specialists with experience in high-volume planning, order fulfillment, and distribution operations,” the magnificent man stated.

Unique selling proposition

Artihcus Global has built a solid reputation as a reliable SAP EWM implementation partner by differentiating from its rivals in a number of ways, most notably in product development and leadership. A few of the major aspects to take into account are the organization’s competitive advantages in the industry:

• Efficient Problem Solving: Quick access to all levels makes it possible to locate and address problems more quickly. Problems can be solved quickly and without needless delays.
• Clear Communication: Open lines of communication make it easier to communicate information, goals, and expectations to all levels of the business.

• Collaboration: Easy access encourages communication between various teams and departments, creating a more integrated work environment.
• Employee Engagement: Employees are more likely to be engaged and motivated when they feel that their opinions are valued and their problems are addressed.
• Adaptability: In rapidly changing environments, having instant access to decision-makers enables rapid adaptations to new problems or possibilities.

Maintaining Employee Motivation and Enthusiasm: Artihcus Global’s Focal Point

There is an employee-friendly culture at Artihcus Global. The management adheres to the monthly championship program, which emphasizes “appreciate, celebrate, listen, and reward the best-performing employees.”

They believe in employee empowerment and encourage a healthy measure of autonomy by including them in goalsetting. In addition to offering equitable opportunities and assistance from leaders and doers for continuous growth, they appreciate everyone’s opinions.

Additionally, management acknowledges when an employee achieves and surpasses goals. This is all about expressing gratitude and value. They allow the team to operate more independently, requiring clear expectations and efficient task delegation from you.

Syncing with Technological Advancements – To Enhance Customer Experience

Companies in the supply chain industry are heavily reliant on technology, and this trend is expected to continue for the time being. With its cutting-edge automation systems, Artihcus Global has set out to revolutionize warehouses and turn them into smart warehouses. The company recently launched an exclusive CoE (Center of Excellence) called AWE (Automated Warehouse Enablers), which focuses exclusively on warehouse automation. It enables the team to demonstrate the live experience to the customers.

By using the tool, customers can easily finalize the right hardware equipment and connectivity for their warehouse operations. This practical approach allows the customers to experience it instead of relying on their imaginations.

Empowering Warehouses through Operational Efficiency

The most significant task now is to ensure the highest quality. The inspirational leader remarked, “Artihcus Global is dedicated to empowering the warehouse industry by enabling thorough control over procedures and the flawless flow of goods across the supply chain. We accomplish this by utilizing SAP EWM Technology, a specific solution created to satisfy the particular needs of warehouses.”

Companies depend on us because of our consistent dedication to maximizing SAP Supply Chain’s potential to improve warehouse operations. In order to effectively map complicated warehouse processes and apply high levels of automation for optimal control, we place a strong priority on flexibility and bespoke architecture.

We can address our customers’ unique implementation requirements thanks to our commitment to quality and performance. We aggressively promote sustainable supply chains and pursue operational effectiveness.

Introducing Innovative and Advanced Solutions With the Help of R&D

R&D has been crucial to the expansion, creation of new products, process improvement, and innovation of existing solutions to address the clients’ always-changing needs. Artihcus Global built a Center of Excellence (CoE) that focused on warehouse automation, suggesting to clients with live demonstrations the right solution to implement their warehouse automation.

The center of excellence with the name Automated Warehouse Enablers (AWE) refers to the various technologies and systems that enable warehouse automation. These can include robotics, conveyor systems, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), and more.

C. K. Reddy further said, “We are desperately working on new technologies like SAP BTP to integrate with SAP EWM to develop several custom dashboards for warehouse analytics and plug-and-play applications to optimize and make warehouse operations more user-friendly.”

Corporate Ethos for Clients

As the head of the company, C. K. Reddy has consistently emphasized live demonstrations with a practical approach to warehouse automation instead of imagination and simulation. The company’s efforts towards providing live demonstrations of a warehouse automation system focus on effectively showcasing its key features and advantages.

The team paints a convincing and clear image of how the technology might improve productivity in a warehouse environment and handle real-world difficulties. This innovative approach helps to forge strong relationships, and winning the trust of privileged customers is crucial in many business contexts when taking into consideration the deployment of warehouse automation with SAP EWM integration.

Scripting the Future Success of Artihcus

Since its inception, Artihcus has experienced exponential growth. And, the company is continuously looking for new growth opportunities in terms of expansion, revenue, product offerings and more. Recently, a MOU is signed between Artihcus Global and the Government of Andhra Pradesh to expand a development at Kadapa, a tier-2 city, which helps to provide employment to locals.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: From the Founder’s Desk

Every entrepreneur needs to work with the below values:

Innovative: Should leverage cutting-edge technologies to optimize efficiency and accuracy in customer business processes Empathy: We should possess the unique ability to comprehend and empathize with our customers’ growth and development requirements.

Reliable: Should possess the necessary expertise to deliver substantial advantages to the projects, ensuring their success.

Lean Hierarchy: To facilitate quick project completion, eliminate bureaucratic layers. Decisions made quickly and effectively allow service providers to offer results right away while maximizing the collective capabilities of the team.

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