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Ascentia Services LLC, UAE

Ascentia Services LLC, UAE

Crafting the future Business World in Innovation and digital transformation with

Business Connect is renowned for its exclusive edition of the month in which we bring some leading ventures of the business world to one platform. And here again, we are back with our upcoming theme, and the most exciting part of this edition is the cover page for which our editorial team had an interesting and joyful virtual session with the leadership panel of Ascentia Services LLC.

The leadership panel of the company shared numerous lesser-known facts about the company and also spilled some beans on their overall entrepreneurial journey so far. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value to the lives of our global readers and will encourage the budding leaders out there to chase their dreams.

Giving a detailed introduction of the company, Dr. Soloman quips, “Bringing Success to your Business was the idea of Ascentia Services LLC, a UAE-headquartered provider of unified customer happiness, customer experience with contact center services, and customer journey through digitization and technology advancements. We make the processes simpler and revenue generation oriented with our conventional tools.” with the need for RPA(Robotic Process Automation) based Customer services & happiness journey in the industry across the United Arab Emirates, GCC, India, and Canada. Framing process automation and making it robotic enhances the value proposition of every domain and industry.

Our core team revolves around the innovation and integrity factor with a diverse culture which energies our think pad to develop, explore and excel with expertise. The Company, Ascentia Services LLC. leadership deck navigates cross-functional domain expertise. Ascentia Services onboard the best talents and train them on the best skills to design the architecture for every line of business for service delivery. Ascentia`s Omnichannel tools and conventional methods are the best designed across the industry with adaptability and acceptability for all channels of businesses.”

He further adds, “My motivation behind conceptualization of this establishment is the contribution in redefining the industry with the culture of Integrity and innovation in Customer Journey and Experience. Ascentia Services LLC, The company redefined the measures it took for more meaningful customer engagements. Ascentia presented an opportunity, contributed for businesses to rethink everything from technology and business operations to flexible work arrangements and customer service. Incremental improvements won’t suffice.

Companies that balance protecting the business today while retooling for tomorrow will outsmart the other players and thrive beyond the pandemic. Ascentia contributed to the road to a more resilient future with its omnichannel and digital solutions in redefining the industry standards with active competition, providing
consultative expertise to clients and internal stakeholders, pipeline generation, business and services transformation, identifying and creating forward-looking solutions, and developing innovative differentiators in support & services leading to Customer Happiness across the industry.”

Dr. Soloman affirms, “Ascentia Services marks its uniqueness by differentiating the fact of delivery through a flexible model of the process approach, deep dive in the integration to make the customer service lead the customer journey to achieve the pinnacle of customer experience showcasing the customer life cycle value directly linking with profit and loss of the business.” To make our ideas innovative & unique in the market, the company considers the 5 factors:

  • Relative advantage: Is it better than what it’s replacing?
  • Compatibility: Is it compatible with the way people currently do things?
  • Complexity: Is it too complex to use?
  • Trialability: Can you try it in small capacity/intervals/periods?
  • Observability: Can you watch other people use it?

We specialize in a revenue-based model using conventional methods and tools. Ascentia Services leadership deck navigates cross-functional domain expertise. We, as Ascentians, sell our ideas, expertise, and hard work to one another. Ascentians understand that our integrity is the lasting quality in all the work that we do. It establishes our reputation and promotes the credibility of our efforts.

Ascentians believe in Innovation comes as a result of harnessing technology in intelligent ways, whether that’s to accelerate or automate processes, build new tools or create new products and services. So, in essence, innovation could be seen as a catalyst for positive change. Our trusted approach is to use the ADKAR framework to communicate the value of your change proposal, Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement,” says the leader.

Dr. Soloman always believed in the fact of truth that if you need change take the first step. Sustainability is one of the highest priorities on today’s CSO agenda. To sync with the current market trend the following should be pursued:

  • Sustainability – This mindset drives companies to develop innovative ways to manage resources, including new products and services. Ultimately, this increases business flexibility, allows companies to rapidly adapt, and drives sustainable growth.
  • Competition & Feedback – initiatives include efficiency measures, greener transportation, renewable and clean technologies, and digital tools that give end-to-end visibility.
  • Adopt transparency – Companies must communicate transparently about the footprint of their brands and products to build reputational and competitive benefits.
  • Forge Innovative partnerships- The rise of pre-competitive organizations and technology-enabled community platforms demonstrate the need for industry leaders to collaborate to solve today’s pressing challenges.
  • Use data and digitization – “Data is the new oil; it’s a new currency, a new way to monetize and create value in our businesses,” Data is changing the way companies think about products, technologies, and systems. The result is more sustainable business models, with predictive capabilities.

“Quantifying outcomes and impact in both quantitative and qualitative terms is very important: Approaches used for integrating and reporting across different scales of work also need to address complexity or they risk perpetuating over-simplified understandings of program logic and development which will not be useful. For Ascentia it is helpful to examine the potential improvements from four essential angles: productivity and speed, reliability, risk, and talent acquisition and retention. Inefficiencies in any of these areas can choke an organization’s ability to achieve scale.

“Ascentians always try to challenge conventions, create experiences beyond expectation, and deliver outcomes unimagined for our clients, their customers, and staff. Ascentia’s goal for different targeted industries is to be recognized as (OSS) One Stop Solution for unified customer happiness & customer experience across the globe. Our goal is in the ink of our mission: dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of digitization and company spirit.”-Dr. Soloman.

Spilling some beans on his perception of research and development, the visionary leader affirms, Evidence indicates that investments in research and development have large returns in terms of growth. R&D yields new  products, improving the quality of life, and new processes, enabling all types (MSME, SME, and LSME) of firms to reduce costs of production and become more competitive.

R & D is a catch-all phrase used to describe the process of a business obtaining new knowledge. That may be to build new products, streamline operations, or improve a firm in other ways. Overall, R & D is about encouraging and fostering innovation. Ascentia`s success has been fostered with Basic R&D for learning and knowledge base and Applied R&D on the other side of the coin for implementation at different decrees of the innovation and expansion towards customer journey and experience.

Sharing his views on tech inclusion in the space, he adds, “The more adversity you go through, the more you can get through. Technology inclusion in the space is very critical and important. Ascentians an equal opportunity employer that is committed to practicing and promoting diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace. We want to lead by example in making innovation and customer experience technology a more inviting and accessible industry for all.

Ascentia Services LLC consists of diverse employees, a company that flows with unique ideas, valuable perspectives, different experiences and a high level of compassion; essential elements which are less abundant when the employee pool is ‘one size fits all’. Ascentia has been hosting workshops with our Leadership Teams and People Managers on how to approach all business aspects with diversity and inclusion in mind.”


  • Ascentia`s work culture best describes in 3 words progressive, nurturing, and motivating: Company culture refers to the overall personality and character of an organization. It describes how team members interact, collaborate, and work alongside each other in the workplace.
  • Progressive: Ascentia promotes innovation and creative thinking. High-growth startups often embrace a progressive company culture because it increases productivity and encourages new ideas. Employees who work for progressive companies have the freedom to explore different concepts, develop new skills and collaborate. Progressive companies often move quickly from one idea to the next, which requires employees to be flexible. Building a progressive company culture can help you increase production time, promote teamwork and foster a sense of trust within your organization.
  • Nurturing: Ascentia offers employees the ability to grow within the organization. Employees may have opportunities to participate in workshops, attend networking events, enroll in educational classes or work closely with a mentor. By investing in your workforce, you can make individuals feel valued. Nurturing company culture can also improve the quality of your products and services, encourage innovative thinking and increase your employee retention rate.
  • Motivating: Ascentia is one where the organization focuses on energizing and inspiring its employees to achieve performance and business goals to support the growth of the company and encourage employees. Motivation in the workplace inspires progress and pushes teams to excel.

“Although I believe every achievement is great for learning, my greatest achievement and “One of the biggest milestones was to achieve the ‘sustainability the new bottom line’ the road to a more resilient future with its omnichannel and digital solutions in redefining the industry standards with active competition, providing consultative expertise to clients and internal stakeholders, pipeline generation, business, and services transformation, identifying and creating forward-looking solutions, and developing innovative differentiators in support & services leading to Customer Happiness across the industry.

The life of a CSO is busy, tumultuous, and unpredictable. Likewise, being a CSO often means the whole 9-6 system goes out the window. However, I have found certain grounding techniques, which have proven invaluable in the effort to further my development while running a business in turbulent weather and minus-degree  economic scenarios. In this course, I could achieve and accomplish to bring enough sustainability to the business making it strong and firm from the core value and drivers of innovation to the competitive world,” adds Dr. Soloman. Dr. Soloman feels happy in his heart with a deep satisfaction for successful accomplishment of the following:

  •  Versatile and dynamic approach to set up the first-ever unified solution center for the banking sector with 350 branches and 7 regional hubs centers providing a 360-degree customer happiness and experience across all the LOB`s.
  • Successful deployment of Cross-functional domain execution spread across 4 different multi-location sites all revenue-based and Customer satisfaction.
  • Project development, Transition and execution across multi-location with unified approach to business thru operational excellence and Lean methodologies.
  • Launch of Business products OSHS and OSTS giving a big leap in the EBITDA margin and P&L.
  • Successful launch of (Geo-on Demand) – Geographic delivery on demand for e-commerce business.
  • Not to forget, most importantly, I shed the skin of my old life and stepped into the new me that confidently manages the business as a strategic leader.

Ascentia Services’ future foresight might lead to long-term strategy, research and development investment, and acquisition strategies. Ascentia plans to go with global expansion in Asia pacific region, Strong GCC & MENA geographic zone, and across continents in Australia and UK. In the next five years, Ascentia services will go deep and strong in expansion and position itself as the major player in the international market.

Ascentia is all geared toward the need to be inspired beyond pure trend extrapolation. It’s the only way to have a powerful impact on future consumer and customer behaviors, thus profoundly changing the needs we may have for products and services. The foresight process looks at long-term trends both regionally and globally and also should include individual catalysts and expert and provocateur stimuli, which are designed and selected to challenge and shift future expectations.

A strong Foresight approach explores the contradictions and paradoxes in market data to build unexpected future scenarios – rather than ignoring that which is disparate. The only way to be successful is to be able to build new, advantaged knowledge -what others do not know but discover through powerful designs.

Before signing off, the enthusiastic persona affirms, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has a plan for you. So, execute the plan with your wisdom and knowledge. “Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve. Always remember that your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” In the end do all the great work with passion and trust in the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for the results.

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