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Atver Lifestyle

Atver Lifestyle

Envisioned to Upgrade Man’s Style with Elegant,Versatile, Premium-Quality Accessories

Accessories can completely change an outfit; with only a few well-chosen pieces, you can instantly transform a plain outfit into one that is alluring. Introducing an international premium contemporary accessories brand based in India – Atver Lifestyle Private Limited.

It is renowned to bring the newest trends and fashion-forward accessory solutions by consistently experimenting with new materials, designs, and styles and pushing limits in the field of men’s accessories. The name ATVER is a combination of the words Atelier and Vertex. The brand name accurately captures the core characteristics of the company. They believe in the saying, ” Men are also worth staring at!”

Atver Lifestyle is one such initiative envisioned as a pioneer in the men’s fashion industry. They adhere to the viewpoint that fashion should not be exclusively associated with women. Men should also have unique options and selections for clothing and accessories to set themselves apart. Metal bow ties, metal pocket tucks, and other items are among their product offerings.

The Stars of the Show

Mansi, Co-founder
Mansi comes from the Tamil Nadu town of Villupuram and has a bachelor’s degree in fashion and lifestyle accessory design from NIFT, Chennai. She inherited restrictions in her life as a result of being born into a traditional Jain family. But she was always devoted to breaking down barriers and proving that there are no inherent differences between men and women.

She wants to set a good example for other women in these neighbourhoods. Because of her design background, she has always hoped to upend the Indian jewellery and accessories industry. Currently, Mansi is in charge of Atver Lifestyle’s logistics and operations.

Shyam, Co-founder
Shyam, a NIFT graduate with a degree in fashion and lifestyle accessory design, also pursued a master’s degree in design from IIT Guwahati. He is from the capital city of Jharkhand, Ranchi. Shyam’s journey has been challenging. Due to financial issues at home, Shyam was forced to leave his city shortly after completing his studies at school and look for work.

He moved to Chennai with his friends and worked at a call centre to pay for his education. After completing his graduation at NIFT Chennai, he was picked for admission to IIT, Guwahati. Throughout his stint at IIT, he has been actively developing strategies for Atver lifestyle. Shyam is currently in charge of marketing and online sales at Atver Lifestyle.

Garima, Co-Founder
Garima is a native of the Bihar city of Patna and has a bachelor’s degree in fashion and lifestyle accessory design from NIFT, Chennai. In a city where the majority of people consider earning solid government positions, she thought about pursuing a career in the arts. She has always been passionate about jewellery creation and has always wanted to start her own design business. Garima serves as the head designer for Atver Lifestyle at the moment.

All these three people were thinking about doing something related to the fashion industry when COVID occurred. They knew that everything would eventually be done online. After some thought, they decided to fill the gap in men’s fashion industry. Atver Lifestyle was established at that time with the vision of being the top men’s accessory company in India.

In a market that is price sensitive and where trends change quickly, they were debating how to debut something distinctive in the Indian market, from designing to sampling, when they ultimately decided to build classic men’s accessories that any Indian man would wish to wear.

Stupendous Vision with an Extraordinary Mission

Their vision is to establish themselves as the ultimate shopping destination for people who value style, sophistication, and quality. By offering an extensive assortment of high-end accessories, such as bow ties, pocket tuck-ins, and other items that complement a modern man’s way of life, they collaborate to develop a culture of elegance and refinement.

Offering outstanding customer service, tailored recommendations, and a seamless shopping experience that embodies the brand’s dedication to excellence can help achieve this. The ultimate goal is to provide the clients with an unmatched feeling of elegance and confidence, enabling them to feel their best in every situation. They strive to deliver a premium experience to our customers, from the moment they visit the website to the moment they receive their purchase.

This can be achieved by offering exceptional customer service, personalized recommendations, and a seamless shopping experience that reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence. Ultimately, the vision is to provide customers with an unparalleled sense of style and confidence, helping them feel their best in any situation.

Atver’s mission is to provide men in India with fashionable accessories that boost their sense of style and selfconfidence while simultaneously emphasising ethical and environmentally friendly production methods. By consistently advancing the product range and using the newest technologies and materials, they work to provide classic, high-quality products that are intended to elevate a man’s style while enhancing his overall appearance. “It’s time to re-gender fashion.”

The Marketing Strategies at a Glance

Atver’s marketing plan includes influencer marketing as a way to increase sales and brand recognition. Their objective is to increase the proportion of younger customers. Influencers can reach extremely specialised audiences. Instead of relying on thousands of followers, influencers help them ensure that a very specific audience that is likely to be interested in the product reads and interacts with the content. The majority of their revenue comes from Instagram, so they occasionally run Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

The Significance of R&D

The significance of R&D Research and development (R&D) is essential to the expansion and success of any business. It gives the company the ability to innovate, raise productivity, boost revenue, enhance client satisfaction, and broaden its business. This could give the business a competitive edge in the market and help it keep ahead of its rivals. Companies that produce accessories can produce goods with novel materials, designs, features, and functionalities to fulfill the shifting demands and preferences of consumers by investing in R&D.

Words of Wisdom to the Budding Entrepreneurs

Identify a market problem or opportunity, and create a compelling value proposition to stand out from the competition. One needs to have a clear vision in order to develop a strong business plan. Be adaptable and always eager to try again. Build a strong team, and don’t be hesitant to ask mentors and experts for advice. Pay attention to customer feedback and act to solve any issues.

“Always keep in mind that being an entrepreneur is a journey, not a goal.” Success requires patience and diligence. Keep your attention on the task at hand, remain dedicated, and continue to develop. A Note from the Core Team “Strategy is a commodity, whereas execution is an art.”

We believe that execution is more important than preparation. Even the best strategy will fail due to poor implementation. When a bad idea is carried out successfully, it frequently works. Despite the fact that it may seem simple, putting in more effort is frequently a quick fix for a mistake. Imagine that each goal requires a minimal amount of effort to be completed.

If you don’t put in at least this much effort, you won’t succeed. You might have to work harder if your plan is inadequate. Execution is critical to success. It stands for a methodical procedure or a logical series of related tasks that enables a company to implement a strategy successfully. Business owners must constantly enhance their companies if they want to continue growth and success. To achieve this, businesses must continuously outperform their rivals and adapt to the varying needs and preferences of their clientele.

Finally, it’s imperative to keep up with technological and commercial advancements. By doing this, you may take advantage of fresh opportunities and maintain a competitive advantage over your rivals. Evolving your business is essential for staying competitive and profitable in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

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