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Driving the Digital Revolution with its CuttingEdge Solutions and Service Excellence

Over the past few decades, standards in the IT business have quickly increased. And as new technological trends emerged, other businesses appeared that went above and beyond in terms of invention and perseverance to provide the world with cutting-edge solutions. Kiki Li and Jayanta Nandy, two dynamic leaders who lead the award-winning software development and digital consulting firm axiusSoftware (Envision an Empowered Future)™, rightfully take pride in being market innovators and trailblazers that empower businesses on their journey toward digital transformation.

Acknowledged globally for its competency in digital integrated product development and consulting through a convergence of mechanical, embedded, and software technologies, axiusSoftware has marked its mettle among various industries, primarily focusing on education, healthcare, e-commerce, and retail, on the global horizon in 15 countries since its commencement in 2013. The company is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified, and it has established a strong presence in India, China, and Singapore.

It specializes in cutting-edge digital technologies such as enterprise mobile solutions, enterprise web solutions, enterprise AR/VR/MR solutions, enterprise AI/ML/IoT solutions, enterprise blockchain solutions, enterprise cybersecurity solutions, and enterprise WeChat solutions. While their enterprise WeChat solutions are tailored to the China market and for businesses looking to create an online presence there, their digital marketing services are available for both the Chinese and global markets.

The Genesis of  axiusSoftware

AxiusSoftware was founded as a result of a dream, a passion for business, and market potential. In 2013, axiusSoftware, a bootstrapped business, had just three employees and a small office in Kolkata. Since then, the company has grown significantly. While Kiki comes from China, Jayanta too has spent a substantial part of his career in China. This has helped both of them to understand the Chinese market in a better way, which paved the path to establishing their first office in China in 2017. The journey from “dream to reality”, would not have been possible without the like-mindedness of the co-founders.

Over the years, axiusSoftware has grown across different segments. The founding team made it a priority to develop both young graduates with a thirst for knowledge and seasoned experts who can add value and change the world. They hope to instill a constant sense of responsibility in their employees by investing in their talent development, including both soft skills and technical skills. accountability to the company, its clients, its stakeholders, and society. They push all of the employees to take initiative and focus on results. They provide the employees with a career path that will benefit them in the long run. Celebration, inspiration, and encouragement all contribute to energizing and strengthening teamwork.

Edge Over the Peers

One of its major competitive advantages is that axisSoftware has registered offices in both China and India, in addition to having Chinese and Indian co-founders. This gives the team the ability to comprehend the possibilities and opportunities in both the global market and the digital Chinese market. While they are still dedicated to fostering innovation and helping customers and businesses advance their digital transformations and maintain resilience in a variety of challenging situations, their corporate culture, relationships built on trust, and social responsibility may be incomparable.

The axiusSoftware team has an advantage over its competitors since they firmly believe in the company’s values. They work hard to uphold their basic values, which include cultivating connections and trust with all parties involved, spreading optimism, treating everyone with respect, and taking responsibility for society as a whole. By focusing on three differentiating factors—”Flexible and Agile,” “Delivering As We Promise,” and “Our Experienced and Dynamic Team”—they have been able to set themselves apart from the competition.

Nurturing a Unique Work Culture

Customers are continuously the focus of axiusSoftware’s global network of committed experts, who possess unmatched technical expertise and a commitment to great execution. Jayanta Nandy, co-founder of the company, says, “We consider our associates our family. Flexible work schedules empower our worldwide workforce. We believe in encouraging teamwork and fostering a work-life balance in addition to inspiring our employees through our employee appreciation programs.”

Apart from appreciating and recognizing top-performing associates of different locations on a regular basis, the company also celebrates special occasions and moments of the associates. The top three achievers each year receive additional special incentives. When particular festivals in China and India occur, the associates get access to additional rewards.

They do, after taking numerous circumstances into account, receive an annual raise and a bonus based on performance. Under the direction of a dynamic business leader, the company succeeds alongside each client, and the relevant team is rewarded. In this context, the associates’ admiration of their customers is viewed as a mark of honor.

The impact of COVID

The COVID-19 crisis marked a time of transition. Changes in the way of thinking, business working models, and strategies to cope with the ongoing situations. Covid-19 is no longer a global health emergency now. However, the crisis has given axiusSoftware the ability to remain resolute. It also created opportunities. They have seen a marked increase in digitization as businesses understand the value of going digital and invest in it to stay in business. This has assisted the firm in bringing in more business.

However, they had to put in place specific procedures across the corporation to ensure business continuity and positive results. Their primary concerns throughout the COVID-19 phase were the motivation and well-being of the workforce. They made the same decision as many other businesses and chose to work from home. They have implemented a number of measures to guarantee that their employees feel secure working from home without jeopardising the security and confidentiality of their clients. Another important factor contributing to the team’s successful business continuity approach was reducing overhead costs across several pertinent areas without compromising associates’ remuneration and perks.

Assuring the Optimum Quality Service

The company’s commitment to quality services is defined by committed delivery, consistent quality, and ongoing process improvement. They believe providing clients with consistently high-quality services can move the team forward gradually and that they cannot afford to sacrifice quality. Further certifications for axiusSoftware include “ISO 9001:2015” and “ISO 27001:2013”.

To fulfill the demands and expectations of its customers, axiusSoftware adheres to industry best practices and procedures. By following its quality control policy and conducting a number of ongoing reviews, the firm strives for continual improvement to reduce COQ (cost of quality). These reviews may include, but are not limited to:

Internal Quality Checks –

• Project Management Reviews
• Project Audits
• Measuring, Analyzing, and Monitoring Quality Metrics
• Process Documentation and Compliance

Clients and Corporate Ethos

With clients in 15 various nations over the years, axiusSoftware has a presence in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. The majority of their sales are generated by repeat customers and sustained relationships with their clientele. They work in a variety of industries, concentrating mostly on e-commerce, retail, healthcare, and education. While they continue to support clients looking to create their digital and social media presence in China through various social media platforms, they also help Chinese clients get started on their global digital journey.

Publicis Sapient, Wipro, Tsinghua University, eBaoTech, Aristo Developers, Wiseasy, Keystone Academy, KargoCard, and other organizations have partnered with axiusSoftware. “Faith cannot be won; it has to be earned. We ensure that agile execution is carried out both from project management and a responsive point of view. Along with keeping our word, it’s important to pay attention to customer feedback, respond to inquiries right away, and offer value using state-of-the-art technology.

We place a high focus on maintaining good relationships with our clients both during and after the completion of projects. That helps in establishing enduring trust with our clientele”, mentions Kiki Li, the co-founder of axiusSoftware, with confidence. Powered by Constant R&D Initiatives The team pursues R&D to meet upcoming technological opportunities with an eye toward creating disruptive solutions. Technology is always changing. The team keeps up with the most recent advancements in healthcare, deep learning, AI, and machine learning. This aids the business in developing its expertise in cutting-edge technology and moving closer to making a positive impact on society in the future.

Branding Strategies

Social media marketing: The firm emphasizes the newest developments, successes, and business operations. For the international market, they largely use LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. They focus more on WeChat/ Weixin for the China market, where the combined MAU of Weixin and WeChat has surpassed 1.3 billion.

• Events and sponsorships emphasize networking and face-to-face interactions.
• To increase traffic and leads, use SEO, PPC, and paid advertisements on multiple B2B platforms.

Feathers in the cap

axiusSoftware has achieved a number of milestones for its honest efforts to offer high-quality services and equip businesses with cutting-edge technology in this quickly evolving commercial climate.

The committed team, prestigious clientele, and helpful partners were crucial components of their success. They celebrate every successful implementation of the project as one team. The following list includes some of the most significant achievements to date.

• 2013: Inception of axiusSoftware in Kolkata, India
• 2017: Opening of the Tianjin, China Office
• 2021: Opening of the Beijing, China, Branch Office
• 2022: Jayanta Nandy was awarded the “International Achievers’ Award.”
• 2022: axiusSoftware, Kolkata, has been awarded “Brand Company of the Year 2022.”
• 2022: axiusSoftware, Kolkata, has been awarded “Company of the Year 2022.”
• 2022: axiusSoftware has been awarded the “Business Excellence Award 2022.”
• 2023: axiusSoftware, has been awarded “10 Most Promising AI Consultants 2023.”

They want to strengthen their current relationships and forge new ones with people from around the world as they go further.

Expansion Binge and Road Ahead

With products for the healthcare and education sectors that are enabled by AI and VR, the services-focused company axiusSoftware hopes to transition into a service- and product-oriented business in the upcoming years. axiusSoftware currently has registered offices as its development centers in China and India, in addition to a sales office in Singapore and a regional partner office in Africa. To better serve its clients, it plans to create offices in the USA by the end of 2023 and in South China by 2025.

A robust partner ecosystem is something that axiusSoftware values. Sales partners and technology partners both contribute significantly to the growth of the overall business. axiusSoftware will continue to put emphasis on strengthening alliances and collaborations as part of its expansion strategy for a wider reach.

The Spirit Behind the Success

Jayanta Nandy, co-founder, axiusSoftware

Jayanta holds degrees in engineering and business administration. He has more than 23 years of IT experience, including more than 15 years in China, and has held leadership positions at TCS China (Tata Consultancy Services) and Infosys China. Together with his co-founder, he is in charge of developing client relationships, alliances, and business development, as well as the company’s overall growth strategy and policies.

Kiki Li, co-founder, axiusSoftware

Kiki has a strong background in sales and digital marketing as a former TCSer (Tata Consultancy Services) and a digital marketing holder from Columbia University in the United States. Along with overseeing marketing and finance in accordance with the company’s growth objectives, she is also in charge of the overall management of the business.

Words of Wisdom

The visionary leaders wrap up the discussion with their key message to aspiring business leaders: “Entrepreneurship is not about managing the P&L (profit and loss) of the company. It is about the P&L (persistence and learning) of the entire journey. We need to be optimistic and positive about the future. We need to have the ability to “unlearn to learn.” We need to remain calm and composed during challenging times and be flexible and open to changes.”

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