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Here are the Nine Best VPN Apps in 2022

Here are the Nine Best VPN Apps in 2022

Our privacy has never been more compromised than in virtual space. Luckily there are tools that can help us protect that privacy, and they are called Virtual Private Networks or VPNs. You can use VPN apps to protect your phone or laptop while surfing public networks and at home. Here are our top picks for VPN apps in 2022:

What Are VPN Apps and Why Should You Use Them?

No matter if you use your phone or laptop, the best possible way to protect your device from any data breaches and collection of your browsing history is by using Virtual Private Networks. VPN apps take data from your device, encrypt it, and send it through servers owned by the company that provides VPN. So when someone tries to see your browsing history, it will only see scrambles. Also, VPN can protect your location by using the location from servers.

Cyberghost – Overall Best Vpn App

Looking among the best VPN apps, we must conclude that Cyberghost is overall the best choice. You can use this app on Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, gaming consoles, smart TV, and other devices. With this app, you can protect up to seven devices at once. With Cyberghost, you will get access to a large number of servers but also have optimized servers for specific sites like Netflix, HBO Max, and Spotify. It uses military-grade encryption with a no-logs policy, and it has a built-in kill switch for better protection. The servers are super fast, so there will be no hiccups when browsing using this VPN. It costs $13 per month, while a yearly subscription is only $5.

NordVPN – Best for Privacy

With their double encryption, the protection of your privacy will be exceptional with NordVPN. It has fast servers and the ability to unlock all streaming websites while protecting your data. The company uses AES-256 encryption and NordLynx and OpenVPN protocols to ensure the best possible protection of your data. Aside from this, it also has excellent features that block trackers, malicious websites, and intrusive ads.

The app offers six simultaneous connections through its network, has more than 5,500 servers and locations in 58 countries, and costs $4 for a two-year plan. No matter if you are looking to hide from government or hacker attacks, NordVPN is your best choice in terms of privacy.

Surfshark – Best for Security for a Low Price

Surfshark allows its users unlimited device connection, meaning you will not have to worry about which device is currently on the internet. With its split tunneling and multi-hop, you will be able to have access to a vast number of platforms. It also has Bypasser, a feature that allows you to get access to certain websites and apps without using VPNs, such as banking apps.

With its camouflage mode, even your internet service provider will not be able to tell whether you are using a VPN or not. With Surfshark, you will have access to 6,520 servers and IPs for 65 countries. For only $2.30 for a two-year period, you will get one of the best apps for security that can work on any device.

ExpressVPN – VPN With Best Encryption

Even though this app has one of the best encryptions, it also provides one of the fastest connections for your iPhone, Android, or Windows. The encryption will protect you from any parties that try to monitor your movement on the internet. ExpressVPN doesn’t keep track of your activities or connection logs. It has more than 3,000 servers in 160 locations in 94 countries. You can connect five devices at once while the speed will remain the same. It costs $13 per month or $60 for six months.

PrivateVPN – Reliable and Fast, One of the Best Apps for Android

If you are looking for the best VPN to allow you fast streaming of your favorite shows, then search no further than PrivateVPN. It has a constant speed that allows you to stream on the most popular platforms without any buffering. It is one of the best apps for Androids, but it also works great on Windows, iOS, Linux, macOS, Chrome, and more. It allows ten simultaneous connections to over 200 servers in 63 countries.

The StealthVPN feature allows you to connect to the most restrictive networks, such as China and UAE. PrivateVPN has 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and DNS/IP leak protection. You can subscribe for $2 a month, and if you are not satisfied, the company will return the money.

ProtonVPN – Best Free App

Even though most free apps will not provide you with the best possible protection, that can not be said for ProtonVPN. It has a strict no-logs policy that will ensure your Android privacy is fully protected. It has access to 1,830 servers in 63 countries, and you can simultaneously connect ten devices. It uses 256-bit encryption, DNS/IP leak protection, and a kill switch to ensure you can safely surf on your Android.

But this app is also compatible with Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, Chrome, and many more. The only downside is that the free version is too slow – on average, the speed is 2Mbps. However, ProtonVPN offers paid plans for $5 a month, and if you wish, you can try out their paid plans for the first 30 days with a money-back policy.

IPVanish – Best for Android

We have already mentioned some of the apps that are great for Androids, but in terms of speed and provided security, the IPVanish is definitely our top choice. With an average speed of 32 Mbps, you will be able to stream your favorite shows without any problems. The app has a highly intuitive interface allowing you to customize your experience in the best way possible. It has access to more than 2,000 servers in 75 countries.

You can connect an unlimited number of devices through this app without having any problems. It uses military-grade encryption, a kill switch, and leak protection, so your data is fully protected. The app will give you access to the most popular streaming sites, such as Disney+, HBO Max, and Netflix US. You can subscribe to this app for only $2.50 a month.

Atlas VPN – Best for Data Protection

With WireGuard compatibility, AES-256 encryption, a kill switch, and a private DNS system, Atlas VPN will provide you with top-notch data protection. Rotating IP addresses alongside with tracker blocker, you will get an extra layer of protection, and you can connect an unlimited number of devices. The company uses Safeswap technology that allows you dynamic IP addresses, meaning every time you log in or search something on your browser, the IP address will change, providing you with extreme anonymity.

They offer a free plan where you get access to only three servers. However, even with the free option, your data will be fully protected – you will not have to worry about Atlas VPN giving your data to anyone else. If you subscribe to their three years plan for $2, you will get better speed and access to more than 750 servers.

Hotspot Shield – Best for Netflix

Hotspot Shield protects your privacy and security while providing you with excellent speed for streaming. The company uses 256-bit AES encryption and military encryption for protection but also deletes all the data that can be used to identify you. With their regular annual transparency reports, they assure all users that no data has ever been sold or given to any third party. The company probably has one of the best speeds on the market with its unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to stream popular websites such as Netflix without any buffering.

They offer a free plan with a 500 MB daily data limit. Also, they offer Premium and Premium Family plans for $8 to $12 per month, and these plans will allow you unlimited access to more than 1,800 servers in 80 countries. They can work on Android, Linux, iOS, Router, macOS, and Windows.

What Is the Best VPN in 2022?

As you can see, there are numerous VPN apps you can use to protect your privacy and security. Some apps are better for Androids, while some are better for iPhones. Also, some apps provide better speed with less security. And which one you will choose depends on your daily needs. But if you are looking for the overall best VPN app, then CyberGhost is our recommendation. It is compatible with all operating systems, and it gives excellent protection with high speed. And in terms of price, it is among the affordable options you can pick.

Meta: If you want to know what are the best VPN apps in 2022, read this article and find out our top picks.

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