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Bhutani Infra

Bhutani Infra

The Mastermind Behind Operational Excellence…

In the coming era, working and living environments will exhibit a demeanor vastly distinct from their present state, characterized by novel appearances, behaviors, and interactions. The interplay between human beings and the structural components will evolve into a symbiotic union. And in view of this highly anticipated change, Bhutani Infra realizes this ongoing transformation and tailors their solutions not only to acknowledge this new order but also to maintain a pioneering position.

Beyond mere structures, their aspiration extends to crafting vibrant, dynamic entities that possess both intelligence and adaptability. Their primary focus lies in office & retail leasing. Their extensive portfolio is a testament to their diversified approach, encompassing 40% office assets, an equal share of 40% dedicated to retail malls, and an additional 20% dedicated to residential developments in the vibrant locales of Goa , Noida & Megacities. This strategic allocation mirrors their commitment to both commercial and residential endeavors, reflecting a dynamic presence in The Real Estate & Office Leasing Landscape.

Bhutani Infra was established in 1996 by Mr. Prem Bhutani. His impact on the industry stands as an impressive feat. Under his guidance, the Group has marked numerous significant achievements. To dive into more information about the company and its operations, we arranged a virtual meeting with Mr Samir Srivastava who is the Head Leasing at Bhutani Infra. He happened to walk us through various aspects of the company’s growth and shared the highlights of the Group’s futuristic vision.

In envisioning the future, Bhutani Infra acknowledges the transformative shift in the landscape of working and living spaces. They anticipate a profound alteration in the interplay between human and architectural elements. Bhutani Infra’s solutions are thoughtfully crafted to not only acknowledge this evolving paradigm but also to remain at its vanguard. Their vision transcends traditional construction; they aim to birth living, adaptable entities that exhibit both intelligence and responsiveness. And as a way of acknowledgement of its remarkable achievements, we decided to feature him in this exclusive edition.


As enterprises globally grapple with the challenges of business continuity, they find consensus among world leaders that only innovation can sustain businesses. At Bhutani Infra, innovation serves as their primary driving force for growth. The motto “Inspired by Innovation” defines Bhutani Infra’s purpose, evident in all their endeavors. With a consistent track record of delivering excellence throughout Delhi and NCR for the past two decades, Bhutani Infra continues its evolutionary journey, drawing inspiration from and establishing best practices in the realm of development.

Their projects emphasize Glocalisation, Coworking, and Greenology, featuring contemporary structures with a hint of traditional architectural elements. Bolstered by ten years of experience and a wealth of expertise, Bhutani Infra has led the way in conceiving and executing high-end real estate ventures in retail, commercial, and residential sectors. Their project Alphathum, an ambitious feat encompassing IT / ITES tower’s with one of India’s largest infinity pools, now stands ready for the post-COVID-19 work environment.

The upcoming project Cyberthum boasts a vast entertainment zone and a sky-high mall, expanding on their already diverse range of offerings. The Group handles projects comprehensively, guiding them from site acquisition, design, and development to construction, marketing, and sales. Despite a relatively short time span, the Group has left a significant mark across the spectrum of real estate development in Delhi NCR, showcasing their commitment to quality, timely delivery, and enduring partnerships with clients and business associates.


Advancing their vision, the current stewardship of Samir drives the enterprise. His adept selection of the right tenants, brand mix, meticulous strategic approach, keen attention to construction details in offices, commitment to product quality, achievement of tenant satisfaction, and foremost, the consistent delivery of projects within promised timelines have collectively propelled Bhutani Infra into an esteemed organization. Furthermore, the group’s strategy revolves around focusing on and executing one project at a time. This focused approach has not only facilitated the consistent delivery of high-quality projects within deadlines but also fostered enduring trust among their clientele over the years.

When asked how the leadership effectively conveys the vision and values of the company to its targeted audience, the dynamo states, “One of the most effective ways to communicate your vision is to use storytelling techniques of real life experiences and knowledge. Stories can capture attention, evoke emotions, and inspire action. They can also help you illustrate your vision with concrete examples, scenarios, and outcomes. Apart from this, as a group we use extensive marketing campaigns including newsletters, billboards and hoardings, magazines, websites and social media to communicate the company’s values, plans, and vision.”


Bhutani Infra stands as a transformative force within the industry, redefining norms. They excel not only in providing premier commercial assets at optimal market rates but also in crafting architectural landmarks that epitomize sustainability and exhibit meticulous energy-conscious planning. A cornerstone of their success lies in nurturing pivotal relationships with channel partners, a principle upheld consistently across all their projects.

Their expertise encompasses strong interpersonal skills, adeptness in soft skills, and the ability to seamlessly integrate within teams while fostering harmonious collaborations. An innate talent for innovation and strategic structuring of intricate transactions underscores their position as leaders, ensuring mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved.


Being an admirable leader, Samir’s leadership philosophy is built upon the pillars of agile decision-making during critical situations, the adept execution of plans, and the inspiration to drive team excellence. He not only values but actively encourages active participation from team members across all processes, fostering an environment where their insights are welcomed.

Samir firmly believes in the potency of effective macro management over micromanagement, recognizing that excessive analysis often leads to stagnation. To nurture leadership qualities within the team, various initiatives are undertaken, spanning from networking education to mentorship and coaching from both internal and external leaders. Workshops are conducted to enhance presentation skills, expand vocabulary, and refine public speaking capabilities.

This philosophy also entails instilling a strong sense of ownership within the team, promoting accountability for mistakes while cultivating strategies for success. “I’ve done some marquee transactions in the real estate industry Prior to Bhutani Infra. I’ve been instrumental in leasing the Starling Mall and Edge in Noida sector 104, which now has become a landmark and case study in Noida. I’ve also spearheaded some large office transactions in Gurgaon and Noida,” claims Samir.


For the future ahead, they are focused on aggressive expansion of their presence significantly across India, with a strong dedication to providing top-tier commercial assets. Their efforts are swiftly reshaping work patterns, steering individuals towards a more health-conscious and improved work atmosphere within a globally acclaimed infrastructure.


• Vidhya Care: Focusing on primary education for underprivileged children, Vidya Care addresses the challenges posed by poverty and limited resources. Through awareness campaigns in slum areas, collaborations with government schools, and volunteering efforts, the initiative strives to provide educational opportunities to those who need it most.

• To improve the lives of stray dogs, Happy Tails offers shelter, treatments, food, and advocacy for better animal protection laws. Bhutani Care’s initiative seeks to alleviate the suffering of street animals and promote a more compassionate approach to their welfare.

• Under Bhutani Care, Prithvi reflects the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Over the next 25 years, Bhutani Group aims to enhance the planet, communities, and their own operations. From tree planting and construction material recycling to collaborating with horticulture teams for beautification and carbon footprint reduction, the initiative strives to build a greener, healthier future.

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