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Technosprout Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Technosprout Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Adding Impeccable layers of security to your digital transformation journey…

It is said entrepreneurship happens to different people in distinct ways. For the protagonist of this story, Kamesh, who is the founder of Technosprout, it began with realizing to bring a multitude of innovative solutions to the business issues while emphasizing on the service oriented approach. His mantra is to keep it simple and from the very beginning, his venture has been focused on enabling cyber transformation keeping organizations at the heart focusing on the three main areas i.e. People, Process and Technology.

Nowadays, several companies are embracing Cloud technology to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. However, this shift to the Cloud brings with it ‘concerns’ regarding data security, making it imperative for businesses to prioritize robust protective measures. That’s where Technospout emerges as a trusted savior, offering cutting-edge solutions to bolster the security of businesses in the cloud environment.

With this new-age establishment, the leader is offering the businesses that are transforming digitally with three Cloud security services: Application security, Identity Security and Data Security. His vision with the venture is to create a ‘Security Nirvana’ for the businesses in dire need of enhanced security posture.

As per Kamesh, simplicity and agility is how he defines his venture that has been able to induce a tremendous transformation in the face of cloud security posture of the current business landscape. To explore the length and breadth of the company’s overall corporate profile, we sat down with Kamesh Mankad for a virtual meet and discussed various aspects of the subject. This narrative is based on the excerpts of conversation held with him, let’s dive in:


Founded in 2017, Technosprout is a dynamic and passionate team of professionals committed to making a difference for its clients and the wider community. With more than 6+ years of experience, Technosprout has secured 2.5 Million Identities & 3 Million Assets in Cloud. Team members of the organization have harnessed a collective experience and expertise in cloud security deployment and management to deliver outstanding results since the inception.

The organization has incorporated industry best practices gleaned from its employee’s extensive experience, particularly in the realm of cloud security deployment and management. Unlike traditional approaches that focus solely on tools, Technosprout takes a holistic and problem-solving approach. With a team of certified experts at the helm, they are dedicated to assisting one’s business in setting up, improving, and maintaining robust cloud security measures.


Technosprout maintains a firm position on its unique corporate values and ethics, which are never compromised. At the organization, customer-centricity is given top priority, with the client at the center of all organizational choices. The business is structured around the demands and preferences of its devoted consumers rather than around its products. Technosprout is motivated by an insatiable curiosity, and thinks that the best way to advance is to embrace new possibilities and look beyond what is evident.

The company’s commitment to simplicity is centered on developing workflows that are solutionoriented, simplify procedures, and produce quantifiable outcomes. As the business follows the highest standards of best practices, transparency is a cornerstone of Technosprout’s operations. Members of the team assist one another in finding solutions to pressing problems while exhibiting a strong dedication to their profession and a tireless drive for success.


When asked to reveal his outlook concerning tech dominance seeping in every aspect of our lives, Kamesh responded that technology has become a primary driver to the growth of the business community at present. He explained that with the introduction of AI at the global scale businesses are facing an increased security risk as it is a powerful tool which could easily be manipulated by malefactor elements to attack the security systems.

For this, he asserts, “AI is a doubleedged sword that would definitely aid you in improving your productivity but at the same time pose a great threat to the infrastructural security due to its invasive nature.” He concluded that being part of the community we need to curate methods to curb the negative effects of this fantastic tool to make the best out of it in our favor.


Well acclaimed as a visionary leader, Kamesh champions the transformative potential of organization and unwavering commitment in one’s pursuits. With his insightful guidance, the team at the company is continually motivated to embrace the philosophy of incremental progress, taking measured steps each day to fuel remarkable growth within their portfolio.

By instilling a culture of discipline and perseverance, Kamesh inspires his team to unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable milestones along their journey. Moreover, under his auspices, the management team ensures best practices for talent development as well as retention programs to make the work environment more inclusive and productive. There are many employee friendly initiatives that have been commenced lately by the management to enhance the employee engagement process at the workplace.

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