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How your food is grown or from where the raw materials are sourced has a major impact on a person’s health. Over the last – 5 years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for natural and organic products. With the flow of time, globalization and urbanization, has made us health-conscious. We have shifted our preferences to the goodness of nature.

Organic products carry beneficial nutrients and antioxidants, making it preferable over synthetic counterparts. Not only this, synthetic products may heal an ailment, but often becomes a source for allergies and other infections. Whereas, organic products cure the ailment as well as boosts the immunity system. Biomed Ingredients is growing as an approachable brand, manufacturing the core ingredients for dietary supplements and other natural and herbal products.

Biomed Ingredients
was introduced, with a commitment to protect the environment and ensure a healthy life. Nowadays, health has become a commercial means to earn wealth. Conventional farming is endangering the environment and human lives and yet chemicals compositions are being widely used, to increase the yield. Bio-Med was ushered into the industry to stop this malpractice and help us understand the efficiency of natural and organic products.

Their range of naturally developed products includes herbal & spice extracts, plant extracts, oleoresin, herbal powder, food color and health supplements. These herbal extracts and phytochemicals are used in varieties of foods and beverages, natural cosmetic products, natural food colours, spice oleoresins and essential oils. Every product is manufactured under stringent quality parameters and assures the potency for a better life.

In an era where people were more accustomed to synthetic products, it became a tough job for Bio-Med to set its stage. Furthermore, as BioMed was a new name and people were quite ambiguous about it. Being a new brand, Bio-Med was also not getting much support from any financial institutions. The situation became a tough nut to crack, but persistence and diligence of Mr.Sebastian Thomas (Director) and timely innovation helped them sail away.

BioMed is focused on three particular aspects – quality, consistency and commitment. They blended science and nature to mould tailored products at reasonable prices, to stay ahead. Online marketing is the new trend for qualitative exposure. As such, they venture on digital platforms, which helped them build a lucrative presence in the national and international markets. Timely product innovation, adept marketing and competitive pricing; has helped them uphold their philosophy, to provide better health.

Emphasis on in-depth R&D is prominent to bring innovation in products and services. Keeping that in mind, Bio-Med has assembled an adept team doctor; this, healthcare professionals do in-depth R&D practices to shape products with emerging trends. Every professional is backed, by a generation of experience in their areas, helping them innovate new products and renovating the existing ones simultaneously. Emphasising on R&D, Bio-Med is working on introducing pharmaceutical formulations. R&D has also helped in revamping products, with a better look and inculcate modern practices in every level of operation.

“Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.” In light of the above phrase, stated by Brian Kristofek, President and CEO, Upshot – A delightful work culture not only ensures the integrity of employees but also propagates a positive aura that attracts fresh talents. The work culture of Bio-Med is formed on this concept. It provides health insurances and home insurances for the employes and their families. Adding to this, employees enjoy a transparent communication at all levels, that keeps them engaged to the company.

The Novel invader – COVID-19 has made a spontaneous desolation across the world. Individuals and companies alike are forced to adapt to the new normal to overcome the crisis. However, BioMed didn’t kneel to the changes. Since physical contact and outward travel could spread the virus, the company built accommodation for employees within their complex. Everyone was strictly advised not to leave the complex and follow the safety guidelines to prevent any outbreak inside the company.

Also, safety and sanitization policies were strictly followed by visitors. These in-house safety measures helped the company propel through the hurdles and grow beyond the pandemic. To be specific, BioMed’s production doubled in the lockdown period! Supply of ingredients like Ashwagandha extract increased as it boosts immunity against COVID-19. Motivating employees and keeping them from depression was important in this crisis. Keeping that in mind, Bio-Med ensured timely salaries, with all the benefits and without any deductions. Also, bonuses were rewarded, as per the company norms. Several employees got promoted to better positions, with a 30% hike on salary.

Natural & Organic product market is very volatile, due to an enormous line of players. To stay ahead in this competition, BioMed showcases calibre in every level of operation. Raw materials – are brought from the approved producers and tested in their facility to confirm they are pesticide or chemical-free. After production, quality assurance systems monitor toxic residues like lead, silicon, etc. in each batch of products. The quality standards, are attributed by global certifications like GMP, FSSAI, ISO, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL and ORGANIC.  “Our quality commitments start from sourcing the raw materials and ends till the end product reaches the customer”, asserts Mr Thomas.

Proficient infrastructure plays an integral role in upholding quality standards. Whether its research or manufacturing. Bio-Med has brought the best from the best. They have a super critical fluid extraction facility, solvent extraction facility and capsulation facility capable of extracting functional components of the ingredient, while keeping the essential phytochemicals intact.  Also, they have a quality control lab fitted with state-of-the-art amenities like HPLC, GC, UV, Headspace analyzer, etc. that analyzes and maintains the quality of every product.

Bio-Med has put a chief concern towards societal developments. A percentage of their profit is dispensed towards upscaling their community’s livelihood. They provide unprivileged children with career opportunities and donate essential tools for education in many schools.

Amid the COVID-19, BioMed played an integral role in the region. They identified the affected regions and provided the needy with food, medicines, etc. The company has played a meticulous role in alleviating to natural disasters, since its inception. They help people relocate from affected areas and also provide them with food, shelter, etc. The company is also associated, with several social forums to further emphasize on social concerns.

Businesses often measure their growth with achievements and milestones. But BioMed measures its growth, with the number of satisfied clients and the impact of its solutions towards society. In its – 6 years of business, Bio-Med has grown roots in foreign countries like Japan, Korea, USA, European Countries, Australia, etc. They have global manufacturing facilities present in Goa. The commitment to quality has grown them into a preferable choice for Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries.

Looking at the future, BioMed is aiming to grow on its prolific path, inventing new products and bringing new players – ultimately becoming a pioneer in the global market.



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