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Bizzy Baby Digital

Bizzy Baby Digital

Empowering Brands to Grow through Unparalleled Innovation and Creative Approaches

Digital content has made geophysical barriers disappear and increased the reach of brands and companies by enabling them to interact with a larger audience. Yet, most brands are unable to create standout presence – since the focus is more towards paid advertising but lacks creative positioning. Founded by Mr Murtuza Kutianawalla in 2017, Bizzy Baby Digital makes communication better for brands by building their digital assets with curated communities & targeted outreach programs.

Bizzy Baby Media is a boutique creative marketing agency and home to many creators and marketers. This 5-year-old whiz-bang has emerged as a one-stop solution for varied services ranging from Content Creation, SEO, Performance marketing, influencer tie-ups, and Audience development on social platforms. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra with two more offices in Trivandrum, Kerala, and Dubai what it puts out there is more than just numbers, stats, and formulae.

Since its inception, Bizzy has undergone several iterations and business models. However, creating content and digital marketing continue to be their two key areas of expertise. After its recent merger with the Toonz Media Group, a 23-year-old legacy company based out of Trivandrum with a presence in over 11 countries, the team has emerged more potent in its abilities.

The Minds behind Bizzy Baby Digital

Murtuza Kutianawalla – CEO-Head of Partnerships, and Sandeep Raghunath – Head of Technology
• The man behind the idea, Murtuza Kutianawalla, is a Disney actor, best known for playing Rohan Singh in the 2011-2015 series “Best of Luck Nikki”. In addition to acting in TV shows, he has hosted a program called Big Bada Boom and appeared in several advertisements. Bizzy Baby Media is his second venture that he and his partner Mr. Ketan Jain kickstarted in 2017.

• Sandeep, Head of Technology, a thinker, strategist, and planner with a never give up attitude possessing over 16 years of expertise in digital marketing. Sandeep has managed more than 80 brands across all sectors and holds a Green Belt in Six Sigma certification.

Bizzy Baby’s value proposition:

Envisioned to serve different sectors like education, real estate, consumer and entertainment, Bizzy Baby, along with its robust creative and techno-savvy minds, has been striding on the way to success, accomplishing numerous milestones. Below are a few examples:

• Bizzy Baby led the content campaign for ICICI Mobile & Internet Banking to educate lakhs of its customers on engaging with several banking products and processes by simply using their phone.
• Bizzy Baby created a 360-degree performance campaign for one of the largest startup summits in India “SOW” held virtually sponsored by Microsoft thereby bringing over 10,000 attendees across several industries.
• Bizzy Baby has contributed substantially in the education sector whether it be with 21K School in the online school space or Muzician an online music learning platform from Australia.
• Bizzy Baby was appointed by UNESCO to lead their Water-wise program that turned student’s essays into animated videos.
• Bizzy Baby was appointed by JSW to create informative explainer videos to target new customers to engage with their newly launched products & services.

Overcoming Obstacles Along the Way

Bizzy Baby has definitely undergone several startup battles. Starting in 2017, Ketan Jain & Murtuza Kutianawalla began the journey of Bizzy Baby Media to create quality content for its audience at large with challenging budgets. The business even overcame COVID-19 and other challenges by adhering to its core values. The team has grown from its mistakes, and now, they ensure that the customer connection is centered on finding a solution to their problem and being a helpful PARTNER, not just any VENDOR!

Murtuza Kutianawalla’s Take on

The Importance of Research & Development Today, data is the most valuable currency, and we credit our analysts and business development teams for continuously adjusting their approaches and recognizing the brand’s needs. We have been able to deliver provocative branded campaigns for content production and marketing over the past five years because of the team’s ongoing research and development work.

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead

Bizzy has successfully added a wide range of happy clients to account over the years and accomplished its 5-year milestone! It is looking to serve a minimum of 1000 satisfied global clients across the Education, Real Estate, Media & Entertainment, and Consumer sectors in the next 5 years. Additionally, it is planning to set up multiple global offices in key territories with its services.

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