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Walking the CX Path to Efficient Digital Transformation: BORN Group

Engaging user experience is the key to effective digital transformation today. Unfortunately, most digital agencies follow a dated approach to digital transformation. A number of legacy brands have failed to adapt in this era of constant disruption. Advertising agencies can sell a brand story quite well but face challenges with technology & integrations. Technology companies, on the other hand, face challenges in selling a brand story well. In our latest edition “Company in focus – 2020”, we’re featuring the story of BORN GROUP  – A brand transforming digital experiences across the globe.

Incepted in 2011, BORN recognized the opportunities that firms can leverage, sitting at the intersection of art (creative design) and science (technology). BORN centred on “digital economy” – with a distinct emphasis on commerce. Its aspiration: to create big brand experiences through a combination of Enterprise Commerce and Customer Experience Management.

Unfolding the exemplary strategies for ensuring newfangled digital transformation

With BORN’s digital approach, every marketing decision is data-driven through effective instrumentation. They have conceptualized many strategic frameworks and platform accelerators like Arctic Fox, Bulldog, Bison & Eagle on top of leading platform providers to help their clients with a faster go-to-market on the pivots of time & cost.

BORN has conceptualized digital transformation (for B2B and B2C businesses) through a signature framework: CxSxPxOxDx; where Customer Experience (Cx) dictates the consumer’s experience of the brand, Service Experience (Sx) helps the brand optimize the product/service-market fit, Physical Experience(Px) recognizes the importance of brick-and-mortar stores, Operational Experience (Ox) maps the experience and efficiency of the CxSxPx value drivers to revenues, All of these drivers are underpinned by a foundation of data, which is Data Experience (Dx).

BORN achieves the science of CX management through their proprietary framework, Stella. Stella incorporates three key elements: Brand Experience(BE) covers how a brand attracts and engages clients, Behavioural Experience(BE) deals with customer transactions across channels, and Book-of-Record Experience(BR) captures essential data and analyzes it through data science and back-office systems. This validates BORN’s thinking on storytelling, omnichannel, and sales for their brands, customers, and their internal team.

Prakash Gurumoorthy,  MD – APAC at BORN Group, explains: “The customer sits at the center of all the work we do. Brands universally aspire to provide their premium offerings to delight customers, surpass their expectations, and establish new brand experience standards. Stella seeks to elevate customer engagement and conversion across connected channels.”

A Decade of Unique Success Stories

With the onset of the digital world, a massive shift began with brands aspiring to take every aspect of their business, online. Digitalization is unleashing global opportunities for value creation. It has altered the landscape of client engagement, commerce marketing and more. A digitally-driven business model is not just crucial to beat competitors but also to survive the corporate world.

Focusing on three of its foundation pillars- Creative, Content and Commerce, BORN offers an enhanced and intrigued shopping experience to more than 500+ top brands. It has become one of the leading digital agencies offering end-to-end digital transformation solutions to its consumer base. Covering the B2B, B2B2C, B2C segments of the markets, they are delivering outstanding services to their exclusive clientele including Titan, TATA Tetley, Reliance Ajio, Hindustan Unilever, Mondelez(Cadbury Gifting), Fastrack, Asian Paints, Starbucks, Ferragamo, Tumi, Redbull, Nike, Changi Airport and many more.

“Our mission is to help clients combine all the aspects of customer interaction with a brand into one integrated experience,” affirms Prakash Gurumoorthy, Managing Director, BORN Group. “We call this the Brand Experience wheel, and this combines many specialisms right from attracting the audience, interacting with them, transacting and then working on their feedback. Our overall objective is to progressively improve customer experience with each turn of the wheel,” he adds.

In one scenario, BORN was approached by a global conglomerate that lacked the online infrastructure to support their strong offline presence. BORN built a responsive B2C site, which quickly sold over a million SKUs, doubled weekly site visits, and became one of the top 15 websites in the world in just eight weeks of implementation.

With the average customer demanding more choices and easier access, brands with the means to tap data streams for actionable insights have a competitive advantage. BORN created just this for the world’s fifth-largest integrated and self-branded watch manufacturer. This reaped great business benefits for the brand – increasing order value by 58%, increasing visitors two-fold, and dropping the bounce rate below 57%.

BORN was also recently chosen as the digital partner to enable one of Asia’s largest transportation hubs to develop & manage its next-generation omnichannel e-commerce marketplace in order to onboard and manage tenant products & services. BORN was successful in building & enabling a curated marketplace and delivering significant flexibility & scalability in this project.

The digital agency has worked with many such leading brands across various domains and has delivered an end-to-end digital transformation experience.

Combating the COVID-19 pandemic

Darwin proposed the theory of evolution saying- it is not the strongest species that survives but sometimes the most adaptable one. The COVID pandemic has turned the lives of human beings upside down thus spurring the need for developing modern business functions.

Right in the midst of this startling situation, Born has enabled digital transformation for brands by digitizing key customer touchpoints, streamlining operations and automating the key processes with the right technology partners. The agency is working with customers across industries and geographies to deliver the quickest transformation enablement possible.

“BORN is enabling a retail player in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to automate their payment and deep inventory analytics for faster time to market and informed decisions. We are optimizing fulfilment and customer acquisition processes for an FMCG giant in India by digitizing key touchpoints and churning deeper insights,” adds Gurumoorthy. With more such initiatives, BORN is empowering businesses to weather the COVID-19 storm.

Winning accolades

Entrenched with phenomenal uniqueness, BORN Group has established itself as the recommended digital agency in almost all marquee digital awards including the likes of Asia E-commerce awards, Loyalty and Engagement Awards, Agency of the Year Malaysia and Singapore awards, the DRUM awards, Indian Agency Awards and many more across digital and marketing categories

With more than 60 awards in 2019 alone across APAC regions, owing to BORN’s exponential growth in APAC and end-to-end client delivery excellence with an outstanding NPS of 10/10: the list includes several top-notch digital awards. More than 15 awards across 10 categories  from Asia E-commerce Awards and Great Lifestyle Brand Awards, for elite brands such as Fastrack, TataCliq Luxury, JASPAL Group, Razer, Love Bonito, Reliance AJIO, Titan etc. for the APAC region. Specialist Agency of the Year(Digital) at the Indian Agency Award 2020. Magento’s North America Partner of the Year and SAP APJ Award for Partner Excellence 2020 for SAP Customer Experience has also been offered to the group considering their outstanding services.

Prakash Gurumoorthy has also won the Agency Head of the Year at the Indian Agency Awards twice in a row for the years 2019 & 2020.

About BORN Group:

BORN Group is an award-winning global agency that focuses on Enterprise Commerce and Experience Design. It is a Tech Mahindra company.

With over 500 digital transformations under its belt in over 40 end markets covering the B2B and B2C segments, it is one of the largest digital agencies with operations in 8+ countries. The company combines 10 specialisms to produce high-performing digital assets.


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