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Offering Qualified Formulations and A Stellar Career Choice

Sitting in the Peninsula of Mumbai, Worli, Cachet Pharmaceuticals is an exceptionally accomplished pharmaceutical company driven to improve people’s healthcare. Ideated in 1978, Cachet is the valuable reflection of passion and vision to be ‘The world leader in pharmaceutical formulations and nutraceuticals by establishing new levels of quality, durability and reliability.’

Cachet manufactures and markets speciality drugs and nutraceuticals to meet the needs of both the domestic and foreign markets. It focuses on several healthcare drugs and strives to provide promised quality at affordable prices. The acuity distinguishes it in terms of customer-centricity and integrity while keeping it technologically compatible with the healthcare upswing.

The pursuit of excellence is reflected in its operations, people and work culture. It has nurtured a symbolic existence in distinct therapeutic segments i.e. Anti-Bacterial, Antibiotic and Anti-Incentives, Gastroenterological,  Anti-Malaria, NSAIDs’s- Pain Management and Anti-inflammatory Agents, Anti-Osteoporotic, Phytoestrogens, Antioxidants, Cough and Cold Management, Calcium and Iron Supplementation, Multivitamins, Multi-Minerals and Nutraceuticals.

Its fine quality in products and packaging is certified with notable plant accreditations; thereby, making it poised to scale newer heights of success. Its constant pursuit of opportunities to strengthen the value of its medicines that resonate with other players and patients ensures long term sustenance by way of ‘Brand Recognition’ and the creation of ‘Brand Value’. The focus on customers with product excellence makes it a force to reckon with in the international market.

Cachet is led by a cadre of visionaries and shouldered by a team of dedicated professionals. The Grandmaster of this congregation is Mr. S. K. Singh (Managing Director). He is a well-known industrialist with over 4 decades of experience in pharmaceuticals. Though Cachet has grown to be a premium brand in terms of revenue and scope, Mr. Singh founded it with a desire to change the world for the better. He was highly motivated by his father/Founder of Alkem Laboratories, Samprada Singh’s incredible work to empower the potential of Indian Pharma Companies. Building on the motivation, he shaped his own innovative venture, Cachet Pharmaceuticals.

However, earning new heights isn’t a one-man-job, and neither was for Mr. Singh. Thus, in a short period from inception, Cachet’s directorial board welcomed three other independent director’s, Mr. Arunkumar D. Deshmukh, Dr. Anuja M. Sinha and Mrs. Premlata Singh. The trio has exceptional expertise in pharma & medical service and is equally collaborative to Cachet’s ascent.

Also, Cachet formed a multi-disciplinary management team consisting of prolific leaders namely Mr. Rajesh Kumar (COO), Mr. Rajeev Ranjan (President), Mr. Sanjay Kumar (President, Factory operations), Mr. Indranil Chakravartty (Chief Operating Officer- Sales and Marketing), Mr. Shashi Shekhar Kumar (Vice President of International Business), Mr. Jitendra Jha (Assistant Vice President-Finance) and Mr. Animesh Dhari Singh (Assistant General Manager – Human Resource & Admin).

The company started as a manufacturing unit and forayed into marketing its own well-crafted product range. Some of the leading names include Traxol, Traxol-S, Traxol-T, Lysoflam, NE, I-UP, Cavit-PM, PNZ, PNZ-D, Vitoc-D, Cadbe, Vitzin, Pamagin, P40, Moxate, Capritaz, Merotiva and Cachpar. It is reinforced with research and technical competency to develop new formulations. It has 1 state-of-the-art facilities operated by accomplished professionals.

“Our mission is to increase access to quality medicines at affordable prices worldwide, reduce the burden of disease and improve quality of life”, quotes Mr. Singh. Bundled with quality, competitive pricing and guidance of like-minded leaders, Cachet eventually formed a PAN-India presence and further extended to exports as well. It has strong business pipelines across 15 Countries in Asia, CIS countries, Africa.

With the re-defining practices spurring across the pharma space, a cut-throat market is no epiphany. On top of that, uncertainties like COVID-19 is making a more terrible scenario. Cachet invests in technology, skills, people, and processes to develop an agile and future-ready business model in order to ensure long-term success in the face of disruption. The resultant solutions can be easily implemented into a business plan for improving customer satisfaction, implementing marketing models into the strategy to create a memorable customer experience. The Company also adheres to regulatory compliances to further foster its quality.

The emphasis on transformation keeps them steadfast against impediments. For instance, when Pandemic became synonymous with high attrition in many brands, Cachet turned to its people to move ahead. Constant investments in in-house resources along with manufacturing capabilities expanded its product pipeline, strengthened its field staff driving higher productivity and efficiency.

“We believe it’s the collaboration of people, who helps turn around the table in uncertainties such as the pandemic”, asserts Mr. Singh confidently. The marketing and training dept. trained them with online skill-building especially, for the pandemic, teams collaborated and engaged everyone through weekly review meetings, webinar participation.

“Foster emotional quotient (EQ) more than intelligence quotient (IQ)”. This thought process makes Cachet a prolific ecosystem for aspirers. Every candidate is screened upon their customer-centricity, planning & organizing, persuasiveness, tenacity, initiative, communication, motivational fit, strategic thinking, decision making, prioritizing, analytical skills and interpersonal skills.

70% of the team includes field staff and the Company engages in various training & development programs to assist in overall development. The period includes BIT (basic induction training) for new joiners, MDP (managerial development program), CEP (competency enhancement program), RMDP (regional manager development program) and various other refresher courses on medical training.

Providing a space for individual growth and learning creates a valuable output for the Company. Cachet promotes four specific qualities: “Consistency”, “Relevance”, “Mobility”, and “Honesty”. And these qualities ensure it is on its envisioned path and have a good retention rate. “A good company culture can be a mechanism for attracting the right people and retaining its employees even in a competitive job market”, explains Mr. Singh. The four pillars solidify the environment as a collective effort, making it inclusive and two-way rather than just top down, obvious to employees who envision long-term development.

In its journey of 6 decades, Cachet has earned several milestones and accolades. Despite being born in an era, when pharma was governed by International brands, Cachet didn’t deviate from its goal to be on the leaderboards. Many of its brands emerged as Brand Leaders in India. Over the years, the Company has become a prime choice for aspirers in the manufacturing space.

Not only this, in the last 6 years, Cachet has been bestowed with prestigious accolades namely:

  • International Star for Leadership in Quality Convention award” at Paris by Business Initiative Directions (BID)- 2015
  • “European Award for Best practices 2016” at Brussels by European Society for Quality Research (ESQR)
  • “UBM Initiative Recognition-Emerging Exporters of the Year 2016” for our business achievements by UBM India
  • The recognition of “INSPIRATIONAL COMPANY” with all its privileges and obligations in Prague, Czech Republic-2018
  • Cachet has been awarded with Best Companies to Work For 2020 among Pharmaceutical companies by SiliconIndia
  • Cachet has been awarded with a certificate of “Most Innovative healthcare companies to watch in 2021” by CEO magazine
  • In recognition of Outstanding Professional Achievement and Contribution in Nation Building, Cachet Pharmaceuticals has been awarded a certificate of “Indian Achievers’ Award for Promising Company 2021” by the Indian Achievers’ Forum.

Cachet is foreseeing a bright future standing with confidence and optimism. After earning a place in the Top 100 list, the Company is aiming to be in the Top 50. It’s already nurturing presence in pain management, gastro and antibiotics, and launched new products that have created a stirring effect. In other words, Cachet is ready to embrace new challenges, opportunities and improve itself as a prospective brand.

Above all else, the Company aims to improve as a progressive ecosystem. In Mr. Singh’s words, “Having the right intention with a focused direction will nurture the desired performance”.

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