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Offering Impeccable Technology Solutions Since 2020

A research by CyberSecurity Ventures estimates that by 2025, “The cost of cybercrime will have increased to $10.5 trillion.” As businesses have so much valuable data, they are frequently the target of cybercrime. If you are operating a business, you must safeguard it and defend it against cybercriminals. A cyber security company can minimize the chance of an attack and, if one does happen, prevent data breaches.

One of the shining stars of the cyber landscape, Cybergrid Solutions has created its distinctive stance in the industry by offering end-to-end cybersecurity solutions. A modern security consultancy headquartered in Bangalore, CyberGrid Solutions has become a prominent name in cybersecurity and has built a network of highly skilled information security professionals to provide advisory solutions relevant to the latest fast-paced marketplace.

Incorporated in June 2020, CyberGrid’s service portfolio includes security consulting, network design and restructuring, cloud migration, SASE architecture (perimeter-less, unified cloud-native service), managed services, etc. “We begin with a consulting approach by comprehending the organization’s current infrastructure and its pain points. After that, we develop an SOW to address their immediate problem, followed by a POC. This enables customers to understand and make the best decisions to protect their IT infrastructure”, according to Mr Pralobh Menon.


The man behind the idea, Pralobh Menon has observed new trends and the expansion of the industry. He was aware that starting a business in the COVID era would be difficult and that there were many established SIs in the market. But Mr. Menon was driven by a strong sense of purpose and was prepared to persevere in the face of obstacles. As the epidemic was at its worst in June 2020, he made the decision to launch his business.

After the company’s first year, Nagaraju Neeli joined CyberGrid as a Director. And together they did! CyberGrid Solutions received quick acceptance and acquired more than 200 SME and enterprise customers throughout south India in less than three years by competing against well-established players in the market.


• CyberGrid provides individual solutions to each client, not a one size fits all approach. Because the expert team of the company understands cyber security, and that is what they do all day, every day.
• They understand customer pain points and network loopholes, and then they propose an ideal solution to meet their requirements within their budget without compromising security. This is another key USP that makes CyberGrid stand out.
• CyberGrid has a special post-sales and technical support team that works with customers to resolve their business-critical problems and provide support to reduce their productivity downtimes.
• CyberGrid specialized in providing services that the majority of the existing firms lacked, including intelligence, offensive security, and expertise on regulatory compliance to assess risks and demonstrate compliance against mandatory compliance regulations, data protection, and legal requirements.


With 20+ highly skilled team members across 3 cities, CyberGrid is consistently going higher on its path with a strong company culture that helps attract and retain top talent. Every employee at CyberGrid has an equal opportunity to succeed, and the company values teamwork, so every team member’s input and suggestions are taken into account and used to further organizational objectives.

In addition to providing a cozy environment, they promote a good work-life balance and occasionally express gratitude for the team’s dedication.


Things move fast in the tech world. As new trends constantly emerge, keeping up with them can be tricky. But keeping up with the emerging technologies that are reshaping your sector is crucial for fostering innovation, achieving corporate objectives, and maintaining a competitive edge. Many innovation teams find it difficult to close the gap between problems and practical fixes.

It can be challenging to provide fresh perspectives and new ideas to the team’s existing knowledge base without timely and pertinent insights. A “never stop learning” mentality keeps everyone open to new knowledge, creative strategies, and innovative methods.


Every client who wishes to have their data protected is a potential client. CyberGrid’s client base includes most verticals, starting with healthcare, pharmaceuticals, BFSI, education, manufacturing, IT/ITES, new startups, government organizations, etc. We at CyberGrid strongly believe that customer satisfaction and loyalty to our clients are the keys to our business’s success, and it’s mutual; they trust and believe in our solutions and support”, quoted Nagaraju Neeli.


There is no shortage of digital resources; we have subscribed to multiple security blogs and follow tech news. Many security companies also provide threat reports, which help us prioritize and focus on market needs. Thus, we provide our customers with the latest updates and also educate them to consider fixing the gaps.


Since 2020, CyberGrid has received top industry recognitions and awards from multiple magazines and OEMs.
• “10 Most Promising IT Security Resellers” Recognized by CIOReview India for 2021
• “Emerging Company Award 2022” by IAF India
• “Partner Champion of the Year”, India BY SonicWall India for the fiscal year 2022.
• “Best Enterprise Partner South of the Year 2022” By SonicWall India
• “Best security service provider” by Pi Data Centers, Vijayawada
• “Newcomer of the Year India” Award by SonicWall India for 2022 Business Contribution


By adding new advanced products and features to its existing product offerings or by creating a new solution offering altogether, CyberGrid is looking for new methods to boost the value proposition of its product. In order to better understand client pain points and protect their IT infrastructure, they plan to increase their market share in Tamil Nadu by hiring qualified personnel. They are also in the process of hiring a highly skilled technical team to provide customers with round-the-clock service.


Starting a business is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment. Therefore, you should have a burning passion for what you want to do and be willing to persist even in the face of challenges. You should stay focused on your goals and avoid getting distracted by external factors. Innovation is the key to success in any business. Look for ways to disrupt the market and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination. Stay focused, work hard, and never give up on your dreams.


• Pralobh Menon, Director, Technical, holds over 15 years of expertise in the field of cyber security and has worked with several OEMs.
• Nagaraju Neeli, Director of Sales, holds a Master’s degree and is highly skilled in sales, with over 12 years of experience with multiple SIs and OEMs.

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