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Vision Management Consultants

Vision Management Consultants

Human capital made simple- your vision, our focus

BCM: For a better understanding of the readers, let’s have an overview of the company and its offerings.

Anuradha Parakala – Your people are our top priority: For organization to grow, flourish and prosper, it needs a perfect blend of necessary resources, operational capabilities, funding, technological base, etc. But it is the people working at an organization that molds it into a successful entity. Vision Management Consultants was launched to offer support to organizations for human capital management. We offer people management and human capital assistance to help organizations run smoothly.

We assist in the complete recruitment process for firms in the form of talent acquisition – to find the right talent for companies, executive search – to make sure the organization has the perfect steering wheel, and contract to hire – as the gig-workers trend seems to be on the rise after the Covid-19 pandemic. We also help with building, ramping up, and scaling startups in the form of hand-picked packages, templates, toolkits, and tailor-made solutions for HR operations.

We also cater to women who plan to return to work after a gap due to personal commitments, maternity leave, etc. In a nutshell, we focus on clients’ needs, leverage our expertise to provide the right talent and build long-term relationships aligned with the client’s vision.

BCM: Please define the vision and mission of the company.

Anuradha Parakala: Our vision is to be experts in human capital advisory services ranging from a spectrum of human capital strategy to the design and deployment of a compensation & benefits framework down to the transformation of the HR function. Our mission is to establish ourselves as a strategic partner for recruitment and other HR processes that can be optimized through a fair use of technology.

BCM: Did you witness any transformation regarding the startups, over the years?

Anuradha Parakala: I believe India has witnessed steady growth among startups over the years. Most importantly, the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be the turning point in the transformation for startups in the country. For instance, the increased demand for digital solutions has played a critical role in facilitating the emergence of new unicorns, similar to their emergence after the global financial crisis. Most of these unicorns might be in for the long haul.

BCM: Enlighten us on the entrepreneurial journey of the company in the business world.

Anuradha Parakala: Vision Managment consultants started with the vision of becoming experts in human capital advisory services. We have been matching employees with employers since 2018. Since the beginning of our journey, we have partnered with our clients to expand their business potential by providing a wide array of solutions, such as recruitment process outsourcing, exclusive retained executive search, top and middle management hiring, corporate training, and much more.

We have been providing custom solutions based on roles, responsibilities, and complexities. Vision Management Consultants uses artificial intelligence technology to reduce hiring cycles, and for quick fixes in openings in high-voltage work environments. I am proud to share that we have successfully delivered all kinds of business industryspecific demands.

BCM: Do you believe R&D is essential for the growth of the company?

Anuradha Parakala: Absolutely, yes. R&D is a critical process that helps organizations grow and prosper. Thorough research helps companies through most of their processes, such as finding the most effective solutions, experimenting with their choices, exploring the most suitable ways to accomplish their goals, assessing all their options, understanding new ways to boost sales or increase customer satisfaction, and so on.

BCM: What are your key advertising/ marketing strategies?

Anuradha Parakala: While marketing and advertising strategies help enhance brand value and sales targets, we aim to derive most of the value from customer testimonials. We aim to provide a seamless experience for our clients and deliver the most suitable human capital solutions to fit their needs.

BCM: How do you perceive leadership?

Anuradha Parakala: Leadership defines one’s ability to lead, guide and influence others. I believe many characteristics comprise leadership, such as being transparent to be able to build trust, the ability to experiment to find the right ingredient in any space, acting decisively in a fast-changing complex environment, having high ethical standards as it conveys a commitment to fairness, integrity, and lastly enduring setbacks while guiding others the way to move forward is a true test of leadership.

BCM: Please shine some light on the work culture of your company.

Anuradha Parakala: Since the beginning, we have laid strong emphasis on creating the finest working environment. We strive to offer a good work-life balance and make the work environment motivational while providing flexibility. We promote supportive leadership, opportunities for learning and professional development, perks and amenities to keep our employees engaged and motivated, and a respectful environment with a lot of positive energy.

BCM: How are you planning to expand the growth of your business venture?

Anuradha Parakala: We plan to expand our growth based on the four interrelated trends, which are – increased connectivity, unparalleled automation, demographic shifts, and decreased transaction costs. I believe digital technology has revolutionized recruiting. Also, adopting digital transformation can help organizations minimize inefficiencies and save time and resources. We currently have a well-established HR artificial intelligence tool to optimize talent acquisition. We plan to excel in every aspect of technology and innovation, from HR chatbots to data analytics and specialist HR software.

BCM: What does the company hold for it in the future (Plans)?

Anuradha Parakala: We plan on becoming the leading company for transformational change in human capital management and people operations. We want to assist small to large companies and transform their existing strategic human resources while creating reliability through our expertise.

BCM: What milestones and achievements does the company boast of?

Anuradha Parakala: Since our initiation, we have successfully delivered versatile solutions to meet diverse industry-specific demands. We have established various features, such as an HR tool kit designed for startups or individuals responsible for HR functions. Then we have the automation intelligence tool that helps in optimizing talent acquisition. We have successfully helped a wide client base save time and costs while nurturing and mentoring employees from the pre-hire until the retirement stage of their journey.

BCM: Please share a token of advice that can serve as guidance to budding entrepreneurs.

Anuradha Parakala: To all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, I just want to say – you believe in yourself. If you believe you can succeed, you will find ways to overcome different obstacles. Let me hand over a few simple rules to help you succeed – firstly, learn to challenge yourself. Challenging yourself can become your greatest motivation to drive you toward your goals; take the risk – you can never know what outcomes your efforts can bring. They might just be worth the leap.

Have a clear vision of your goals, learn from your mistakes, and learn to manage your time. Whichever industry or domain you enter, ensure you understand it thoroughly to become a successful part of it. Your business should match your personality. Know your clients and pay attention to their needs to build the perfect support. Focus on profits rather than revenue. The more profits you make, the more you can reinvest in your business, employees, and your success. Focus on employee morale, which is a critical part of your business. Finally, just do it – even if it is not perfect – you will learn once you put yourself out there.

BCM: Lastly, is there a message you would like to give to Business Connect readers?

Anuradha Parakala: Well – I would like to thank you for taking the time to read through my insights. I have learnt that plans are a roadmap but be prepared to do something totally different from what you set out to. Also, it doesn’t matter what the scale of your business, bring it to the top known level in that segment. It will open new opportunities for the future. And NEVER SAY NO to new opportunities without at least trying them out. Lastly, If you have any needs for your human capital management, Vision Management Consultants will be honoured to serve you.

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