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Digitize Matrix

Digitize Matrix

Drive Up Your ROI With Digitize Matrix

Digitize Matrix provides digital marketing services to increase client conversion ratios. Digitize Matrix is an ROI-focused agency that helps its clients maximize returns on their investments. The goal is to generate more business through the website They have a long-standing headquarters in Kothrud, Pune. They have branches in Thane, Mumbai, and the United States.

For the past 5-6 years, the company has been involved in digital marketing. They have delivered over 500 websites to various clients. Furthermore, over the last few years, they have generated thousands of leads. Aside from that, they did 50+ crore in business conversions, 4-5 crore in Google spending, and 4-5 crore in Facebook spending. They create customized digital marketing plans based on client requirements and our analysis. SEO, SEM, SMM, Web Design and Development, and many other services are available.

They primarily serve four industries: real estate, fast moving consumer goods, educational institutions, and other services. The company’s unique selling point is data analytics and ROI. As a result, they concentrate primarily on the client’s core values. The emphasis is on the products and services they provide. They conduct Competitor Analysis, Social Analysis, and SWOT Analysis in order to better understand their core values. They also define a six-month or a year-long strategy.

They categorise content as informative, transitional, or promotional. They increase people’s engagement by doing so. All of the content is prepared in advance of the month. They have also developed a DMS-Digital Management System that includes all types of social media management. It is a onestop shop for all things digital marketing. This system displays all of the posts that have been created, as well as automatic leads.

Aside from that, you can see the digital marketing strategy, Google ads, Facebook ads, and much more. They also have another tool called Online Reputation Management that can help you get more Google reviews. There are automatic numbers that help to improve Google reviews by displaying
the total amount of time spent on the website.

About The Entrepreneur

Swapnil came from the small town of satara to a big city after completing his graduation. He was humble and hardworking, and he had big dreams of starting his own business. Despite getting a good job and earning a handsome salary, Swapnil knew that his true passion was in the field of digital marketing. He went ahead and worked for many big marketing firms including where he was even made Marketing head.

During his experience as a marketer he observed many marketing gaps. One and most crucial of them was ROI. There were many digital marketing companies but no one was focusing much on the ROI. He saw the problem and decided to work on the solution. So, Swapnil took the leap of faith and started his own digital marketing business. His peers and surrounding were not supportive of his decision, but Swapnil believed in himself and his abilities.

He worked tirelessly, learning new skills and implementing new strategies to grow his business. His life mantra can be summed up with this, “Any target attacked with the right actions in the right amount with persistence is attainable.” He knew that success was achievable if he took massive action and persisted towards his goals. His hard work and determination paid off, and soon, his digital marketing business started to grow

Swapnil’s favourite quote from “The 10X Rule” summarized his journey well. He believed that any target was attainable if he attacked it with the right actions and persistence. He took massive action and persisted towards his goals, and he achieved the success he had always dreamed of.

The Team Values

Digitize Matrix’s talented and enthusiastic team strives for perfection in all projects. The following are some aspects of the working process: Defining roles and responsibilities: Identifying the positions that must be filled and including everyone’s roles in order for the company to succeed. Recruiting the Right People: We are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic about marketing and have relevant experience.

They collaborate with a wide range of recruiting sources and are not afraid to ask for referrals. Fostering a positive work culture It entails encouraging team members to communicate openly, collaborate, and be creative. Providing opportunities for training and development: Employees receive training based on their needs to understand the scope of a specific task.

It improves their morale and helps them gain confidence. Setting clear goals and expectations: They provide key performance indicators (KPIs) that assist them as a business in moving forward and understanding their strategic strengths and weaknesses. Encouraging teamwork and collaboration: They have a company culture that encourages teamwork and collaboration by encouraging team members to work on projects together.

They place a premium on idea generation. Employees perform activities or tasks in order to implement advanced technology and expand their knowledge. The company culture encourages employee growth through various activities that encourage employee advancement. They do this by assigning each employee a topic related to their job.

Following that, the employee studies or enrolls in an online course before sharing his or her experience and knowledge with the rest of the team. As a result, every employee is informed about the most recent marketing trends and technological advancements.


In the future, Digitize Matrix is planning to work on Web 3.0. Also, they are working on digital cards and DMS completion. “We believe in action-based performance. Everyone has dreams and thinks about the future. Every one of us plans for the future and prepares strategies to achieve our ambitions. Nevertheless, deciding to do something is not enough. To accomplish that, we need to take action.”

Parting Words

To achieve your goals, you must shift from dreaming to doing. Making consistent efforts to achieve your goals means taking action. Your dreams can become a reality over time. In other words, activity is doing something to get a specific result. It is all about the desired outcome when you intentionally create movement.

A misrepresentation of the possibilities can make it challenging to take action. Keep your focus on the process rather than the outcome. Instead, ask yourself, “What does this allow us to accomplish?” Do not let obstacles and roadblocks distract you from your desired results. Embrace the potential of your creation by going the extra mile!

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