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The team of Business Connect welcomes the global readership of our magazine with an exclusive and zealous story of a leading business venture-DESIGNEX-Architects & Interior Designers. The company is not just an architect and interior designing organization but is a leader in the arena of the respective niche. DESIGNEX was conceptualized in the year 2010 under the stewardship of Anand Kulkarni with the sole purpose to fill the gap he witnessed in the realm. Before diving right into the ocean of DESIGNEX’s portfolio and business operations, let us spill the beans of its inception journey.

In 1976, Anand and his team of enthusiasts build a business venture named Anand Kulkarni & Associates in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He was managing this venture with a few exceptional architects in his group by handling two more joint ventures simultaneously in Kolhapur itself. Bu the visionary was well-aware of the fact that having expertise in the arena of architecture is more than important and for this, he had to practice his skills for a period as ‘expertise comes from practice’.

During the initial days of his entrepreneurial journey, he focused on residential projects intending to scale up in the future. Soon his portfolio began to fill with numerous large projects by global giants, and in the end, he gained a professional offer from a large council-where he devoted a decade of his career in polishing his skills with the successful application of his existing knowledge. But the enthusiastic entrepreneur in him was keen to learn more and explore more so, he decided to devote his prime focus on his venture.

The year 2005 was a turning point in the career of Anand when his son Ashish came as an energetic persona to complete the entrepreneurial journey of Anand with his fresh talent and newly equipped knowledge. Being a graduate in Architecture, Ashish was filled with robust determination to follow in his father’s footsteps and started practicing in the venture.

Soon he realized that to overcome the cut-throat competition in the market, again in the international experience is a must. So, he moved to Dubai to flaunt his expertise there for two years and later completed his Masters’s in Architecture from Spain. And that was the moment, Anand saw a potential business partner and a determined business leader in Ashish as he offered the proposal of establishing the brand-DESIGNEX in 2010.

DESIGNEX, since its inception, is engaged in serving largescale projects, including townships, industries, houses, and offices to offer great design solutions in architecture and interior designing. When our editorial team asked Anand to share the mission of the organization, he affirms, “Our mission is to provide innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions using exceptional service system and keeping values and ethics in practice throughout the organization. Also, we aspire to be a leading architectural firm in the creative design solutions that fulfill the needs of our clientele.”

He further adds that DESIGNEX is the result of a wonderful blend of knowledge and experience of both leaders. And already dealing with giant projects, the company is surely going to leave its footmarks in the industry shortly.

The visionaries explained that clients are the most crucial and prime priority for the organization-hence they focus on customer contentment as the most important core value.

Ashish states, “Design is the reason we do what we do, but we never practice architecture as a service to ourselves. We owe our success to an unrelenting focus on client services and client satisfaction. For us, design is of utmost importance, and we have a unique style that we advocate. We keep an eye over our satisfied clients as they act as marketing mean and prove us more potential clients.”

Talking about client centricity, it’s important to mention that the team of DESIGNEX serves its clientele with emerging tech-driven techniques as they are filled with innovation. To deliver their best, effective and efficient services, they relentlessly look forward to new and upcoming methods of improving their services. They claim that appropriate research is one of the crucial factors in the exemplary growth of the organization. It provides critical info regarding the realm and business landscape and helps the management team to ensure quality and efficiency.

The team asserts that they have a robust perception that innovation is the direct implementation of creative artistic expressions as well as technical interventions. To add more to this, Anand affirms, “The impact scale of our firm considering our targeted client base is evident from the wide foray of multi-disciplinary projects. Keeping client and his needs at the center of the very design helps us developing innovative ideas and approaches specific to the particular projects.” 

The culture at any organization plays a vital role in the overall growth and success of the business. The leadership panel of DESIGNEX has kept its eyes on cultivating a positive and work-friendly environment throughout the organization. They say that a good design with business sense blends to create a key culture at DESIGNEX. Ashish affirms that he always tries to apply his voice in an authentic way to create a positive working environment in the company. After asking about the contribution of the workforce in the client-centric motto of the organization, Ashish clears, “Effective workspaces and identifying the core strengths of the team keeps our team energetic and stand still in the competitive market.”

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