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DUBAI MACHINES Pioneering Excellence in Office Equipment and Technology Solutions

INTRODUCTION: LEADING THE WAY IN TECHNOLOGICAL EXCELLENCE is the brainchild of a Dubai-born Pakistani entrepreneur Muhammad Zeeshan Hussain, a venture of “Athar Business Machines FZE”. The organization is operating in UAE since 2012. has emerged as a leading portal offering wide range of products, including Office Equipment, Projectors & Projection Equipment, Banking & Meeting Room Solutions, Industrial Equipment, Niche Technology Products, and Musical Instruments. With a remarkable catalog boasting more than 90,000 SKUs, prides itself on delivering excellence not just locally but worldwide.


In 2012, the eCommerce landscape in the UAE and GCC was still in its infancy, with (later acquired by Amazon) being the dominant player. Corporate procurement primarily relied on traditional methods, such as telephone calls to request quotations and email communication. While there were scattered companies offering office equipment and supplies, there was no specialized online platform catering specifically to this niche market.

Recognizing this gap in the market, Zeeshan embarked on a journey to study the UAE and GCC markets meticulously. His vision was to establish a dedicated online office equipment company that would address the specific needs of businesses in this region. This strategic insight led to the foundation & growth of Athar Group of Companies, including prominent brands like and, which have since become key players in the industry. remains a trusted leader in consumer-based technology and office solutions, rooted in the ever-progressing city of Dubai. Since 2016, Athar Business Machines FZE has successfully launched and home-grown its own brand DMInteract, offering wide range of technological products.


In our organization, our vision for the future is clear: to become a leading retailer of DMInteract Technology Products in the dynamic markets of MEA and North America. This vision is underpinned by our core values of innovation, customercentricity, quality, integrity, and teamwork. Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses in these regions with innovative DMInteract Technology Products; delivering exceptional value, service, and innovation to enhance their lives and operations. “Our commitment to innovation aligns perfectly with our vision, as it drives us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the retail sector.” Says Tabah Junaid Shah, Creative Marketing Head of the organization.

“We strive to embody our values in every action we take, ensuring that our mission contributes directly to realizing our vision. By doing so, we aim to create a brighter and more technologically advanced future for our customers and partners alike.” Says Hussain Mansoor, Research & Development Head, DMInteract Products.


The company currently maintains physical office locations in four strategic regions: Dubai, Pakistan, Canada, and Uganda. These offices serve as pivotal hubs for their operations, allowing them to efficiently cater to the diverse clientele across these regions especially in whole GCC. As they continue to grow and evolve, their physical presence will play a vital role in strengthening their relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders, fostering a more extensive and impactful global reach.


“In the journey towards becoming a leading retailer of DMInteract Technology Products in MEA and North America, our company has encountered several significant challenges that have shaped our leadership and decision-making processes. These challenges have tested our resilience and pushed us to evolve our strategies.

These challenges have forged our leadership’s ability to adapt, innovate, and make informed decisions. We’ve cultivated a culture of resilience, proactiveness, and continuous learning. Our strategies involve staying agile, diversifying revenue streams, investing in technology, and prioritizing compliance and customer-centricity. As a result, we’ve not only overcome obstacles but also positioned ourselves as a leader in our target markets, guided by a clear vision, mission, and values that reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation.” Says Danish Mansoor, Group HR & Personal Development Director of Athar Group of Companies.


Marketing is not just about promoting products; it’s about weaving a story that resonates with our values and vision. We see marketing as the creative magic that brings our sustainable and employee-centric initiatives to life. Through innovative strategies, we amplify our commitment to responsible business practices and environmental stewardship, reaching out to communities in MEA and North America.

“Our initiatives and strategies are more than just words; they are the heartbeats of our very own brand. Our journey has been marked by challenges that forged our ability to adapt and innovate, making us not just a department; it’s the driving force behind our vision for a brighter, more sustainable future.” Says Ann Bless Opalla, Head of Sales.


Research and Development (R&D) form the very essence of the company, serving as its foundational pillar. Zeeshan holds an unwavering dedication to delivering products that cater precisely to its customers’ needs, guided by the insights garnered through rigorous R&D methodologies.


Looking ahead, Zeeshan envisions a future marked by extensive market penetration, targeting key regions such as the USA, the East African region, and the GCC. His aspirations extend beyond mere market presence; he seeks to revolutionize the industry, whether through cost-effective solutions or unparalleled quality, with the ultimate goal of establishing his venture as a prominent global brand.

With the growth of DMInteract, we are proud to uphold our corporate social responsibility by focusing on several key initiatives that align with our commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices. One of our primary areas of focus is optimizing our supply chain processes, which not only enhances efficiency but also reduces environmental impacts associated with transportation and logistics. Additionally, we are dedicated to minimizing the number of hands that touch our products, ensuring both product quality and sustainability through reduced handling.

Furthermore, we strongly prioritize the welfare of our employees, striving to create a work environment that fosters growth, well-being, and work-life balance. This commitment extends to our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint by designing and manufacturing products that consume less energy. We are also excited to introduce innovative products that run on clean and more sustainable future.


“In order to be successful, not just inspiration but perspiration is equally important. Many talented people miss out on their dream due to lack of perseverance. I believe younger leaders should acknowledge the need of putting in the hard work to scale the ladders of corporate success” says Muhammad Zeeshan Hussain CEO of &

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