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URIKA Partners Generates Substantial Value for Multinationals with ‘Growth Venturing’: An Effective and Innovative Growth Mode

The digital revolution is driving businesses in several industries to harness disruptive technologies and develop cutting-edge solutions and products. As technology becomes an integral part of every business, innovation and investment consulting are becoming increasingly important. These consulting firms play a critical role for corporations that want to grow their businesses and create value for their customers.’ A leading innovation leader in the Israeli ecosystem, URIKA Partners offers advanced solutions to tackle the challenges firms are facing in the modern competitive landscape.

The unique seed of URIKA was sown by two senior industry leaders, Dr. Uri Weinheber and Ilanit Kabessa Cohen, with a combined experience of 50 years. They worked together for more than 15 years before incorporating URIKA as a brand in 2020. Within three years of its incorporation,” URIKA has established a proven track record of creating value, uncovering new opportunities, and maximizing growth for a long list of companies through its Innovation and Venturing Programs across Israel, Asia, Europe, and the US.”

URIKA is active in multiple sectors, among them: FoodTech, AgTech, Climate, Water, Energy, Automotive, FinTech, DeepTech, AI, Enterprise Software, and Industry 4.0. “URIKA helps businesses accelerate sustainable growth by injecting the innovation x-factor, which involves creating and enhancing growth engines, increasing corporate value, finding investment opportunities, and improving organizational effectiveness.”

URIKA is led by two distinguished experts with a track record of creating growth, innovation, and value for corporate management. Their unique multi-disciplinary approach combines the fields of corporate innovation, trend analysis, venture programs, strategic investments, and technology collaborations. To further gain insight, we spoke to Ilanit Kabessa Cohen, the managing partner and dynamic visionary who is successfully spearheading URIKA Partners with her thoughtful leadership and expertise. Here are the edited excerpts:

URIKA’s Growth Venturing: ‘A Unique and Efficient Methodology’

“Growth Venturing” is a special methodology that URIKA has developed over the years while working with large international corporations. It is a way of creating value for the company by utilizing both its internal resources and external innovative actors, such as entrepreneurs, tech startups, researchers, and others. The “Growth Venturing” methodology of URIKA has demonstrated success with clients across industries, even with limited corporate budgets and short time limits throughout the ecosystem.

“Growth venturing is the process of establishing and growing new growth engines, products, goods, or services inside or outside of an already-working company.”

Expansion ventures can assist businesses with achieving profitable growth, portfolio diversification, access to new markets and technologies, and the promotion of an innovative culture. Corporate incubators and accelerators, venture builders, venture clients, and open innovation platforms are only a few examples of the various ways that growth venturing can be achieved. The team selects the most efficient form after considering the organization’s requirements and capabilities, as well as the company’s own objectives, strategies, and structures. “Growth venturing entails significant risks, uncertainties, and difficulties. However, it provides substantial benefits for businesses that can successfully introduce and expand new and attractive offerings to their customers”, stated Kabessa-Cohen.

Creating the Future Together

Empowering enterprises to create value by creating new business opportunities “The renowned venture and innovation partner empowers MNCs in the global ecosystem, enabling enterprises everywhere to create value and take advantage of new growth prospects. Their services include access to the Israeli and global ecosystems, including startups, incubators, academies, research organizations, government entities, VC funds, MNC networks, and more.”

Delivering a Commitment to an Industry Renaissance Through Innovation

URIKA’s distinct and effective business concept is built on the founders’ accumulated experiences. In addition to serving as the CEO of a significant early-stage investment organization for more than ten years, Dr. Weinheber has an extensive record of investing in technological startups. Kabessa-Cohen has excellent expertise in accelerating the growth of multinationals, especially in the agri-food industry. Her innovative endeavors take the brands to new heights. This dual perspective on innovation, growth, and investments provides the company with a comprehensive set of tools to assess and develop the upcoming growth engines for multinationals.

“We have a solid understanding of how innovation appears within an organization based on real-world examples. How an organization should set up its resources, budget, personnel, and routines in order to expand We are aware of the differences between a 2% growth target and 4%, 6%, or 10% growth. Whether the business can rely on internal innovation skills or needs external collaborations to fulfill.

The size of a company’s total revenues affects its growth objective, so a corporation with $1 billion in revenues has different needs than a corporation with $10 billion in revenues. A growth strategy also has to consider the realistic timeframe for the ideas to be implemented and produce results. Workable growth frameworks don’t come in a “one size fits all” configuration. The aim of the organization must be considered when customizing each element of the previously described structure, and we have proved over and over again that we can deliver valuable growth that is matched with the corporate profile”, Ilanit shared.

Unwrapping the Visionaries

URIKA is the endeavor of two corporate innovation and investment experts and entrepreneurs who hold great knowledge and experience of corporate, startup, technology, innovation, business, and investments. Ilanit Kabessa a renowned leader in agri-food technology, growth, and innovation with rich professional experience, is actively involved in innovation projects that help expand and strengthen businesses.

She is an innovative expert with over 20 years of track record as a growth opportunity builder for multinationals in the agri-food industry. Her area of expertise includes developing strategic growth engines for multinational corporations (MNCs) through partnerships, investments, and cooperative ventures. She is also a frequent public speaker, an innovation junkie, and a fervent believer in the importance of start-ups for the growth of the global new economy. Under her wise guidance, the company has reached new heights and practically reinvented the industry.

Dr. Uri Weinheber

Dr. Uri Weinheber is a skilled investor and tech investment expert with an extensive record of VC investments and accelerating startups. He combines his innovative approach with the power of his in-depth subject knowledge across various industrial verticals. Weinheber served as the CEO and managing partner of Time Group, one of the largest early-stage investment firms in Israel.

He also served as an operating partner at the global venture capital fund Cathay Innovation and an innovation and investment advisor to numerous companies, including Michelin (automotive), Dole (agri-food), Bazan (energy), EAPC (infrastructure), and many others. Weinheber has won three times the award of Best Incubator in Israel, by the Israeli Ministry of Economics.

Urika’s treasured success stories Dole

A pioneer of fresh produce in the global market, Dole grows billions of bananas—the world’s most popular fruit—along with pineapples and other produce. The corporation has a number of new objectives, including a strategy to get rid of plastic packaging made of fossil fuels by 2025 and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 through measures including switching to clean energy on farms. One important aspect of Dole’s mission is its objective to eliminate fruit loss by 2025.

The company is now exploring ways to turn pineapple skins and banana leaves into packaging, developing new snacks from misshapen produce that grocery stores don’t want. To promote a long-term objective of eliminating fruit loss and waste throughout its supply chain, Dole unveiled the Dole Promise in 2020. It collaborated with Clarifruit, which uses advanced computer vision technology, to automate quality-control procedures and minimize fruit loss in order to achieve this.


The largest petrochemical complex in Israel, Bazen Group, intends to substitute oil and other fossil fuels with renewable energy sources in an effort to become a global leader in this area. In addition to refinery operations, Bazen Group also produces fuel products and raw materials for the plastic industry. The company owns two subsidiaries, Carmel Olefins and Gadiv Petrochemical Industries. With the advisory of Weinheber, Bazan is expected to invest approximately 400 million dollars in capital investments until 2030in new growth engines, improving and adapting existing assets, and assimilating advanced technologies to reduce the carbon footprint.


Novozymes, a leader in biological solutions, aims to reconsider how we produce and obtain protein. The Mycoprotein Innovation Call, a global platform to foster new business collaborations to scale up the most promising discoveries and concepts surrounding using fungi as a source of protein, has been launched by Novozymes. With the expert advisory of URIKA, the Innovation Call invited start-ups, research centers, academics, corporations, NGOs, and public entities focused on new ideas within alternative proteins—and more specifically fungal mycelium—in food ingredients and products to apply to co-create and innovate the future of sustainable protein.


Mekorot is the National Water Company of Israel. For more than 85 years, Mekorot has embodied the unique Israeli spirit: daring, sophistication, and innovation. The company, which can read the water consumption map and breach the limits of knowledge, capabilities, and water technologies, offers the latest integrative response for all water sectors, anytime and under any conditions. Mekorot’s achievements over the years have positioned it as one of the top water technology companies in the world and contributed to the consolidation of Israel’s standing as a water powerhouse. Weinheber developed Mekorot’s innovation and investment strategy and road map, which set the foundation for its innovation and investment activities.

CSM Ingredients

Headquartered in Luxembourg, the multinational CSM Ingredients is a global food ingredient technology platform that provides innovative and quality solutions for bakers, pastry chefs, and food professionals. CSM has teamed up with the innovation company URIKA to establish a new open innovation hub in Israel. By spotting growth prospects and fostering collaboration with start-ups and research facilities engaged in cutting-edge technology, URIKA assists CSM with generating value and delivering future growth engines.

SOLVEAT Functional Ingredients

SOLVEAT is an Israeli-based startup developing patented nutritional solutions that was founded to transform everyday foods by incorporating health-promoting bioactive ingredients that target particular medical issues. SOLVEAT’s proprietary technological platform enables the integration of active herbal compositions into conventional foods while adhering to the highest scientific, clinical, and quality standards.

SOLVEAT’s first product launching these days is a unique herbal composition incorporated into a delicious chocolate that can support healthy blood sugar levels. The SOLVEAT leadership team, with Ilanit as executive chair of the board, is aiming to lead the ‘food as medicine’ revolution.

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