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Edudha Education

Edudha Education

An Endeavour by Sangeeta Roychaudhuri, Assisting Aspirants in Living Their Dream of Studying Abroad

“We help give wings to your aspirations and let them soar far in the sky by helping you find the perfect college for yourself in your dream destination.”

The fast-growing, diverse education consulting sector only has a few qualified players, and Edudha Education is one of them. Empowering aspirants to fulfil their educational dreams around the globe, Edudha Education is the creative vision of Sangeeta Roychaudhuri, the CEO of the company.

Edudha is a startup composed of uninhibited Indian dreamers who strive to make sure that global education is not an unachievable daydream but a sweet reality for young students in the country. Edudha believes that no student should be prevented from having such an incredible experience, regardless of their limitations or objective.

Services on Offer

“With the experience and feedback from international students and a team of seasoned experts; Edudha is committed to going above and beyond to open a whole new horizon of opportunities for you”, states Sangeeta.

Edudha offers access to various relevant courses across various countries at the most optimal level. The entire chain, from psychometric tests, candidate profile mapping, screening, application management, and wholesome financial assistance to allied services like visa, boarding, and lodging, is notable and in sync with students’ desire to choose from the most appropriate and curated basket of education services.

The Inspiring Lady Who Made It Happen

Sangeeta Roychaudhuri, founder and CEO of Edudha, is a highly enthusiastic and dynamic individual. Edudha’s inhibitions and the circumstances that formerly prohibited her from pursuing higher education overseas have formed her vision. When she later realized the benefits of having global exposure, after attending one of the top Business Schools herself i.e. the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Management.

It inspired her to launch a business to enable other young students to make their biggest steps into the international world at an early stage in life as a first mover advantage; while removing any barriers standing in their way.

Talking about her team-building strategies, the leading lady stated, “I have always believed in heart over the head; I’ve chosen people who are passionate to grow; everyone dreams, but a few are mavericks, to make it work. We obtained the appropriate resources from the education sector and outside while maintaining a delicate balance of expertise, extraordinary talent, and passion.”

Key Factors that Give an Edge

• Edudha’s forte remains its intellectual capital and micro-niche-dedicated offerings. Here, the counsellors have been handpicked with diverse experience and all of the service providers have been evaluated for their key competencies and onboarded.
• Students are guided via friendly, transparent, and cost-effective processes that are also personally overseen by specialists in the field of global education, who possess a wealth of expertise.
• Edudha provides one-on-one counselling to speed up the application and admissions processes and assist you in selecting your college wisely.
• With the use of Edudha’s extensive database of educational intelligence, the team can give students the most practical and helpful advice while also streamlining the application and planning processes for colleges.

Infusing Technology and R&D

Over time, technology’s influence on educational counselling has grown. Edudha has partnered with a handful of the most reputable IT businesses to develop technical integrations with the ideal blend of human and AI interfaces.

Also, to continue improving them for the improvement of the student experience and general happiness. For a comprehensive student selection procedure, Edudha has a strong indigenous research team that is constantly updating and upgrading important information. On-site, off-site, online, and offline, this is ongoing and real time.

Exclusive Marketing Tactics

Edudha implements a target-only micro-niche marketing strategy, trying to segment markets wherever and however, it is practicable while keeping digital at the centre of all marketing endeavours. Plans are in the works for seminars, conferences, and educational fairs.

Company’s Corporate Ethics

Since their happiness is entwined with ours, Sangeeta stated, “We have jumped into entrepreneurship and continue to develop solutions that amaze clients, which is proof of our motivation for this subject and younger customers, which is more important than anything else.”

Sangeeta wraps with a piece of advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs: When there’s a will, there’s a way; that’s the mantra; success is discrete and can always be emulated, if not copied!”

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