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Effective Marketing Strategy

Effective Marketing Strategy

Top Marketing Tactics to Accelerate Your Startup

Marketing is essential for all businesses, but it is even more important for startups. Unless people get aware of your brand and what it offers, they are not going to buy your products or take your services. Since marketing for startups is such a vital part, you need to be conscious of it from the very beginning. But marketing can also be expensive and investing in the same marketing strategies will not bring any amazing output.

In this highly competitive era, if you wish to grow your startup, you need to work towards innovative and creative marketing strategies. Instead of spending money on traditional advertising and digital media, you need to think outside of the box. To help you navigate your startup from the initial phase to the growing stage, here are 4 uncommon marketing tactics that you can use to boost your startup growth –

Use Your Product/Service for a Social Cause

Using the product itself for a social cause is a super creative way to promote your product. It will help you know how the customers interact with your product in a way that helps a greater purpose. A few years back, Ambev, the popular beer company followed this effective marketing strategy in Brazil. It allowed drinkers to scan cans for a free train ride. It served a dual purpose, on one side it reduced litter and on the other side, it also encouraged people to use public transportation more often. This technique caused a big splash in the news and brought the company into the limelight.

Collaborate with other Brands

 If you are in the very initial phase, and your startup business is too small to draw a large audience by itself, you can think to build a huge group of loyal fans by partnering with another company larger than you. It is another effective marketing strategy to give a boost to your business. Android promoted its products with Kitkat which helped it a lot in reaching new customers. In turn, KitKat customers got the opportunity to learn about the phones and tablets.

There is no hard & fast rule that you need to partner with big brands like KitKat to take advanced of this effective marketing strategy. You can go for a strategic partnership that can empower your brand to gain visibility in the marketplace.

Host a Contest  

It may sound like an artificial way to get new users, but this is an effective marketing strategy followed by some of the most successful new companies in the last years. At present, YouTube is the biggest video-sharing website  globally. It grew to this level by offering a free iPod Nano each to users who uploaded videos and invited new users.

Earlier, when YouTub was starting up, it was a tough process. But today, with so many tools available in marketing it has become much easier to run these kinds of contests. If you are actively looking to accelerate your business growth, this is a super-effective marketing technique to begin.

Get Featured in Reputed publications

If you have already tried numerous marketing techniques for startups with no to minimal results, and now looking for something that can bring significant growth to your business, get featured in a major publication. This super effective marketing strategy will not only help you experience a massive spike in website traffic but also help gain loyalty and trust in the marketplace. When the project management software, I Done This was featured in one of the popular publications, their traffic spiked. Along with the increment in the number of visitors, plenty of new users helped the company grow even larger.

Start connecting with the large publications now! As you create a relationship, you may be able to get featured and see exponential growth in your business after being spotlighted. Business Connect is a reputed publication that presents a platform for the inspiring stories of startups and businesses where they can talk about their innovative solutions, and reach their target audience. For more information click here.

Closing Note

So, these are some unique techniques you can follow to have an effective marketing strategy. Since building a brand is ongoing, so make sure to stay consistent with your efforts and tactics and you will soon reap the benefits shortly.

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