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With the advent of enhanced technologies, transactional e-mails have become a prominent service, for a customer. On another note, the utilization of digital platforms like e-mail, social media, websites, etc., has taken marketing to a whole new level. Endmile focuses on bringing these two services under a single umbrella.


Founded in 2011, the Company has established a remarkable position in IT-sphere of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh and Gurgaon, Haryana. With a myriad of exemplary services, Endmile has propagated thrived into various verticals like IT, Finance, Real Estate, etc. The Company works with some of the renowned players in the market Such as Arihant Capital, Airtel, Tech-Mahindra, etc.

Endmile was envisioned, by Mr Sunil Baghel. With a BE in Computer Science, Sunil was able to comprehend how enhanced technologies will change the face of the entrepreneurial arena. He started Endmile in a period when digital technologies were emerging as a prolific platform. However, within a year of inception, Endmile scaled-up its growth and presently is one of the pioneers in Digital Communication & Marketing space.


Trust and Faith are the chief pillars in a business. In his entrepreneurial journey, Sunil has witnessed several brands with excessive services, which often derails the main focus. Endmile assures its services attributes the data provided by the client. Its categorized collection is based on the coveted needs of clients, which helps them maintain a trustworthy image in the market. The transactional E-mail encircles, Triggered Emails, Signup Emails, Sale/Buy Receipt, Order status emails, Notification Emails, and lots more. Endmile’s adept platform helps customers understand the conclusion of their actions during any commercial transaction.

On the other hand, e-mail marketing is another segment of their venture. The Company proudly stands as the ‘fastest Growing Marketing E-mail Delivery tool’ in the market. They do an in-depth analysis of the client’s business and gives them access to their digital platform, which helps in generating fruitful leads. As if this is not enough, the Company also scrutinize the recipient E-mails to provide genuine leads. This particular feature further qualifies their integrity and helps clients with cost reduction. The Company also provide a suitable Technical Account Manager who responsively seeks feedbacks and helps clients with their queries.


A notable example of their E-mail services are compliant as per RBI data localisation circular where all data is being stored in India only. They maintain a dedicated infrastructure for every client; This helps in data secrecy and privacy. They conduct third party security audit time time to make sure better security features of the platform.


Technology is a transitional platform and Companies need to be flexible to grow. Endmile has accommodated every contemporary innovation in its tech-platform. Customer’s play an integral part in understanding trends. The Company values its client’s feedback as a prime source to understand the market needs. As such, their dedicated account manager visits clients and receives feedback against every accommodated and awaiting feature, in the platform. A notable development is the updating of the client’s database. If clients are moving to foreign locations, the Company’s platform identifies it and updates it in its database accordingly. These eventually help clients provide better services to their customers.

R&D plays also plays a crucial role in accommodating transitional features. Endmile has a dedicated R&D team, who delves into the market arena to bring out beneficial innovations (programming languages) for its platform, for e.g. Java, PHP, Python, etc. Additionally, Endmile is working with various data centres at various locations like the USA, India, France and Canada. These data centres have servers, which helps in processing data to procure solutions.


With the rapid propagation of COVID-19 cases, business enterprises had taken a significant hit. To contain the situation, Govt. came aboard with the lockdown initiative, which further escalated the challenges. Stationed in one of the significantly affected states, Endmile suffered substantial losses. Recalling the situation, Sunil asserts, “Our business took more than 40% loss as communication with most of the clients went downhill”. However, they didn’t give up! With the commencement of the lockdown, Endmile started their Work From Home policy, which eventually helped them recover their losses.

On another note, employees sustainability was an undeniable aspect. They ensured timely salaries and complete benefits, which assisted in sustaining the employees.Despite the incurred losses, Endmile proudly stands with a 100% retention rate, which is one of their laudable achievements.


Endmile measures its quality on how each marketing campaign is performing. Every client is provided, with a unique ID through which the Company can monitor if E-mails are arriving at the desired inboxes. The Company daily monitors the lead generated in each campaign and provide an appropriate resolution to queries.

For this, infrastructure plays an essential role. Endmile has hired a leading Data Centre Technology vendor, who helps them maintain consistency for diverse workloads. The vendor Company uphold the complete maintenance of Endmile’s infrastructure (power, temperature, etc. of servers). Furthermore, the Company has back up servers that help them preserve the client’s data, in case of unprecedented malfunctions.


Endmile workforce is one of the prime pillars, that has grown it into a dominant player in the marketing segment. What separates its workforce from others is the enthusiasm towards the Company. Since their entire operation levitates on an innovative platform, the workforce enjoys working on novel features every day. Another notable factor is the transparency on every level. The leadership panel maintains a very non-judgemental look towards employees and always empowers them to be better than the present.Many of their pilot employees are still working with them further displaying a minimal attrition rate.

Furthermore, Endmile has a very flexible time-frame (9 to 5 for five days a week), which separates it from the flock. Adhering to the ongoing challenges, they have maintained the time-frame, so that employees can maintain balance between work and personal life. Besides this, they provide salary advances and also rewards employees with increments based on annual performances.


In its nine years of business, Endmile has put several feathers in its cap.Starting in a 200 Sqft location, the Company presently stands on a 1200 Sqft area in IT Park Bhopal. Their constant innovation in the platform has brought key players in the client base like Safexpress and Policy Bazaar. The Company has successfully dispatched 2+ Billion E-Mails in the last five years and has managed 2,00,00 + Mail Boxes.

For its unparallel services, Endmile was listed, in the top 3 in the “10 Most Promising Sales Management Software – 2018”, by ERP Insights Magazine.


In the coming years, Endmile is aiming to flourish to other verticals of the industry while expanding their arena as well. They are foreseeing to accommodate a new feature in their service, they call it, Online to offline marketing. In this feature, clients will be able to display the content available on E-mail on a digital banner for widespread digital marketing. The Company is willing to achieve this in the next 2 years.

On another note, the Company is aiming to incorporate technological enhancements in their AI to ensure better services and also expand the usage of  Data Analytics.


To start a business, first understand the vertical and devise a client-centric product, which stands parallel with the market trends. Furthermore, if you’re a tech-entrepreneur, do have the cognizance of emerging technologies and those used by the peers.” Sunil Baghel


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