Transforming Traditional into Commercial Kitchens

“Success and Failure Need to Be Equally Looked At”

Whether one believes that the kitchen is the heart of the home or not, the fact could not be denied that it is a hub of activities. A kitchen is a place where not only food is cooked but also wonderful memories are created. These are the memories that later become nostalgia.

Yo Gotti has rightly said, “The kitchen is where you put all the ingredients together. No matter what you do in life, you have to have a plan and put it together.”

Undoubtedly, such an important area requires quite a good deal of attention and time so that it could be made more and more attractive and the requisites like the equipment and all could be made available.

EssEmm Corporation is the one that believes in making your kitchen equipped with such machines and transforming its traditional form. Under the leadership of Founder cum Managing Director Sathish Kumar Nair, the company is fulfilling the motive and also earning a name in the international markets.

Let us learn more from Sathish

The ambitious says, “Witnessing my father and grandfather as self-made individuals and their commitment to the business with great passion and ethics, I was always inspired from a very young age. Amalgamating innovation and technology to deliver useful products and solutions has been my wish to get empowered and become an important part of society. EssEmm was founded in 1991 as a business entity. I was in school then but later realized that academics were not my cup of tea, as a result of which post engineering and MBA in 1997, EssEmm Corporation was started by me with the focus mainly on Commercial & Industrial Food and Catering Automation.”

Sathish hardly had any money with him to start the business. Moreover, the aim to be independent and self made did not allow him to borrow money from his family. He began the journey with whatever little he had at that time. The journey was initially challenging. Trading small appliances for home use was started on 100-sq ft premises.

“There are several challenges. To name a few, a succession, that is handing over and mentoring the next in line is a real challenge. The shortage of technical expertise and globalization are the other ones. EssEmm as an organization are system-driven. The problems rather challenges can be addressed operationally but again leading an entrepreneur-driven or family-driven organization needs real attention and shall be solved.” The confident entrepreneur talks about studying the situations. He adds, “We will find a solution in near future. Adopting Corporate Management will be beneficial.”

“Yes, forecasting is important in any business”, says Sathish. Sathish believes the goals should be decided, though those vary from organization to organization. He states, “As far as we are concerned, we are more of a value and customer-driven company. We are a bit different since we do not set our goals just on a financial basis instead, aim at achieving quality customers who will help us grow better.”

EssEmm Group has its wings spread out in the field of Industrial Catering Automation, Food Processing, Software Engineering & Support Services. Its network and technical support span across major cities in the country. As far as its Cosmos products are concerned, those are exported worldwide including the USA, Europe, Africa, Singapore, Australia, and the Middle East.

Also, the company is a part of CII.

Sathish explains how they are transforming commercial kitchens, “We wanted to differentiate our business from the regular Kitchen Equipment business. So, we are more of a Technology/Automation company believing in empowering the users with good machines. Food is to be cooked hygienically especially considering today’s global hygiene scenario. We have stood by our vision since our inception and have launched such equipment that could help kitchen operators automate their processes and cook food hygienically.”

About Cosmos
The visionary describes, “Cosmos is a brand created in the year 1995 with the able guidance and blessings of my father. Initially, the brand was planned for a domestic appliance. But as and when I established EssEmm Corporation, Cosmos found its way into Industrial Food Processing Machines. Cosmos is a registered trademark in India and also in some International markets.

EssEmm have also a few brands in Cosmos which are unique in Style, like Cook Wok. This was created by us and it’s now a household name as a product reference. Cosmos Cook Wok which is one of our best-selling products has paved the way both in India and internationally. Cosmos is a universally resonating brand.

The Products (Multi-Utility Grinders, Cosmos CMG- Flagship Product)
The achiever boasts, “Most machines of ours are ideally designed for Central and Large Industrial Kitchens. Also, I will mention here that many among them find space for themselves in small restaurants and hotel kitchens too.”

Multi Utility Grinders, Cosmos CMG, has been our flagship product. It is one of the earliest brands in India to have come up with the Tilting Commercial Multi-Utility Grinders in the year 1997. These machines have become a household name for making Idly & Dosa Batter, Chocolate Processing, and other food grinding applications

Vegetable Processing is very important. Automation in vegetable processing has been there over the years. The best come from Europe but are always too expensive for the general market. EssEmm have developed indigenous machines with affordable price points. We have Vegetable Washers, Spin Dryers (to remove excess water), Multi-Functional Vegetable Cutting Machines, Dicing Machines, Slicers, Multi-Functional Vegetable Peelers. Our brands are Cosmos Zeta A6, Cosmos Zeta A8, Cosmos Veg Wash, Cosmos Turbo Dicer, Cosmos MFP.

Cooking Machine- EssEmm are one of the first companies in India to launch a cooking machine. Cosmos Cook Wok was earlier launched in 2005 with our Taiwan partners. There on, these machines are sold to large institutions. In 2015, we relaunched the product under our brand with their manufacturing partnership. We redesigned the product more suitable for our Indian markets both in terms of sturdiness and application. Now, Cosmos Cook Wok is a globally accepted product. This product has all certifications, CE, ETL, NSF. Cosmos Cook Wok is used for preparing Base Masalas, Curry Pastes, Pickles, Sauces, Gravies, Sweets, Biryanis, etc.

Apart from these, EssEmm have launched Chapati Machines, Dosa Machines, Cutter Mixers during various stages of our journey.

Research & Development
According to Sathish, “Research & Development has a very important role to play in an organization. We do have an in-house setup but we work more with our partner companies which develop various products for us, under our Brand.”

As An Organization, Became A Part of The Pandemic
According to Sathish- Uncertainties as the word sounds are unpredictable. As businesses, EssEmm have to manage situations accordingly. There is no doubt that the pandemic has taken a big hit worldwide across all lines. It has taken a toll on businesses, increase costs, damaged livelihoods, we have been compelled to learn too many lessons. Industries like pharma have got affected to a great extent.

He explains, “Being an organization, we played an important role in trying to help society during the pandemic. First of all, we didn’t cut down on employment and ensured that all the employees are paid on time. Since we are in the food industry, we thought of making efforts that would help others in need. Not only did we serve food to a lot of institutions but also were into cooking and everything in our capacity.

The pandemic had resulted in the shortage of manpower and small gatherings of people at a place, therefore, EssEmm donated various equipment to large institutions. The equipment included a machine which cuts vegetables for 5000 people. During Covid-19, lots of laborers who were into the construction of roads on a contractual basis kept looking for food. Shops were closed and they did not even have dal and rice to eat. It was then that the NGOs began working and we too.”

Sathish adds, “In our efforts to support the cause, directly and indirectly, we donated 600 Oxygen Concentrators along with our Taiwan partner. Among these, 400 and 200 were given to Tamil Nadu and Kerala governments respectively. As per our information, with Rs. 3 crore as the value, we were one amongst the major donors. We started vaccination drives and also, educated the families of our employees to get vaccinated. In 2021, they witnessed good increments.”

EssEmm took the pandemic as an opportunity too and equipped the entire company faster and found out for better opportunities and ways.

Success comes from Failure
The successful entrepreneur believes that success comes from failure. He explains, “You do things, not everything will witness success and there will be chances of failure. It’s you who have to maintain a balance between the two. Once you fail, you know what and how to do One learns from failures and success is much better and sweeter when it happens after a failure. Both are important.”

Sathish adds what you should remember is that you should be ready for both on the same plate. One should neither get let down after a failure, nor be taken high by success. One should be grounded and take both with a positive outlook. The person should handle things with more sensibility.

Motivation for The Team
As far as the team is concerned, the members are given extremely good freedom and flexibility to work. The working environment is never pressurized and this is considered a big motivation.

Sathish says, “The only thing we expect from the team is work and the results should be on time. We pay the salaries on time. With this as the 25th year, I am entering this business, I remember giving salaries on the 2nd or the 3rd of the month. Getting incentives etc, the team members know their performances exactly. These are petty things but mean a lot. Bonus and increment come under other things for motivation.”

For EssEmm, anyone serving an enterprise for food is the client. They do not believe in bifurcating them by the size of the organisation.

This is what the opinion of Sathish is! He further expresses, “Anyone in food automation is our client. The only thing is that the machine (budget) should fit in their pockets. Our services will always be quality-based. Our clients comprise of large industrial catering facilities like Akshyapathra, MRF, Hyundai, Tata Foods, Titan, ISRO, TVS, Adobe, Halidrams, A2B, etc.”

Biggest Achievements
The proud entrepreneur speaks, “We were a pioneer in launching world-class machines and are known for that. Prices are technically affordable- Neither cheap nor very expensive. At many times, people wait for us to launch some new product so that they can copy, though we are not bothered about that.”

Another biggest achievement is, that they have been able to empower the industry.

Explaining this, Sathish says, “We do not work on a selfish mindset that only I should grow. If the industry grows, I also grow. This is one of the big reasons we keep innovating and contribute something new to the industry by our products.”

On a personal level, retaining a customer for decades is another biggest achievement for EssEmm.

Some of the awards received by EssEmm and Sathish Kumar Nair are Luminaries Award 2017 – presented by Kumaraguru College of Technology, Alumni Entrepreneurship Excellence Award – at KCT Global Alumni Meet 2019, Innovator Food Service Equipment – at Hall of Fame Award 2020, Indian Food Service, and Innovative Entrepreneur of The Year – at ET Excellence Award 2021.

The-about-to-turn 48 says, “We had exclusive international partnerships earlier, still hold a few. Partnerships with international brands help us in exchanging cultures and also understand good products systems. We also have joint system manufacturing. We are a global company from India.”

A Market Leader in Five Years
The far-sighted says with confidence, “The road ahead is quite clear and very bright and we will be a market leader in the next five years. The pandemic has made people more aware of wanting systems ensuring good hygiene and cleanliness. This, in turn, will help us in helping them and grow our technology business.”

According to Sathish, his brand would be an Indian company with a global brand.

Music Composer and Tennis Player too…
It would not be wrong to call Sathish multi-talented, since he is also a music composer and tennis player. He proudly mentions, “Since the age of about 8, I have been very fascinated towards music. Having a music channel on YouTube, I have more than 16,000 subscribers. There are five albums altogether done by me. Musicians also perform on a freelance basis.”

In a way, the industry is getting assisted by the entrepreneur.

When it comes to tennis, Sathish is the secretary of the Coimbatore District Tennis Association. A foodie and a proud Rotarian, Sathish is a worldwide traveler having visited 36 countries to date.

Success, Failure & Ethics
Sathish reminds, “Always look at success and failure in an equal manner. It’s the failure that helps you to succeed and it’s the success that reminds you not to fail. Instead of thinking for today, think about what has to be achieved tomorrow. Take care of your financials and the cash flow well. Do not forget to take care of your people/employees and their well-being.”

Ethics is another one that plays a remarkable role in Sathish’s life.

He asserts, “Stick to honest and regular practices. One should pay taxes on time and go according to the system. One is bigger not just by turnover, people look at you with a larger perspective. Make a balance between success, failure, and ethics and everything will fall in place.”

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