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Evirocor Packaging India Pvt. Ltd. 

Evirocor Packaging India Pvt. Ltd.

Oko-Earth-Friendly Packaging Substantially Reducing CO2!

The most widespread environmental issue is plastic pollution as it affects ocean health, food quality & safety, human health, coastal tourism, and contributes to climate change. Evirocor has been a leading force in the fight against plastic waste, innovating sustainable food packaging since 2014. The company specializes in the development of a unique packaging material used to produce its product brand – “Oko”. All their production facilities and equipment had been designed in-house with patents worldwide. Besides, their sustainable packaging is truly nature-friendly as it replaces single-use plastics.

Their products are lightweight, durable, and pleasing to the eyes. The containers are distinguished through biodegradability, home compostability, recyclability, quality and price. These aspects fulfil the customers’ expectations with distinctive attributes like energy saving, durability, microwaving, moisture-resistance, freezing and much more! Further, with its unique look and branded sleeves, Oko is a powerful marketing tool.

Outstanding Vision and Extraordinary Mission
With several innovative and terrestrial Oko food packaging items, Evirocor’s mission is to protect the world from the adverse effects of plastic pollution. The Organisation is highly devoted and steadfast in reducing plastic pollution and at the same time relieving the strain on mother nature. The crafted products are designed in such a way to enable easy recycling and composting. The primary target of the Company is to ensure that green packaging is a way of life by eliminating the use of plastics and mitigating hazardous chemicals and materials disposal.

With a longstanding vision, Evirocor’s goal is to change the rigid mindset from “take-make-waste” to a circular perspective that is “multi-life-cycle”. The same is being done to augment the use in unrecovered waste streams for assets such as materials, energy, products and lifecycle.

Idea Behind the Venture
The Founder and CEO of Evirocor Richard Gardiner, a design engineer, has developed machines mainly for the packaging & printing industries operating in more than 60 countries with over 30 years of experience and has registered in excess of 40 patents under his name. Moreover, to produce environmentally friendly, innovative items of the highest quality with an appealing finish, Richard has brought together an energetic team of experts with a thorough understanding and extensive experience in food packaging.

The CEO has designed a detailed and straightforward “road-map” for sustainable food packaging solutions with intent and attention that allows personal space for team members to innovate and develop something extraordinary.

Richard has leveraged his intuitive understanding to develop a revolution in industrial technologies and is well known for his strategic management mindset. Product Innovation Award-London Excel 2019 for biodegradable, plastic-free Oko food packaging is a witness to the efforts of Evirocor. In addition to this, the Organization has taken part in numerous exhibitions to highlight its sustainable packaging technologies.

The Uniqueness of The Brand
The corporate philosophy differentiates them from others because Evirocor solves challenges for consumers while partnering with them to re-consider market solutions and build new, sustainable strategies leading to higher value upshots.

The business model of Evirocor is as unique as its products, and its rivals strive to match their quality standards. Oko products are manufactured on the Cortec-Revolution systems, which are fully patented, automatic, integrated, and built-into 40-foot shipping containers.

This is done for the ease of placement for the product manufacture and distribution of Oko products. The process operates at room temperature, with no additional heat, therefore substantially reducing the emissions of CO2 up to 97% of alternative materials.

Uniquely, Oko products material is built with a structure that includes Evirocor’s patented V-Strong Flute. It is an eco-friendly paper-based material that has patents around the globe. It comes coated in a plant-based, food-friendly, and watertight barrier that allows the use of containers for wet and dry food items. Oko packaging solutions strengthen Evirocor’s innovative lead over its peers and ensure food quality, safety, and make transportation and logistics much more effective.

Business Philosophy
The Company positions sustainability at the core of its goods and services through a robust business model, and it provides packaging technologies and recycling services that satisfy the changing needs of supply chains and consumers.

Evirocor is a pathfinder with a unique and innovative business model, driving change in the packaging industry. As the demand for e-commerce is rising, and cloud kitchens become more purposeful, Evirocor is fulfilling the needs of businesses with its eco-friendly Oko packaging. Moreover, the environmental impact of Oko and the know-how of recycling the boxes are now more critical for consumers.

In the increasingly unpredictable economic climate, Evirocor plans to address uncertainty by maximizing the efficiency of their operations. The current COVID crisis has created a challenging environment for businesses to operate. In this realm, Evirocor is positively foreseeing the impact of COVID-19 on the food packaging industry. The Company expects a meaningful change leading to the rapid growth in the market for ready-to-eat meals and packaging combined with hygiene and food safety concerns. Similarly, the Organisation is planning for other market developments and evolving customers sentiments which could bring in cost pressures across the whole packaging industry. Evirocor is working closely with its customers to succeed in these difficult times.

The Exclusive Work Culture
To guarantee competitiveness, Evirocor’s goal in all areas of business and human resources is to “take the lead in sustainability”. The Organisation encourages its workforce to contribute ideas and proposals. Its working environment has an excellent culture of self- expression and confidence development amongst its employees.

The focus of this one-of-a-kind business venture is empowering and motivating the workforce. They have initiated a unique programme to acknowledge and honour individuals and teams who go extra miles and succeed at what they do, also referred to as “Hidden Gems of Evirocor.” A wide range of metrics, including job ability, health and safety ratings, proactive internal KPI, and decreased absenteeism, are carried out to measure employees’ contributions. The Organization regularly evaluates and improves the resources for personal and organizational development of the workforce.

In recruiting the talents, the Organisation takes a decisive approach. With the motive to build a diverse workplace and a hub of potential leaders, Evirocor looks for trustworthy individuals, reliable team players, multitaskers, who are keen to grasp new challenges and opportunities. Apart from this, employees behavioural qualities, experiences, innovative capabilities, and embarkment upon new endeavours are the traits which stand crucial for Evirocor.

Oko is designed to give back to our Planet; therefore, choose and use the best material for your food packaging. Support us to fight against plastic pollution!

Richard Gardiner
Founder & CEO
Evirocor Packaging India Pvt Ltd





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