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Fynamics Business Solutions

Fynamics Business Solutions

Facilitating business growth with its flagship product- Finline

We are in a tete-a-tete with Mr. Hari Sasi who incorporated Fynamics Business Solutions in 2017 to help the entrepreneurial ecosystem in managing their finance reports. It was done after the realization of the immense struggle and challenge business owners have to face to manage their business finance reports. Entrepreneurs are either left with the choice to reach out to Google or hire any professional that causes lots of monetary burden on the budding businesses.

Hence, Finline came into existence! It is an exclusively curated automated platform for financial documents. It poses as a risk-free online tool that creates a project report to easily formulate relevant documents for bank loans. The product is directed towards helping entrepreneurs as well as enterprises seeking assistance in curating an effective fiscal report.

“Our valued users can create a project report for a bank loan if it’s a newly started company and also can create a CMA report for a bank loan if it’s an existing business unit. Besides this user can also create business plans for submitting to investors or the government. They can create these reports either by DIY ( Do it yourself) mode or on assisted service,”

There is no need to dive into finance jargons or learn any techniques to create a report of your own. Only the simple inputs and the background algorithms will take care of the job.

Working with different IT companies didn’t offer him the desired sense of content in his life. He was always into constant research and study that led to realized the potential of this niche market. The founder read countless business ideas and stories of the entrepreneurs that propelled him to sail into the sea of entrepreneurial waters. After enduring long hour-long sessions with many think-tanks in his friend circle, he decided to commence this venture that is unique and relevant in numerous ways.

The biggest setback was the fact that people are being immensely exploited in the area where they are charged high rates to prepare single balance sheets from many professionals. Hence, it was the innate calling to target this domain and add substantial value to the business leaders that led to the establishment of Fynamics Business Solutions and eventually formation of Finline.

“We are the technocrats who know how to deliver effective solutions to the targeted audience. And our efforts are in vain without properly being backed by R&D. For over three months, we thoroughly researched and studied the market, VC pool, investor’s group,etc, and then only went on to start a venture on our own.

Moreover, user-acceptance was something we were anxious about but we viewed the model from customer perspective and decided it could become a major hit. Users are the driving force in our space and we need to make a difference to them at the ground level,” quoted the founder. Feedback and customer reviews are the key boosters of their agile model in terms of better product development.

Technology has simplified life in the most unimaginable ways. Imagine the scenario five decades ago, and compare the whole business landscape with the present circumstances. It has changed dramatically, owing to tech-inclusion only. No industry is untouched by the phenomenality of technology.

“For instance, the launch of 5G technology in India is a wonder in itself as the rural population would come across great exposure to the information that was unable to be accessed from remote locations. It will bring revolutionary change in our lives for sure. I am pretty sure that once the rural population gets maximum access to 5G technology, they will be able to unleash their entrepreneurial potential and hidden talents/skills that could change the future of our nation in the upcoming years,” reveals Mr Hari.

Personally, Hari believes in Delegation as a leadership. Before bringing any individual onboard, I go for the attitude rather than the qualifications. I seek hunger for proving oneself and passionate fire to do something different. For him, qualifications are just peripheral aspects of any individual’s personality but, attitude is the core of one’s whole life. “Since my journey as an entrepreneur began, I have been trying to create ‘intrapreneurs’ in my company; those who can take responsibility for their actions.

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