GetPY: Innovative Digital Solidarity With SMEs


GetPY: Innovative Digital Solidarity With SMEs

Written by: Kriti Anand

Post the advent of this pandemic, the world has changed. Companies are going “contactless”. Everything seems to have moved online. People are relying on technology more than ever: for education, for entertainment, for business. This dependence on technology has left many out of the race, especially the local retailers who cannot afford to simply “move online”. is endeavouring to address the drag of virtual presence lag, helping the retailers take their stores online, and with it providing all the advantages and convenience for the SMEs and their customers. The company’s ready-to-use innovation tech has proved to be a blessing for the users, increasing sales and enabling business growth in a cost-effective manner.

About GetPY
In this unexpected acceleration of technological pervasion, GetPY’s approach to provide digital platforms for local retailers, in a simplistic manner that is easily understood by them, is a game-changer. Established in September 2017, GetPY has thousands of satisfied users and clients that have seen their businesses improve dramatically through the years. Enhancing their brand value and helping them form easy channels of communication with the target audience, has come through as an important innovation for the survival of small enterprises. With its significant reach in the market segment comprising small and medium undertakings, GetPY is helping a number of these through the tough times brought on by the pandemic.

Freeing the small and medium retailers of the fretters of ignorance about technological advancements, GetPY is paving a way for them to gain a foothold in the changing marketplace. The company provides them with the opportunity to get their brand on the digital platform, without compromising their unique identities. It offers them the ability to create a simple, fast and secure app within minutes that represents their own brand image. The mega players of the retail industry that sought to capitalize on the trust factor associated with local retailers only allowed for their products to reach the customers, overpowering their brand name. GetPY’s outlook enables them to keep their oneness intact by designing their app around them. It also makes the middle men redundant, cutting down on the retailer’s costs significantly.

The CEO of GetPY, Kirti Srivastava, started this venture in order to contribute to the economic upliftment of India. Leaving numerous opportunities behind in the US, Kirti and CTO, Prabhu Srivastava, decided to work for a social cause in India. Recognising that obtaining a customized application developed by any of the service providers in the domain was expensive and time consuming, the founders decided to create quick and affordable solutions for the SMEs. Their vision has become all the more relevant with these enterprises facing the brunt of the pandemic. With technology as a great equalizer in terms of opportunity, their innovative endeavour has made quite a difference for the retailers.

Empowering Local Retailers
The advent of tech-based sales in India was quite late compared to the West, and thus SMEs still need a hand to get onboard the technology train. GetPY ensures that not only do they have access to the online methodology, they also enhance their profits and customer satisfaction in the process. The delivery and ordering app keeps them in loop with their customer’s needs, and helps them adapt to the new normal. It helps them build a contactless business that can withstand the tide of changing times. The app provides much-needed services like improved delivery channels, online payments, and digital invoice. “Take your store to your customers” is undoubtedly the way to go when the customers hesitate to come to the stores, while maintaining the relationship built over the years through proximity and trust.

The tech solutions GetPY provides has a four dimensional approach: Products, Retailer, Customer and Delivery. The easy-to-use app enables the retailers in multiple ways such as being able to understand their sales pattern, manage the inventory, multi-layered product categorisation, product’s picture upload via phone, in sending offers to the consumers directly through push notifications, and improving upon their overall digital efficiency. The team at GetPY left no stone unturned in their efforts to provide the best possible product for their clients. The digital tools provided by GetPY biz help retain the cash flow for the retailers, never compromising their relationship with their regular customers. The retailers can ensure super smooth delivery for their consumers by tracking their orders without any fuss.

The company has ensured that the economic pulse of the country, the local sellers, that never before had access to technology, do not get left behind due to these unexpected circumstances. Even though the novel coronavirus has affected every business, the local retailers are easily the worst hit. By empowering them with technology, GetPY is doing its part in assuaging the economic downturn.

Future Endeavours
In keeping with its strategy-based business approach, GetPY has divided its future plans into three time frames: eighteen months, three years, and five years. In the next eighteen months, the Company’s focus will adhere to improving the quality of their product. Simplifying the digital platform further and making it more user-friendly, GetPY biz hopes to make it more convenient for its clients. The three years after that will be devoted to increasing the platform’s reach, with a target of acquiring a million users or more. GetPY plans to extend its business to tier-1, 2, and 3 cities (rural cities) of India in the next five years. The team aspires for GetPY to create a reputation for itself through its solutions all over India in just two and a half years.

With ecommerce surreptitiously taking root all over the globe, having an online sales platform has become vital for the survival of businesses. By providing the local businesses the resources to acclimate themselves to the rapid transformation of the market, GetPY is ensuring that they grow and prosper along with the rest of the world.

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