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GM Modular

GM Modular


There was a time when people dreamt of products that could make their lives faster, smoother, and more convenient. But since the global digital revolution, those dreams are now a reality. From smartphones to smart
living, it has broken new ground towards upgrading our lifestyle. Speaking of which, smart homes are a critical demonstration of technological dynamism and human ingenuity. But how does it reshape our lives?

Well, home is where the comfort is. But true comfort lies in living smart & simple. Everyone wants automation, comfort, and freedom, which is precisely what a smart home offers. It enables person to control lighting, AC, curtains and much more with a smart device or voice. On the other hand, it assists in energy conservation, which is a critical concern for the world. Given the advantages, it is logical to state that it offers the highest levels of security, comfort, energy efficiency, and simplicity.

The concept of a smart house is escalating traction in India. The sub-continent has the 2nd largest digital market in the world, given its cheap data costs, increased disposable income, and lower hardware costs. Also, the consumers’ choices are becoming sleeker, which spurs the need for smart products, and homes are growing smarter for this niche audience.

The Indian smart home market has become fiercely intense over the last 20 years. While everyone is striving to be the best, a brand with a stellar record of meeting commitments earns people’s trust. This brings GM Modular into the picture. For the last 2 decades, the company has been leading the charge in developing cutting-edge yet cost-effective smart home solutions.

Founded in 2002, GM has a strong legacy in the Indian market for innovative switches and home accessories. Precisely, they have revolutionized both the categories with a focus on offering a better living.


  • Modular Switches In 2004, GM introduced the first modular polycarbonate switches, called “Four Five”, ushering in an industrial revolution. The modular switches were designed with the ideology of four walls and appealed to five senses. Very quickly, it attracted a lot of positive attention because of its design, safety, and convenience, and it helped the company build its place in the homes and hearts of its customers.
  • LED Lights
    After setting a benchmark in the switch sector, GM launched the ‘G-Lux’ series in the LED lighting market in 2016. As the first modular LED light, the product became a game changer for both the RAMESH JAIN Chairman COVER STORY sector and the company. GM quickly soared to greater heights in the LED sector, introducing more premium LED products. It also partnered with Occhio—a premium lighting solution from Germany—to cater to the high-end audience in the country. In the same year, they also introduced safety products like switchgear (MCB, DBs, RCCBs, isolators, etc.)
  • Home Appliances
    Two years after innovating LED lighting, GM entered into home appliances and launched an attractive range of ceiling, pedestal, ventilation, and personal fans. The innovation and quality used helped the company become one of the top fan manufacturers in the country.

With time and focus on technological innovations, GM expanded its portfolio with creative and innovative products. Today it has a portfolio of ground-breaking products, including next-generation WiFi switches, home automation, LED lights, fans, Bluetooth music players, home security products, appliances, and much more to ensure comfort in every home. Its diligence and penchant for innovations have helped it carve a space for technological enhancement in every home.

GM has established a strong presence via diligence and dedication, but it never stops pursuing excellence. By the end of 2022, the Indian smart home market is anticipated to generate US$ 4.87 billion. Its revenue will seemingly grow at an annual CAGR of 13.52% over the next four years, with a predicted market size of $8.08 billion by 2026. The data clearly reveals the vigilance of each brand, including GM. GM’s manufacturing facility is spread around 2.5 lakh sq. ft. with the most efficient and high-grade machinery that produces the finest quality products.

Their mission to develop quality products that also incorporate the sustainability factor. GM uses eco-friendly raw materials to reduce environmental impacts, while empowering local communities by promoting local initiatives. Its categorical versatility and path-breaking innovations at a reliable price makes it a one-stop-shop for end-to end electrical solutions.

“Innovation basically involves making redundant that which you did before.” The phrase perfectly captures how GM has built a niche in catering to a tech-upgraded lifestyle. R&D strategies are a major contributor to this. The company has a dedicated and genius team that constantly breeds life into innovative ideas (LED lights, Wi-Fi switches, fans, etc.). Each of its flagships, especially their design, safety, and convenience, complements the focus on R&D. They also have in-house divisions for branding, manufacturing, and product design. Together, they not only offer total control over product design and cost but also ensure the highest-quality output. Every product passes a thorough screening process, safety tests, and quality assurance evaluations, ensuring the highest standards.

The amalgamation of these elements allows it to meet customers’ ever-evolving needs and earn their trust. The team also helps the company anticipate change and respond creatively with tech-infused solutions. Being responsive to changes keeps them aware of changing needs, ultimately helping to create the best customer experiences.

R&D and technology are the two sides of product excellence, and one cannot function without the other. If R&D brings ideas to life, technology gives them structure. Their fusion is what gives GM a silver lining, and the products and delighted consumers are evidence of that. It’s known for providing peace of mind to homeowners, allowing them to monitor homes remotely, and have control over lights/fans that are left on or making sure if the front door is locked. Its exclusive home automation tools keep homeowners connected from anywhere. Be it lighting up, playing your favourite song, controlling the blinds, or creating a relaxing atmosphere, everything is manageable without moving a muscle.

The automation systems are extremely beneficial for the elderly. GM has demonstrated success with the launch of IoT-enabled products like lights, fans and other home automation products which can be easily operated by smart phones from anywhere. They are constantly understanding the market to get their hands on innovative technologies to cater to the changing needs of customers.

A company’s ability to succeed depends on its employees’ ability to make wise decisions and act morally and productively. But ultimately, it comes down to the leader’s ability to drive results. Every company is born with a vision, and leaders keep the company in line with it. GM is fortunate to be led by a trio of ardent industry titans, Mr. Ramesh Jain (Chairman), Mr. Jayanth Jain (CEO & MD) and Mr. Kumarpal Banda (Director). Mr. Ramesh has thirty years of expertise working with switches in the electrical industry.

He is skilled at directing daily operations and making strategic decisions in order to accomplish long-term corporate objectives. His expertise and leadership skills inspire GM to pursue excellence. Mr. Jayanth Jain is a genuine visionary and a conscientious businessman dedicated to meeting the changing demands of his clients. His focus on top-notch quality and innovating in the home electrical and automation space has shaped many world-class ideas. Lastly, Mr. Kumarpal Banda brings years of leadership expertise from various industries.

His top priority is making sure the company maintains a reputation for reliable and environmentally sound products. He makes sure that eco-friendly raw materials are used in production and that other sustainable concerns are managed effectively.

Their vision and insight into the market have helped build its R&D team and onboard product designers that have introduced ground-breaking products for various commercial and household needs. By emphasizing the need to be customercentric, the dynamic trio is leading GM to spearhead the efforts towards catering to an evolved lifestyle. To put it briefly, their efforts allow GM to be flexible, have an integrated marketing strategy to connect with target audiences, invest in R&D, and have strong teamwork ethics to drive growth and significantly impact people’s lives. Their efforts have resulted in a plethora of proud achievements that reflect the company’s uncompromising quality benchmark.

People are the heart and soul of any company. Being cooperative, mutually respectful, and empathic towards one another aids success in any market and under any obstacle. Such a team is a blessing, as it ensures similar values across all echelons. GM is an ecosystem of professionals and experts in operations, advertising, marketing, sales, management, and more.

Such a team enables GM to forge its own path with unique ideas. Its expertise complements its 6 Core Values: Innovation, Integrity, Passion, Customer Focus, Teamwork, and Safety. “Each day, we live by them,” says Mr. Ramesh Jain. He further adds, “They guide our every move towards our end goal-making living spaces smarter, stylish, and safer with each and every product.” It follows a top-down business model that ensures transparency and seamless communication across all echelons.

The open culture allows every employee to voice their ideas and take part in achieving a common goal. “Every team member can contribute to the expansion of the company.

“We have designed our internal guidelines in a way that each employee has an equal chance to succeed and benefit greatly,” explains Mr. Jayanth Jain

The company has a colossal workforce of 1300+ people, who maintain a consistent level of efficiency throughout all sites.

Having established numerous firsts in the last two decades in the switch and appliance industries, GM has unquestionably carved out an indelible niche. It’s counted as one of the most trusted brands by consumers and industry experts, including architects, interior designers, lighting consultants, builders, and electricians. Its efforts towards driving a necessary revolution have been honored with numerous prestigious awards. Few of the notable mentions include:

  • INEX AWARDS 2021: Best Brand of the Year in the Home Electrical Category
  • INEX AWARDS 2021: Best CEO of the Year in the manufacturing segment
  • Realty + Interior Exterior Awards 2020- Brand of the Year and CXO of the Year
  • Realty Plus INEX Awards 2021- Brand of the Year in the Home Automation category
  • AsiaOne leadership and brand award 2021 – Asia’s greatest brand and leader award (Asia, Africa & the Middle East)
  • WCRC Geneva Awards 2021 – Asia’s most promising brand and Asia’s most trusted CEO
  • Only Indian brand to associate with Occhio, a premium lighting brand from Germany
  • Iconic Brands of India 2022 by The Economic Times

Mr. Kumarpal Banda reflects on this milestones saying, Our road was not simple. However, we had a distinct goal and plan. Our edge comes from our deeper awareness of the local context and consumer trends. Millions of people all across the world have accepted GM Products in their homes.” In the last three years, GM has effectively scaled the business by 25% yearly due to the rising demand for smart home products and home appliances in the global market.

Long story short, GM is at the forefront of making the smart home a mainstream trend with its constant innovations, excellent quality, and ground-breaking products.

GM’s drive to modernize living has touched millions of people and been rewarded with praise and accolades. The
corporation is planning a two-pronged strategy for expansion and moving ahead. In the beginning, it aims to broaden and expand its product line to include other items like geysers, iron boxes, cookware, etc. It has already introduced a new line of fans that brings soothing air to every room in the house. Knowing its trajectory, the company will undoubtedly make other innovations. At the same time, they want to increase their commercial presence worldwide. Even though the company is well-represented in powerful economies, there is still room for growth.

Ultimately, GM wants to make life more comfortable and convenient for every household on the planet. With its dual strategy, the company will undoubtedly introduce new products and establish new footholds. At the same time, the efforts will help in uncovering new horizons of innovation with the same vision.

“Putting your best effort out today is the finest preparation for tomorrow. It serves as both our success mantra and the guiding principle for innovations. With our release of newer and elevated products, we are all certain to switch to a better world.”

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