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GMDT Marine & Industrial Engineering Pvt Ltd


Here, we bring to you the success narrative of one of the top providers of power solutions for specialized engineering applications in the marine and industrial sectors- GMDT Marine & Industrial Engineering Pvt. Ltd. The Founder and MD, Darshan Thakkar sat down with us to openly converse about his thriving venture in an exclusive interview session. The organization is well acclaimed to provide full engineering services, from tendering to commissioning, according to the timeline and client specifications.

Customers are placing higher demands on a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner who serves as a full-service supplier and system integrator of new and customized technological solutions. From this point forward, GMDT represents a number of reputable goods for the Marine & Industrial Segments. So far, satisfying important Marine & Industrial classification society requirements with strict quality control standards, they have created a spur in the market.

Every project is given the consideration it deserves and is tailored to the owners’ specifications. Their core strength is in the way they develop and set up these manufactured components to provide a holistic tailored solution for the individual project of the customer.

The product line curated by GMDT is as follows-

• Marine Switchboards and power distribution chain equipment
• Diesel Generators
• Electrical Power & Control Panels
• UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply
• Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers
• Transformers
• Power & Control Cables

About the vision & mission

With a persistence to emerge as No.1 Indian power solutions across Indian as well as international markets in the Marine and Industrial segment custom build engineering products, the company has aligned its business objectives accordingly. Additionally, they are driven by a steadfast objective to effectively create, produce, and market high-quality systems around the world with a focus on customer happiness and product quality.

How did it start?

As per Darshan, he explained his entrepreneurial journey in an enticing way, “There has only ever been a desire to run a business. After viewing an entrepreneur’s success story and gaining possible confidence in the ability to succeed in an academic sector. The decision to launch my own firm was made in my childhood only. I had the idea to start a firm in 2004 while I enrolled in an engineering diploma programme.

I began the bachelor of engineering program in 2007 and successfully completed it in 2011 with distinction after successfully completing my engineering diploma with distinction. I was hired as a trainee engineer at one of the top engineering industries after successfully completing my engineering. As the years passed, I gained knowledge of numerous administrative and engineering tasks that I had studied during my time as an engineer.

Later assuming the roles of production engineer, quality control engineer, design engineer, and project engineer, I accumulated 5 years of extensive experience working in the same business. After such a promising experience, I considered starting my own firm with a partner. I will use my engineering knowledge in this situation, and my business partner will handle the commercial activity.

I ran a partnership for around 1.5 years. I met several successful entrepreneurs and start-ups during the time I spent in this collaboration and learned a lot about technological and commercial activity as an entrepreneur. After gaining such valuable experience, I felt confident and had the idea to start my own private limited company. Consequently, GMDT was subsequently developed in 2017.”

Insights on R&D

In the inception of GMDT, R&D played a pivotal role. As per the founder, R&D is crucial for businesses since it offers insightful knowledge that can be used to improve current procedures and lower costs while also boosting productivity. In order to succeed in cutthroat markets, businesses might also create novel goods and services.

Through new features, efficiency, and usability improvements, research results in innovative goods and services. This frequently produces goods that usher in a fresh fashion. The youth of today are constantly searching for the newest fashion trend to help them stand out from the crowd. In such a climate, investing in R&D enables businesses to develop distinctive goods and gain a competitive edge, such as:

• Product differentiation strategy
• It leads to higher Revenue growth
• Enhancing Brand Image
• Increases the chances of funding
• Cross-Industry Innovation and expansion of business

Defining leadership

Darshan Thakkar has indeed a unique leadership definition which he defines as, “Think strategically and logically, organize your thoughts and demonstrate to people that you are trustworthy, sincere, and interested in them. Observe your body language. How you come across also heavily depends on your body language. Nonverbal signs that foster trust must exist.

I inspire my team members to work toward common objectives by setting an excellent example. It’s critical to understand my leadership qualities. These assist me in identifying my deficiencies and turning them into strengths, which will improve my leadership abilities.”

Noteworthy cultural principles

Work culture is a sheer indicator of the amount of success that a company would witness in its future path. The offices of GMDT feature a flat infrastructure. This implies that staff members at any level can communicate directly with directors or senior or executive managers without having to go through intermediaries like secretaries. This encourages a culture where everyone feels heard and not just like a cog in the system.

When it comes to assisting its citizens with money management, GMDT is truly skilled. not just in the conventional sense. In addition to giving each employee a fair wage, GMDT also has financial consultants on staff who are available to each employee. The financial specialists at GMDT have their people covered with everything from tax and debt guidance to aid managing investments.

This makes it a fantastic approach to give their people more financial security. GMDT has always been intentional about hiring people who voice out their opinions. Since everyone has a direct line of communication with the managerial level, it’s crucial that employees use this opportunity to be honest with their feedback. This is why one of the most important qualities in new hires (besides skills, of course) is the will to share honest feedback.

The business tycoon enunciates, “My job as a leader is to make sure everybody in the company has great opportunities, and that they feel they’re having a meaningful impact. We recruit people who enjoy being outside, who help to maintain the culture and draw in even more people who share their interests. They are committed to the environment, the community, worklife balance, and having fun outside; they have similar interests and beliefs. And the same holds true for management. Incentives and tangible advantages are also significant components of the mix. The business takes the initiative to meld its product with the culture.”

The future outlooks

The foremost target is to generate an annual revenue of 500Cr as per the leadership team of GMDT. Then, they wiill go with the public limited organisation. Along with Engineering and Technology, they will enter into several verticals including port management, electric power production and transmission, renewable energy, mining, airport and railway operations, natural gas, food processing and infrastructure. Dedicated to managing this, they are targeting to employ over 300,000 people globally.

Token of advice for entrepreneurs

“Designing, developing, and managing a new firm—often a small one at first—is the process of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are those who establish these firms. According to one definition, entrepreneurship is “the ability and willingness to establish, organise, and manage a business enterprise along with any dangers therein in order to make a profit.”

Additionally, self-assurance. and being aware of what clients desire. It is simple to put on a front and appear to be a strong business persona when it comes to traits like confidence. You must, however, be aware of the importance of knowledge. Good businesspeople are curious and are always learning and asking questions.”

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