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New York Judge Halts Cancellation of Trump’s Business Licenses

New York Judge Halts Cancellation of Trump’s Business Licenses

Written by Sanjay Kumar

Former President Donald Trump secured a temporary reprieve in his ongoing civil fraud lawsuit as a New York court approved a delay in the cancellation of his business licenses within the state. The development comes after Trump, widely considered the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in the upcoming presidential race, filed an appeal to pause his trial in the New York court.

The hearings, which commenced earlier this week with Trump’s presence but without a jury, stemmed from a surprising ruling by Judge Arthur Engoron last month. Judge Engoron had found repeated instances of fraud by the Trump Organization and ordered the revocation of business licenses for Donald Trump and his two adult sons, Don Jr. and Eric.

In a recent ruling from an appeals court in New York, Judge Peter Moulton declined to suspend the trial but decided to grant a temporary stay on the “order directing the cancellation of business certificates.”

This ruling marked a temporary victory for the former president, who has been facing the prospect of a significant downsizing of his real estate empire following Judge Engoron’s September decision.

During Friday’s proceedings, Trump’s legal team presented arguments, as did attorneys representing New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is pursuing a $250 million judgment against Trump on charges of fraudulent business filings.

Trump’s lawyer, Christopher Kise, argued passionately in the courtroom, stating, “This is everything owned or controlled by the defendant. Once you dissolve, you dissolve. It’s chaos. It’s chaos right now,” as reported by ABC News.

Judy Vale, representing Letitia James, countered Kise’s argument, asserting that “there’s just absolutely no basis for an interim stay of trial that’s already been going on for a week.”

Throughout this week, Trump spent nearly three days in the Manhattan court, engaging with the press both inside the courtroom and in the hallways.

In response to Trump’s court appearances, Letitia James characterized them as “nothing more than a political stunt, a fundraising stop.” In turn, Trump referred to the African American attorney general, a Democrat, as “corrupt” and “racist.”

Letitia James reaffirmed her commitment to the case, stating, “justice will prevail” when the trial resumes on Tuesday. The trial continues to captivate the nation as it unfolds, with its outcome holding significant implications for both Trump and the political landscape.

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