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How To Choose The Right Tiles Online For Your Home With Orientbell’s Trialook?

How To Choose The Right Tiles Online For Your Home With Orientbell’s Trialook?

With a plethora of tiles manufacturers in India, choosing the right tiles for your home is an exciting journey with almost endless possibilities. Selecting the appropriate tiles for home design involves more than simply aesthetics. Don’t worry! with Orienbell’s Trialook feature by your side, the process turns into a personalised, immersive experience. Orienbell’s diverse selection of tiles ensures to satisfy every preference, desire, and fancy, whether you’re a simplistic connoisseur, a bright enthusiast, or a timeless conservative.

With Orientbell Tiles, let’s explore the digital revolution in how to choose the right tiles for your home. With the right tiles, your home will serve as a blank canvas on which to show your individuality and creativity as an extension of your living space.

How to Buy Tiles Online?

Know here detailed instructions on how to choose the right tiles for your home:

Step1: Select A Reliable Tile Vendor Or Manufacturer

Select a reliable online tile manufacturer or vendor by conducting research first. Find out businesses with a proven track record of satisfied clients, stellar testimonials, and an extensive array of tile choices. For example, you can visit Orientbell Tiles website, a leading tiles manufacturing company in India, for information on their shipping and return process and any other services they could provide, such as sample requests or design consultations.

Step 2: Take Measurements of Your Available Space

Measure the space you wish to tile before you start looking for tiles. This will assist you in determining the number of tiles required and avoiding any complications with under or over-ordering. Consider the length and breadth of the space, the grout lines, as well as any uncommon forms or angles that can necessitate custom tile cutting.

Step 3: Select The Appropriate Tile

The space you’re tiling, its intended usage, and your budget will determine the sort of tile you use. Whether it is wall tiles design or floor tiles design, natural stone tiles like marble or travertine will add beauty to bathrooms and kitchens, while ceramic or porcelain tiles are good for most interior spaces.

You can choose tiles designed specifically to withstand weather conditions in outdoor areas. Consider the tile’s durability, water resistance, slip resistance (especially in moist areas), and upkeep requirements. Determining if the tile is suitable for the wall or floor tiles design for a home or any other space is also essential because tiles are made for specific uses.

Step 4: Choose The Proper Colour And Pattern

There are many different tile colours and patterns, pick ones that go well with your existing decor or design goals. While brighter colours and patterns inject individuality and visual appeal into a space, neutral colours like white, beige, or grey can create a timeless and adaptable aesthetic.

Always keep the area you’re tiling in mind; large patterns can overpower a small space, whilst delicate designs will shine in larger areas. If you’re undecided, you can get inexpensive samples from numerous tile suppliers to check how they appear in your room before making a selection.

Step 5: Finally, Order the Tiles

After deciding on your desired style, colour, and pattern, it’s time to order your tiles. Double-check your measurements and amounts to ensure you order the correct tiles. Orientbell’s tile calculator can be pretty handy here. Check the retailer’s shipping and delivery schedule to determine when your tiles will arrive. Review the specifics of your transaction, including the delivery address and payment information, before completing your purchase. Contact the retailer’s customer service for support if you have any queries.

Bonus Tip

Before making a purchase, customers can now visualise how tiles will look in their environment using TriaLook by Orientbell. Users can explore and experiment with many tile possibilities, including styles, colours, finishes and patterns, by uploading an image of the desired area. Finding the best tiles for your home that can match your home decor and design goals is easier with this function.

Now, users can quickly switch between tile options to see how they will affect the appearance of their area, which removes any uncertainty and makes it simpler to visualise the result. Users of TriaLook’s user-friendly interface can store and compare tile combinations, allowing them the confidence to order tiles that match their tastes and style.

Benefits of Buying Tiles Online

Here are some effective benefits of buying tiles online for home design:

  1. Easy Access To A Multitude Of Styles

Customers can explore and choose the ideal tiles for their home design preferences quickly and easily with the variety of styles, colours, and patterns offered by online tile sellers.

  1. Shop From The Convenience Of Your Home

Online tile shopping saves time and effort since it enables customers to make purchases whenever they choose, from any location with an internet connection.

  1. Affordable Pricing

Customers can afford to buy tiles online thanks to the competitive pricing, convenient comparison tools, and discounts online tile vendors offer. Before making a final order, customers can also acquire samples from online sellers to ensure that the tiles’ colour, texture, and look fit their expectations.

  1. Avoidance of Sales Conversation

Customers can look into and explore tiles at their own time while purchasing online without feeling pressured to buy by store employees. As a result, they are free to make choices without being pressured or swayed by sales practices.

  1. Tiles Delivered Right To Your Door

One of the biggest advantages of ordering tiles online is the ease of doorstep delivery. The consumer doesn’t have to carry big or bulky things from a physical store because the tiles are sent directly to their home once the purchase has been made.


Orientbell’s TriaLook tool is revolutionary for choosing the right tiles for your home online. Using this cutting-edge AI technology homeowners can visualise how various tiles would appear in their space before making a purchase, removing any uncertainty and ensuring a great fit for their interior design.

With TriaLook, from Orientbell, one of the best tile manufacturers in India you can easily browse through a range of styles from the comfort of your home, compare costs, and get high-quality tiles for a reasonable price. The ease of quick doorstep delivery further improves the experience of purchasing tiles online. Transforming your living spaces with the ideal tiles has never been easier or more pleasant, thanks to Orientbell’s TriaLook feature.

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