How Digital Adoption Platforms Can Positively Impact Entrepreneurship


How Digital Adoption Platforms Can Positively Impact Entrepreneurship

It is not an easy task to become an entrepreneur, especially with the level of competition in the global market, but going by the report that one in every 18 persons embarks on entrepreneurship worldwide, it becomes interesting to see how they can succeed in the venture. Digital transformation and digital adoption have become the mainstream ways to ensure customers are happy and employees are more productive.

Digital adoption cannot be an easy ride for a new entrepreneur due to the cost of the relevant technologies and apps any business needs today to run effectively and efficiently. Even where you have successfully established your business, digital adoption can still prove hectic, especially if you have a rigid company culture; employees often tend to resist changes when they entail new learning. The coming of digital adoption platforms is drastically reducing the costs and resistances posed by digital adoption.

What is a digital adoption platform?

A digital adoption platform is a software platform that is meant to facilitate seamless software learning for customers and employees by simplifying the user experience and ensuring proficiency on any software platform, website, or app.

Seamless learning is achieved by layering the digital adoption platform (DAP) software on top of any other software product, app, or website to help accelerate proficiency by directing users through key tasks and providing interpretive and evaluative information as they navigate their way through a product.

A digital adoption platform is essentially developed to enhance successful digital transformation, ease stress, and increase ROI on software costs. The global competition in the business world is heightening, and digital adoption will increase to improve customer satisfaction; the impact of knowledge acquisition by employees may increase friction in workplaces.

When customers and employees have to use complex and unfamiliar software, there can be cases of user burnout, dissatisfaction, and low productivity. Digital adoption platforms have successfully streamlined digital adoption and reduced friction in workplaces.

Digital adoption platforms are even more vital to business conduct, especially now that many transactions are online and remotely; you can customize your DAP to address any specific need of your organization. The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning greatly enhanced digital adoption platforms to use contextual information to provide a concise and targeted guide in real-time based on the user’s needs.

Some ways a digital adoption platform can enhance entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, you need to succeed very quickly; the odds are not in your favor due to a high level of competition; the longer you take to make returns on your investments, the more difficult it becomes to survive. You need all the arsenal you can muster to make ends meet.

A digital adoption platform can help you in the following ways:

01. Automating aspects of your employee or customer onboarding

Your survival depends to an extent on how quickly you can onboard customers; it costs a great deal to convert new customers; they are one line of your business survival; you must, therefore, seek easy and less expensive ways to acquire and retain them. No customer will want to go through stressful means to acquire your product or service; customers have options and once they find your means stressful, they can decide to churn out your product or service.

A digital adoption platform ensures that you can cut the cost for employees’ and customers’ onboarding; the learning process that is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning makes it easy for employees and customers to adopt; it greatly reduces the cost and eases the stress; employees feel comfortable with adoption of new technologies and customers don’t find the process stressful; at the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

2. Providing in-app software training and guidance

Knowledge acquisition is not easy; employees will have some reservations, especially when they believe there is the tendency to be laid off if they cannot quickly adopt the new ways; digital adoption platforms provide in-app software training and guidance based on prompts from AI and machine learning.

Even in the comfort zone of employees and customers, they can adopt any new technology your organization has decided to introduce for improved customer satisfaction and higher productivity. A digital adoption platform will enable entrepreneurs to gather and analyze data usage; data is the wheel on which businesses operate now; insights you get from your data analysis will enhance proactive support to resolve any user challenge.


As an entrepreneur, you must be smart and hit the ground running; the business world has become very competitive; you need measures and technologies to help reduce or even eliminate onboarding time, the burden on your IT team, resistance from employees to new software technology, customer dissatisfaction; You need to have a quick grasp of what you must do and those things that can run your organization out of the market.

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