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How Indian Marketers Can Now Benefit From Leading Mobile App Marketing Courses

How Indian Marketers Can Now Benefit From Leading Mobile App Marketing Courses

MENA’s leading mobile app marketing school, Mobera Academy, is now offering Indian marketers the opportunity to take part in its masterclasses. Mobera Academy’s online, on-demand courses can be taken anywhere or at any time. The masterclasses offer the opportunity to learn every aspect of mobile app marketing from international experts. Each course is packed full of takeaways so that marketers can get started with optimal mobile marketing growth straight away.

Why mobile app marketing is crucial for Indian marketers

Right now it is vital that Indian entrepreneurs get on board with mobile app marketing. Thanks to mobile apps, today’s consumers have everything they need at their fingertips. Whether people want to order food, buy a shirt, book a haircut, or learn a language, there’s an available app.

Apps are easily downloaded and offer the quickest, most convenient way of getting almost anything bought, completed, or organized. Whether consumers are sitting on the couch, on their commute, or are anywhere with a mobile internet connection, they can access apps anytime. Today’s apps offer outstanding user experience.

All this means that an app is a must for most businesses across almost all industries. Apps are now considered a crucial element of digital marketing. Mobile app marketing increases reach, and helps to build brand awareness and image. With personalized communication and eye-catching visual elements, apps are known to improve customer engagement and boost sales.

Importantly, apps also provide businesses with crucial data that can be used to gain insight. Marketers can track and analyze campaigns, and use app-provided metrics to grow their businesses.

How marketers can gain full knowledge of mobile app marketing

So that marketers can get up to speed with the latest insights, Mobera Academy is currently offering entrepreneurs from India and all over the world the choice of two English language mobile marketing courses. Each course is described as a masterclass. They aim to be a practical, accessible guide to everything marketers need to know to get started and excel in mobile app marketing.

The courses cover user acquisition in depth, before moving on to app store optimization. Marketers can then study how to maximize conversions, user engagement, and retention rates. The final parts of the course look at analytics and tracking, plus strategy and planning.

During the course, tips and tricks from the world’s leading principles are examined and invaluable insights are given by the Mobera Academy’s highly experienced tutors and co-founders, Tarek Reda and Mohammed Alazzeh. Marketers can choose the Core Masterclass, or the Growth Accelerator course, which includes the full masterclass with additional one-to-one tuition.

See how the online marketing courses work

Mobera Academy’s online marketing courses are broken down into easy-to-manage modules which marketers can complete in their own time. Each module comprises multiple bitesized video lessons so that they can be watched wherever and whenever suitable. Marketers can expect to benefit from more than 150 video lessons.

Study materials and Google sheets work templates are provided with each course. Practical exercises can be completed as the course progresses to get hands-on experience and cement knowledge along the way. At the end of each course, there is a final quiz to complete before certification is provided.

A highlight of the Growth Accelerator training is that three hours of one-to-one consultations are included. Marketers can benefit from having knowledge at their fingertips and direct their questions to experts who live and breathe mobile app marketing.

Previous student, Katarina Mladenović, said, “This was one of the smartest investments I made for both my professional and personal growth. As a trainer, Tarek is super thorough, methodical, knowledgeable and gave me enough time to put things in practice. On top of that, the material we covered was actually fun!”

Another student, Mansura Aslanova, agreed: “Tarek is a great digital marketing expert that knows how to use his knowledge in practice, and also shares it with others. I feel extremely lucky that I had an opportunity to take digital marketing training from Tarek.”

About Mobera Academy

Mobera Academy was founded by entrepreneurs Tarek Reda and Mohammed Alazzeh in the United Arab Emirates. For more than 12 years, they have been working with companies in the Middle East, Europe and Africa on digital and mobile marketing, customer acquisition and retention, and growth marketing strategies. They’ve grown startups and boosted more established businesses. Reda and Alazzeh have now trained more than 500 individuals across more than 20 industries.

Introducing their mobile marketing academy, Tarek Reda and Mohammed Alazzeh said, “Besides consultancy, we’ve also been lecturing on digital marketing for 6+ years at training institutions across the Middle East. It brings us so much joy to impact people’s lives by sharing knowledge.

That’s why we’ve set up this academy to pass on all the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years to you so you can succeed in the mobile age.

To find out more about Mobera Academy or to download a sample lesson, visit their website.

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