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Innovative Tech Driven Strategic HR Advisory Firm built on People & Culture Centricity

Human resource is one of the important resources present around us, especially in the business arena and its management and optimization is a skillful task. Rob Silzer once quoted, “Financial resources may be the lifeblood of a company, but human resources are the brain.”

Every business is in the need of an HR Strategist and Specialist. And to ensure an efficient and productive team in its organization. Many HR specialists are utilizing this demand gap of HR management by providing their services in the market, but HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has evolved as a niche Value Adding Differentiator Organization in this arena.

After more than two decades in Corporate Business HR Leadership roles, Ms. Vijayashree Venkat, the Founder and Managing Director of HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions, got the inspiration to ‘make a difference to people and brands’. She was keenly inspired to provide employment opportunities to women and young professionals, and with this aspiration, in February 2019, she met Mr. Mahesh Sheshadri through LinkedIn.

Both of them resonated with common intent, values, and work ethics which led them to build HumanAlpha, a People & Brands focused Strategic HR Advisory Organization. After an exciting journey of 2.5 Years, Today HumanAlpha feels proud to introduce itself as a human and culture-centric, Strategic HR Advisory & Consulting firm.

As a strategic thinker and implementation specialist with experience in Business HR and leadership of more than 140 years, HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions offers the services at the convergence of people, process, culture, and technology to create and execute winning strategies. The company offers the services primarily in Strategic HR Advisory & Implementation Consulting, Leadership Development, Coaching & Mentoring, Business HR Certifications, and Executive search.

HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions ensures to stand up for its values and ethos in the most appropriate manner by constantly updating its milestones and innovation through Positive Word of Mouth Marketing, Content & Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn, YouTube& FB, Interviews on Magazine & Radio, Email marketing and In-person meetings. Right from the time of inception, the company has maintained a strong presence on social media platforms and other channels and constantly communicated on the Website, LinkedIn, FB, and online magazines. Every Solution from HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions has been designed to enable growth, positive change, and long-term impact leading to People & Culture Development and the business Growth of its clients.

Today’s Business Leaders are equipped with Intellectual Talent and have enough People to advice or sources of information to refer. However, What Leaders need are People who can roll their sleeves up and partner together to execute the strategies both internally and in consulting ecosystem – this is where HumanAlpha comes into the picture. The company has focused on the implementation of consulting right from the beginning, where it has collaorated and worked with business leaders in the organizations and partners in their Business, People & Cultural Transformation. The company is delighted to have made a difference to over 30 brands to date and counting.

The “Strategic HR Advisory Business Partner” Model of HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions has been a great value proposition for its clients. HumanAlpha has been inspiring Growth in Brands by Building & Mentoring PeopleOps Teams, a paradigm shift to traditional HR thinking and has been Advising & Coaching Business Leaders & Functional Leaders for High Performance.

Additionally, The long-term leadership development programs (built by 70:20:10 Model, a Combination of Coaching, Blended Experiential Learning and On the Job Projects) of HumanAlpha have been a significant success to many of the esteemed clients. Primarily, these programs were designed to derive high ROI by the development of core competencies for a strong leadership pool.

Steve Jobs once said, “The best way to create value in the 21st century is to connect creativity with technology.” Technology has been the game-changer for almost all the successful businesses in the market.

Data, technology, and analytics have been at the heart of all the strategic solutions at HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions. All the solutions by the company are executed by leveraging tools and applications that span project management, HR automation & analytics, and collaboration tools. This has helped the company not only to adapt to the new virtual working mode but also to bring in the right amalgamation of people, processes & culture with technology and data analytics.

Technological innovation is an inseparable part of the value system of the organization. It has grown in terms of its solution portfolio, which is a combination of products and a process-oriented approach. And as a result of significant research on organizations, business trends, people & cultural changes, the company always stays ready to make a solution obsolete in the process of designing the best and relevant one.

“Leadership style is all about the context, ”affirms Ms. Vijayashree. The company adopts accurate leadership styles based on the situation and the people it works with. It has the principle to work with people who are ready to raise their bar constantly with their unique talent and potentials. It usually avoids working with clients of the same capabilities since diversity is the key to collaborative and long-term success. The company keeps transiting between Directive, Coaching, Supportive and Delegating leadership styles that work best for both the team management and result derivation.

HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions fosters leadership at all levels of the company with the implementation of Empowerment, Responsibility, and Empathy. And it has been grooming people as leaders with these simple principles for decades. “I love to work with People who take accountability by owning up and grabbing responsibilities that come their way,” Says Ms. Vijayashree. Being a strategic HR Advisory & Consulting Firm, HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions has chosen to remain lean as it helps it to deliver quality outcomes for the chosen clients. Professional development at the company is a combination of Coaching and Mentoring to develop people into great personalities along with continuous on the job learning.

The work culture at HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions is driven by its Core Values, such as Execution Excellence, Ingenuity & Passion, Integrity & Accountability, Respect & Trust, and Inclusivity &Communication.

HumanAlpha is driven by its ultimate Vision: Making a Difference to the world each day by inspiring greatness in every person we meet and every brand associated with HumanAlpha.

HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions considers its achievements as the best speaker of its progress. The Company is climbing the ladder of success at a brisk pace, which is proved by its multiple recognitions like:

  • 10 Most Promising Human Capital Management Consultants of 2020, by Consultants Review
  • Most Admired Brand of 2020 by White Page International
  • 10 Best Bangalore Women Startups of 2021 by Silicon Startup City
  • 30 Women Entrepreneurs to watch in 2021 by The CEO Magazine.

And has many more to add in the list.

At present, HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions is looking to work with more Startups and MSMEs as they truly need the kind of long-term value-adding interventions, which the company provides. The company is looking to optimize its global reach and build a larger PAN India presence as it is growing as a team.

Ms. Vijayashree Venkat appeals to the entrepreneurs to be adaptive with a habit, to embrace change and constant learing.

Be prepared to improve your products, services, solutions every year and relook at the processes and systems.

“Have a clear vision & intent. Invest in people & culture development. Know what culture you wish to have in your organization. It will align & build a strong emotional connect with you and your team as you maneuver through your ups and downs of a spectacular journey called Entrepreneurship.” She has advised all the Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders.

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