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Indian Institute of Commerce Lakshya

Indian Institute of Commerce Lakshya

Indian Institute of Commerce Lakshya’s Managing Director, Orwell Lionel’s journey towards success

Indian Institute of Commerce Lakshya has been a frontrunner in terms of commerce education in the country, providing students with the best quality commerce professional coaching for courses including CA, ACCA, CMA USA, etc. since its inception in 2011. The institute has played a pivotal role in helping thousands of students achieve their dreams of succeeding in various professions and has been the leader in terms of success rates consistently for years now.

IIC Lakshya was born out of the dreams of Orwell Lionel, his ardent desire to change perceptions and to help students realize the potential of the field. This has been the driving force of the institute’s success. Here he shares his journey as the Managing Director of IIC Lakshya, the secrets behind the revolution that he has successfully been a part of, the future trends that he anticipates, and pieces of advice for the generation that will be responsible for the development and growth of our nation.

• Can you share the inspiration behind founding the Indian Institute of Commerce Lakshya, and how it has evolved since its inception in 2011?

The inspiration behind founding the institute in 2011 stemmed from a deep-seated belief that commerce, as a field of study, was often misunderstood and underrated. It was extremely disheartening to see how the general public was overlooking a field of study that had such huge potential in terms of employment and certification.

People failed to realize the immense potential within the industry, and aspiring professionals, especially those pursuing courses like CA, faced significant challenges. These challenges ranged from limited learning resources and tough living conditions to unorganized teaching methods. My ultimate goal was to transform this perception and introduce a more organized approach to commerce education. The core driving force behind this initiative was the democratization of education while ensuring top-quality instruction.

• Your institution has gained prominence in the field of commerce education. What unique teaching methodologies or strategies have contributed to its success?

First and foremost, our vision was to make commerce education as structured and organized as any other academic subject. To achieve this, we devoted considerable effort to curating proper textbooks and developing a comprehensive curriculum. These foundational materials provided our students with a strong educational base which would ensure them assured success. From classrooms equipped with all the amenities to ensure seamless teaching and hostels that promise our students the best support, we wanted to ensure that learning at our institute was more than just classrooms and lectures.

Commerce is a field that undergoes continuous evolution. To ensure our students remained up-to-date with industry changes and technological advancements, we committed to regularly updating our curriculum and teaching materials. Our educators and mentors were not just teachers; some of them were also students at Lakshya who were able to score and ace their examinations. We maintained a strong focus on continuous mentorship and training for our faculty to ensure they remained at the forefront of their respective fields and recognized the need for sufficient coaching and consistent mentorship.

• Democratizing commerce education is one of your aspirations. How do you envision achieving this goal, especially in terms of accessibility and inclusivity?

One of the key pillars of our strategy is geographical reach. Lakshya has expanded its presence to various locations, ensuring that students from diverse regions have access to high-quality commerce education. We also are planning to expand on a much wider level in the upcoming years. This move eliminates the need for students to relocate to major urban centers, making education more accessible. We have also implemented online classrooms, an application and support systems. In our commitment to inclusivity, we encourage students to step into the world of commerce regardless of their prior educational background.

Whether a student has completed their plus two education or is pursuing an undergraduate degree, we believe in providing equal opportunities for all to enroll in our diverse financial courses. From professionals who wish to upskill and improve themselves to students who wish to make a financial career, we have students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Additionally, our collaborations with universities have been instrumental in promoting accessibility and inclusivity. These partnerships enable students to seamlessly integrate commerce education into their degree programs, such as B.Com. By offering integrated programs, we ensure that students receive a well-rounded education while gaining specialized knowledge in commerce and finance.

• What role do you see education playing in empowerment, and how does Lakshya contribute to this empowerment?

At Lakshya, we recognize that education is a pathway to financial self-sufficiency and professional success. Through our programs, which focus on prestigious qualifications such as CA, ACCA, and CMA, we equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to access lucrative career opportunities.

These qualifications empower our students to transform into successful and competent finance professionals. Our rigorous and comprehensive education programs ensure that students graduate with the expertise required to excel in roles that are critical to the financial well-being of companies and the broader economy. Lakshya’s educated financial professionals enter the workforce ready to make a substantial impact.

Their expertise helps companies thrive by effectively managing their finances, ultimately contributing to economic growth and stability. Furthermore, the skills and knowledge gained through our programs enable our students to secure high-paying positions, at a remarkably young age ensuring their financial independence and their capacity to provide for their families. We recognize the global demand for skilled financial professionals, and so we focus on nationally and internationally recognized qualifications like CA, ACCA, and CMA. These certifications open doors to a wealth of opportunities, both at home and abroad.

• Can you share any advice or lessons you’ve learned on your journey as a visionary entrepreneur for aspiring business leaders?

Along the journey of IIC Lakshya, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the ever-evolving landscape of the markets and commerce industry in Kerala and South India. Success, whether for seasoned professionals or aspiring business leaders, rests upon two pillars – consistency and smart work. The world of commerce and markets is in a perpetual state of change. Emerging technologies, shifting customer preferences, and global events continually reshape the business landscape. To thrive in this ever-shifting terrain, one must strike a balance between unwavering consistency and adaptive innovation. Firstly, nurturing a robust foundation of knowledge is paramount.

Staying a step ahead of current trends, comprehending economic principles, and continually expanding one’s knowledge base are non-negotiable. Understanding these shifts is equally critical. We must wholeheartedly embrace technology as a tool for enhancing efficiency, harnessing data for informed decision-making, and fostering innovation. The essence of smart work lies in leveraging technology to simplify processes and deliver value to our customers. Balancing calculated risk-taking with a commitment to continuous innovation is the bedrock of effective decision-making. Lastly, I emphasize conducting business with unwavering integrity, transparency, and a dedication to societal well-being.

• Looking ahead, what are your future goals and visions for the Indian Institute of Commerce Lakshya and what industry trends do you see contributing to this?

In the near future, Indian Institute of Commerce, Lakshya, aspires to establish itself as the foremost choice for ACCA, CA, and CMA aspirants across India. Our strategic objectives are expansive and forward-thinking, with a primary focus on accessibility, technological advancement, and the transformation of commerce education’s perception.

Technology will be an important driving force in our vision. We are dedicated to harnessing advanced technology to offer comprehensive online learning experiences that are flexible, interactive, and aligned with the demands of the modern education landscape. We also aim to reshape the narrative around commerce education, highlighting its importance as a vital field.

Commerce professionals are integral to our developing economy, and we seek to promote a deeper understanding of their role amongst the crowd who have been looking down upon the body of knowledge for a long time now. By emphasizing the significance of commerce education, we aspire to inspire the next generation of financial professionals who will shape the future of the commerce sector in India and globally.

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