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360 Nautica

360 Nautica

360 Nautica | A Voyage Of Entrepreneurial Brilliance

360 Nautica: A Voyage of Entrepreneurial Brilliance In the burgeoning startup landscape, one luminary outshines the rest – Dr. Tejinder Singh—a trailblazer in serial entrepreneurship, his ventures gleaming as constellations, each bearing his visionary seal. At the forefront, 360-Nautica reigns supreme, an embodiment of his pioneering spirit, acclaimed globally. Dr. Singh’s journey epitomizes unwavering excellence, an eclectic tapestry woven with myriad triumphs.

This article unveils Dr. Tejinder Singh’s startup cosmos saga, where innovation knows no bounds and entrepreneurial ardor blazes unquenched. Renowned for his multifaceted entrepreneurial endeavors, Dr. Tejinder Singh’s portfolio encompasses various domains, showcasing his exceptional ability to foresee and seize opportunities. From tech marvels like 360-Nautica, QTickets, and 360-bytes to service pinnacles like BPO+, 360 Play, Karak Stop and Le coiffure, his prowess knows no confines.

The entertainment milieu, embodied by Qatar Day, WAU, Sportsmonks and Just Dubai, resonates with his captivating zeal. Ventures like Sports Monks, Just Dubai, Oman Day, and Lanka Deepa testify to his media and sports enthusiasm. Beyond educational endeavors – culinary odysseys of Karak Stop, paint a picture of adaptability and innovation, traversing myriad domains.

“In every venture’s symphony, innovation plays the harmonious melody.” – Dr. Tejinder Singh

As pages unfurl on Dr. Tejinder Singh’s odyssey, a symphony of ingenuity unfetters, depicting a visionary crafting success across landscapes. From technology’s pinnacle to education’s sanctum, his indomitable spirit blazes, etching ventures into the annals of eminence

Company Overview

At 360 Nautica, brilliance emanates from a curated ensemble of transformative enterprises, reshaping industries. Their approach thrives on cultivating profound, bespoke connections with visionary minds, an anchor to their enviable track record. As a fervent venture builder and growth capital haven, 360 Nautica shepherds entrepreneurs from ideation to empire. A decade’s legacy, marked by nurturing iconic endeavors, showcases their prowess as virtuosos of transformation.

Pioneered by trailblazers, 360 Nautica’s renown rests on incubation, funding, and orchestrating metamorphoses. With a cross-industry core team, alliances span consumer marketplaces, finance, retail, IT, SaaS, and more. Spanning the Middle East and Asia, 360 Nautica bridges aspiration and realization. Beyond funding, they empower startups with holistic support – from infrastructure to marketing prowess.

For over 15 years, 360 Nautica’s collaboration with preeminent brands has echoed Qatar’s narrative. Born from a startup’s challenge, they birthed 360 Nautica – an investment haven propelling exponential progress. Elevating triumph, 360 Nautica leverages sagacity, alliances, and fiscal prowess. They ignite transformative shifts, embracing their role as catalysts of entrepreneurial metamorphosis.

A sneak peek at its service portfolio

360 Nautica proudly stands hand-in-hand with tech giants and trailblazing startup leaders in the realm of impactful collaborations. The company’s synergistic partnerships provide access to cutting-edge technologies and resources from Google to Microsoft, amplifying their capacity to champion and cultivate their portfolio companies. Evidencing their distinctive range of services, which is detailed as follows:

1. Tailored Mentorship: In the art of mentorship, 360 Nautica excels, dedicating time and extensive support to every entrepreneur. They ingeniously match mentors with founders, curating a rewarding experience with invaluable insights. The company recognizes the distinct nature of mentorship, valuing the essence of personal, trusted bonds with each portfolio company. In their view, such attention and guidance are a rightful privilege for deserving entrepreneurs.

2. Nurturing Networks: 360 Nautica places paramount importance on networking for entrepreneurs. Understanding that forging connections with partners, global players, and fellow trailblazers is pivotal, the company actively fosters a thriving entrepreneurial community. By facilitating relationships and nurturing space for shared experiences, they catalyze a vibrant learning environment among likeminded individuals.

3. Incubating Brilliance: With an unwavering focus on incubation, 360 Nautica unfurls comprehensive programs meticulously designed to nurture fledgling enterprises.

4. Armed with vital administrative and technical scaffolding, they empower earlystage ventures to traverse their vulnerable genesis and embark on a journey of growth and success.

5. Passion-Driven Investments: The heartbeat of 360 Nautica lies in investing in startups ignited by enthusiasm and a sincere desire to revolutionize their domains. Their persistent belief is that the flame of founders’ passion and commitment ignites the path to a prosperous partnership. Pioneering longterm relationships, they consider the founder’s vision the guiding star in their investment deliberations.

Beyond his ventures, Dr. Tejinder’s influence is profound, creating employment opportunities for over 9000 individuals in the GCC region. His visionary imprint extends to board memberships, actively contributing to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization as a Board Member for EO Qatar Chapter and serving on the board of IBPN (Indian Embassy Qatar Chapter). Forbes recognized his astute business acumen as a distinguished Business Leader in the Middle East, an accolade consecutively for five years from 2014 to 2018.

About the Founder Dr. Tejinder Singh is an exceptional entrepreneur and internet visionary, celebrated as the architect behind 360-nautica. With a glorious career spanning three decades, Dr. Tejinder has been the driving force behind a myriad of ventures across diverse domains, encompassing Back-office, voice, and non-voice solutions, E-BPO, Tech, ITES, B2C, E-Commerce, and Ticketing, among others. His leadership and expertise have given rise to many enterprises, including BPO+, QTickets, Qatar Day, 360-WiFi, Atpik, 360 Bytes, 360 Play, Karak Stop, Lecoiffeur, and 360 Nautica. “In the realm of possibilities, entrepreneurship is the brush that paints the future.” – Dr. Tejinder Singh.

Among his laurels, Dr. Tejinder’s accomplishments include a special acknowledgment by the ID World

Congress in Milan, Italy, and the illustrious Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 award by ITP. Enthusiastic about nurturing entrepreneurial potential, he passionately mentors, advises, and invests in startups across India and the Middle East, leaving an indelible imprint on the burgeoning startup ecosystem. Dr. Tejinder’s entrepreneurial odyssey is a testament to unwavering dedication and visionary prowess, with his influence continuing to mold the business landscape in profound, transformative ways.

Out of the long list of his laurels, we have enclosed the worthy mentions below:

• CEO of the Year – Qatar Brand Leadership Awards 2020, awarded by CMO Asia / CMO Global
• Award for Brand Excellence in BPO Sector – Qatar Brand Leadership Awards 2020, awarded by CMO Asia / CMO Global
• Award for Brand Excellence in E-commerce & Internet Business Sector – Qatar Brand Leadership Awards 2020, awarded by CMO Asia / CMO Global
• Award for Best Use of Social Media in Marketing – Qatar Brand Leadership Awards 2020, awarded by CMO Asia / CMO Global
• Chapter Director for Startup Grind – Google for Entrepreneurs in the State of Qatar, 2019
• Best Enterprise Ticketing Solution Provider in Qatar – International Business Magazine Awards 2019
• Best Online Ticketing Enterprise in Qatar – International Business Magazine Awards 2019
• Recognized Leaders in Movies & Sports Ticketing Technology – MEA Markets 2019
• Best Enterprise Ticketing Solution Provider – MEA Markets 2019
• Indywood Pravasi Ratan Award – 2018, awarded by INDYWOOD
• SME Excellence Award for Q-Tickets – 2018, awarded by QDB
• Listed among Forbes Top 12 Innovative Companies in the Middle East for Q-Tickets – 2018
• Best Mobile Application of the Year for Q-Tickets – Qatar IT Business Awards 2018, awarded by the Ministry of Transport and Communications
• Person of the Year – 2017-2018, awarded by Asia One Magazine
• Silver Medal Award for Best Outsourcing Partnership in Europe, Middle East, and Africa Region for BPO+ – 2018, awarded by Contact Center World
• From 2014 to 2018, the leader’s success story was covered by Forbes India.

Why consider 360 Nautica?

360 Nautica emerges as a beacon for investors seeking unparalleled advantages within the venture builder domain. Immersing in the 360 Nautica ecosystem opens doors to a robust pipeline of high-growth enterprises with untapped potential. A vast network of kindred investors awaits, facilitating invaluable connections in the entrepreneurial realm.

Resourcefulness becomes a hallmark with 360 Nautica, providing investors with the tools to conduct thorough due diligence on startups, ensuring insightful investment decisions. The team’s professional acumen takes charge of investment management and reporting, alleviating investor burdens. A participatory journey awaits as members engage and bolster portfolio companies across their lifecycles.

As a quintessential venture builder, 360 Nautica spearheads sponsorship, screening, and due diligence on potential investments, refining the investment journey. Vital mentorship threads through the fabric, their wisdom nurturing investee companies toward prosperity. With a prominent seat on investee company boards, investors wield a tangible influence on portfolio growth. Opting for 360 Nautica crystallizes a holistic investment approach, cultivating symbiotic relationships between entrepreneurs and investors, propelling shared success.

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