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Reducing Carbon Footprints Significantly With Its Synchronized Technology Excellence And Innovation

An IMS-certified company having their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Dahej, SEZ area in Gujarat stands as a world-class manufacturing plant, producing 70,000 MT/annum of CS2 by using natural gas as a primary raw material. Indofil Industries Limited, based in Mumbai, India, created a joint venture with Shanghai Baijin Chemicals Group Company Ltd. (SBC), based in Shanghai, China, with the goal of reducing carbon footprints on the environment and becoming an independent producer and global supplier of Carbon Disulphide.

‘‘Green Technology’ Initiative by Indobaijin
Producing and selling CS2 with green technology process where they use expensive natural gas compared to a cheaper carbon source like charcoal. Even though there is a significant price difference, Indobaijin chose to use green technology to prevent the destruction of more than 70 Sq.Kms of forest and green zone per year and protect an area of forest equivalent to more than 500 sq km. Inhouse steam generation and consumption by using process heat

  • Steam-based turbine generates power and reduces external power load and dependency
  • Water conservation – reduced 35% water consumption in the last 3 years
  • Power – various initiatives of power saving and optimisation resulted in 10% power reduction
  • Zero discharge management, no liquid waste disposal
  • Greenery development surrounding plant premises and water usage from domestic treated effluent reduce water load.
  • Reducing process air consumption by 55% and reduction in nitrogen consumption by 29%, supporting overall energy-efficient operations

Deploying Expertise in Research and Development
R&D is essential to any organisation, whether it is in the manufacturing or service sectors. The R&D and process improvement team at Indobaijin is constantly working hard to reduce the number of raw materials used and increase yield, which benefits the environment and the product’s cost-effectiveness. They aim to produce carbon disulfide that exceeds global quality needs while upholding the highest safety standards. They also want to provide excellent customer service to their clients.

Work Culture at Indobaijin
Indobaijin is “A Palace to Grow for Everyone!” Its acronym, IBJ, stands for Inclusive, Belonging and Joyful Journey for Every Employee. IBJ offers a platform to develop people’s potential and provide them with a chance to succeed in achieving shared organisational goals, vision, and objectives.

They follow robust performance and potential assessment processes to develop competitiveness and healthy work culture. They support an environment where employees may offer their creative ideas, talents, and best efforts to accomplish goals.

Reducing Carbon Footprints Globally
The goal of reducing carbon footprints was the cornerstone of Indobaijin. From the designing stage onward, the team has worked diligently to ensure that things are done in a way that avoids using charcoal to produce CS2, optimises gas consumption, and uses exceptional TGTU (tail gas treatment unit) design for CS2 production to ensure minimal emission. Projects for saving water and electricity are found and carried out. The plant is being converted to a zero-discharge one to reduce carbon footprints while improving steam production and consumption and using the excess steam to generate electricity.

Indobaijin’s Achievements & Expansion Binge
The Indo baijin team is pleased with the more than 23 honours and accolades they have received over the past 2.5 years on a national and international level. Due to the stakeholders’ TRUST, COMMITMENT, & RELIABILITY in Indobaijin, the firm was able to grab 60% of the domestic market share quickly and has since gained the preference of most of its client base. This gives IBJ a sense of enormous responsibility and pride. The capacity of Indobaijin’s CS2 manufacture will increase to 75,000 metric tonnes. Their long-term goal is to collaborate with companies with a significant consumer base to reduce their carbon footprint and promote green technology.

Dynamic Leadership

  • Bina Modi – Chairperson
  • Daxesh Mankad– CEO
  • Arvind Chajjer– CFO

Indobaijin’s CS2 is the only product which is BIS-approved product available in INDIA. Additionally, “GREEN CS2” is the name of a single product with a registered trademark. IBJ is the sole exporter of CS2 out of India due to the high quality of our products and exporting procedures. After the growth and the introduction of green, clean, and high-quality CS2 production by Indobaijin, India switched from being a net importer to an exporter of the substance. In actuality, the Company created the AATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT for CS2.

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