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Business Connect is back with its exclusive edition of the month comprising some remarkable and inspirational success journeys of experienced professionals in the business world. For this exciting read, our editorial team had an interesting and joyful virtual meeting with the leadership panel of the International School of Management Studies, which is scaling the success ladder at a great pace and setting new standards in the higher education realm.

The Group Head of the institute, Mr. Debraj Banerjee shared numerous lesser-known facts about the company and also spilled beans on his overall entrepreneurial journey so far with us. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value to the lives of our global readership panel and will encourage them to chase their dreams.

A highly optimistic and self-disciplined individual, Mr. Debraj Banerjee is a Post Graduate in Management with more than 20 years of experience in the Education Industry. He has been involved with prominent industry giants like Siemens Information Systems Ltd, SQL Star International Limited, ICFAI, and SSI Limited. He has worked with various segments of education including Distance Learning, IT Training (Retail & Corporate), Higher End training (SAP), etc. He has been actively involved in chalking out strategies and the implementation of the same and has gained accolades from his employers throughout his career.

Mr. Banerjee responds to this by quoting, “According to research by World Economic Forum, 13 million graduates join India’s workforce each year. But, only 1 in five engineers and only 1 in 10 other graduates in India are employable. One of the main reasons behind this problem is the lack of employable skills. Few bachelor’s degree specialties focus on the skills that help students employ. But an MBA, on the other hand, is completely different. An MBA is a type of specialization that requires relevant skills to be developed in any industry.

That’s why today’s corporate world is looking to hire more MBA graduates to manage their businesses. Not just higher remuneration, MBA has the highest career prospect of all the other specializations. It also develops a great personality and helps an individual gain high managerial expertise. Above all MBA is the kind of career option which accepts students from all other specializations. While other graduates have to compete in the market to be placed, MBA graduates can be easily spotted by recruiters because of their skills and knowledge.”

“MBA is a lucrative career option. MBA degrees are still in high demand and will continue to be so. However, MBA employment rates remain low. One of the main reasons for this problem is that B-schools are less focused on giving students relevant skills than on offering a degree.

International School of Management Studies (ISMS Pune) was founded to enrich and empower young management graduates in academic excellence, exposing them to the business and industry world, providing them with relevant essential employability skills, core business ethics, core responsibilities, and service, thus empowering them to become individuals with integrity, innovation ability, and a passion for business.

Through the application of managerial academic knowledge and excellence, inspiring them to pursue innovative endeavors along with managerial creativity, and guiding them to serve the industry and society with renewed inspiration, caliber, competence, and compassion professionally and humanely, we hope to cultivate a passionate sense of business among our management students,” says the Group Head.

“We believe the root of any revolutionary idea starts with great quality of education. That’s why we introduced MBA programs in affiliation with Savitribai Phule Pune University (Pune University) to provide great quality of education with life-changing training and relatable skill development programs which are flexible and accessible to students from all over India. We have a PGP MBA (Triple Certification) program to empower students with practical experience and extraordinary career progression, setting themselves apart from others and boosting their chance of getting into the corporate world faster than others.

This program comes with a practical approach that provides our students with winter and summer internships so that they can get hands-on experience before entering the corporate world. Apart from the triple certification (MBA+PGP+Pearson UK) this program also comes with 10+ extra certifications which helps a student stand out in front of a recruiter. PGP MBA (Triple Certification) comes with an option to progress to the UK for a second MBA degree and an optional study tour to the UK that can get our students global exposure to academics as well as the work culture.

We also have MBA in Business & Innovation (Dual Certification)with employability training for students who aspire to be successful leaders in the corporate world. This program comes with dual certification, extensive corporate exposure, Life changing training, various activities, and a summer internship program that changes a student’s life by enriching their knowledge and skills towards becoming a successful leader in the corporate world.”- Mr. Debraj Banerjee.

Indian students are capable of excelling in all over the globe. But still there is the lack of awareness among the students towards pursuing an international degree. ISMS Pune started its journey with a focus to invite foreign education to the students who are now much aware, how to approach a foreign degree. We introduced MBA International (Dual Certification Twinning Program) with an aim to provide foreign education at an affordable budget.

This program enables students to study MBA in the UK with a combination dual campus and dual certifications which will add a great value to the students’ academic qualification. The students will be in a culture of systematic study where there will be systematic understanding of knowledge and critical awareness of current problemsand new insights.

With multiple options for universities in the UK, this program enables students to pursue management degree with hands on experience which opens a “Earning while Learning” opportunity and the students can also explore work opportunities in the UK with post work study permit. We also introduced Masters in Sports Business Management (Twinning Program) for the students who want to explore career opportunities in sports business industry.

The visionary leader further adds, “Retaining a job is harder than getting a job and that is why the International School of Management Studies (ISMS Pune) focuses more on empowering MBA graduates with practical and relatable skills that not only will help them to get placed but also to be successful in the corporate world.

With numerous industrial visits (Local and Outstation), valuable extra certifications, workshops by corporate experts from India and abroad, numerous mock interviews, professional training to equip students with the knowledge & skills they need to be successful, and numerous aptitude tests. ISMS Pune is changing the definition of an MBA.

Not only that. We engage our students in specialization-based club activities, cultural activities, CSR activities, sports activities, outbound, and lots of other activities intending to make these young managers and leaders of tomorrow empathetic employers and socially responsible citizens and to focus on their holistic personality development.”

Mr. Banerjee signs off by sharing his exclusive approach towards the future by quipping, “With outstanding qualities like international standard classrooms, experiential learning methodology, excellent faculties, global opportunity, professional training by industry experts, organizational and professional skill development program, earning while learning opportunity, workshops by corporate experts from India and abroad, numerous industrial visits, extensive industry partnerships, 100% placement record with the best in class ROI and 1000+ success stories since inception, International School of Management Studies (ISMS Pune) will continue to be the fount of inspiration by encouraging and developing among the students a growing spirit of integrity and to tirelessly work towards innovation.”

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