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Several trends are revolutionizing the IT sector, allowing it to scale exemplary heights. From advanced technologies to online food ordering, everything is now possible over social networking at our fingertips. And many IT service providers have become the key drivers of growth in this sector with their unique approach to serving the world.

One such player is InterraIT- an IT company asserting the power of IT solutions in business transformation drive. This whole narrative is based on the specially arranged coffee table discussion with the founder, president and CEO of the company- Mr. Asoke K. Laha, whose stewardship has been the secret to its grand success. Let’s dive into the read to get to know more about InterraIT and its overall business portfolio

Known as a Silicon Valley-based B2B IT services company, InterraIT has been providing cutting-edge IT services to its extensive customers. The exceptional customer experience from start to end comes at an excellent cost. In India, the development centres of InterraIT are based in Noida, Kolkata, and California whereas internationally, it proves its presence in Canada and other European states.

Headquartered in San Jose, California. In terms of service portfolio, the company specializes in Application Management Services, CloudOps, ITOps, DevOps, Q&A, Mobility, and Cybersecurity.

The company’s business operations are driven by the senior management that consists of incredibly accomplished and prominent individuals hailing from the IT industry. The leadership team comprises over 70+ years of experience across the industry with educational backgrounds that include IITs, Northwestern University and Jadavpur University. No doubt, under the leadership of such experienced leaders, the company is being projected to greater heights.

When asked what made the founder establish the company, he replied that while working under other companies, he was hit by a zeal- to create something phenomenal. He aspired to contribute to the IT industry in the best way possible.

Learning lessons through thick and thin while observing the industry with his in-depth knowledge, he began his career journey in the most unimaginable of ways. After attaining 2 decades of experience in three large US companies, he commenced his entrepreneurial journey with the utmost optimism.

Since 1996, the company has made a difference in the industry for the past two decades. From a home office in New Delhi to headquarters across the globe- the journey has been absolutely incredible. It started with an extremely passionate and dedicated staff that was aligned with the same objectives. Everyone was focused in the same direction- to make a mark on the IT industry in a big way by providing top-notch IT services to the targeted audience.

Driven with immense grit, hard work and determination, the company has reached the pinnacle of success today. At present, the team’s mindset is to achieve the impossible and continue to think of ways with which InterraIT would be taken to the next level, higher aloft. The sky is truly the limit for team InterraIT.

Here and there, the IT industry has been witnessing the blooming of companies across the world- especially in the US and India- targeting the same audience base. The competition is tough but InterraIT ensures to stay ahead of the curve owing to its unique value proposition. Innovative streak combined with a determined mindset to develop bestin-class IT services speak in favour of their high-quality work that comes consistently and effectively.

Apart from high-quality services, their contribution to the IT industry is their unique approach to work. They empower every employee to be growth drivers who own their work responsibilities perfectly. From brainstorming to bringing out-ofthe-box ideas to making critical decisions, they are indulged in problem-solving drives to take each project to the next level. The commitment, dedication and perseverance of the workforce are what make them different from their peers. “We believe in Individualized Corporation, to borrow the phrase from late Sumantra Ghosal – famous

management guru. I would say that what gives our intelligent business solutions a leading edge in the market is that for each service that we develop and cultivate, we always keep our customers at the forefront. We take the time to understand our customer’s current and possible pain points in their respective industries and it is worth pointing out that this research is in-depth and continuous. Our business services provide solutions to these key pain points, while at the same time, allowing for immersive customer service from start to finish. Customer satisfaction is a key motto,” asserts the leader.

Creating and providing information for potential leads as well as current customers is how they define their digital footprints. Generating impactful digital footprints is what they strive to emphasize through their values, mission and other services that could make a huge difference in favour of their customers.

They are in constant strides to keep the customers’ requirements in mind to articulate the way solutions could address the pain points. The digital footprints ensured by them have indeed been able to create an impact across their targeted space.

The quality management process of InterraIT is what they take immense pride in where delivering high-quality deliverables is imperative to them. The quality process is quite thorough; with strict and defined guidelines to ensure services that fit into the necessary standards. In the overall process, they emphasize the components of quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and finally quality improvement.

Needless to say, the founding partners began their respective careers in the big MNCs for over twenty years as reliable software engineers from where they moved up the ladder of senior management positions. Hence, high-quality solutions became their DNA before they began this journey. This extensive experience of the leadership panel has made the company stand out in terms of quality standards.

And technology accompanied by the R & D process helped them to learn and master advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, etc. Despite being a service-providing company, they develop different proprietary modules
to build solutions as per the increasing customer demands. It has allowed them to escalate the value chain- becoming IT partners and IT solution providers.

The Founding head and President of InterraIT is Mr. Asoke K Laha who is a corporate professional with over forty years of experience in the software industry. His career began at GTE as a software developer where he subsequently worked for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and Cadence Design Systems.

Later, owing to his extensive experience, he was appointed the Managing Director of Cadence India where he transformed the organization into a highly respected and well-respected brand in the Indian software landscape. Additionally, for over a year(2014-2015), he served as the National President of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC).

While being actively involved with prestigious industry organisations like AMCHAM, NASSCOM and ASSOCHAM. Currently, he is serving as the Vice-Chairman of CouncilSME- an organization for SMEs. He is a person with incomparable business acumen and industry experience that allowed him to overcome many difficulties within a short period.

At InterraIT, there is a culture of learning where every individual is encouraged to think out of the box and expand her perception along with her skill set. Though challenging, the whole process is collaborative where each individuals are encouraged to work together across multiple functions. The management propels them to brainstorm for long hours and challenge their competencies to come up with relevant help and suggestions.

Transparency is what makes InterraIT stand out from the rest of the organizations. Also, a highly motivated work environment allows employees to spread their wings as per the directed vision of the leadership panel. Everyone is inspired to become the best version of themselves to take the whole organization forward towards newer avenues.

The open-door policy at InterraIT allows the employees to share any new idea with the leadership team that is always ready to lend its ear to the workforce. By practising individualized corporation and servant leadership management philosophies- the company has set up extraordinary industry standards across the globe.

“We strive to empower and arm our employees with the necessary tools, skills, and education to help them in their growth paths. Throughout the year, we have several technical and soft skill sessions for our employees. In addition, employees can work on their communication skills with our award-winning Toastmasters club. We implement a number of employee engagement initiatives at InterraIT, it is all about the employee!,” conveyed the luminary.

Though InterraIT has bagged numerous awards and accolades in line with its extraordinary growth trajectory, the most precious achievement to them is its successful journey so far. To know the secret sauce to success, many organizations keep inviting the management staff as keynote speakers at various conferences and seminars.

Here and there, the company keeps bagging rewards and recognitions for their outperformance in the industry. For the future, to go high and above, they have envisioned some exciting projects that are in the pipeline with a particular customer base. As they are ensuring a steady growth while multiplying their headcount, a radiant future awaits InterraIT for sure.

“To aspiring entrepreneurs, I would say a few things: there might be those who will not believe in your dreams or think that it is not possible – block that noise out because all that matters is that you believe in yourself. I highly believe in the necessity of education – constantly read and educate yourself on what’s happening in your industry, upcoming trends, management styles, etc. Learn to take risks and challenge yourself. If I can make my own dream a reality, then I’m positive that you can too.”

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