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Edward de Bono once quipped, “As competition intensifies, the need for creative thinking increases. It is no longer enough to do the same thing better. No longer enough to be efficient and solve the problems.” Creativity is the soul of any long-term and innovative organization out there in the business world. It is a crucial element in the business world that drives innovation and competitiveness. It is the ability to develop new and original ideas, concepts, and solutions to complex problems.

Creative individuals can see things from different perspectives, think outside the box, and challenge conventional wisdom. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, creativity is essential for organizations to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to new market trends. And there are numerous organizations scattered in the corporate world having creativity as their USP. Here, with our exclusive volume, we are giving a shout-out to all of them.

Business Connect is a renowned platform in the arena of publication and it has marked its presence all thanks to our innovative monthly editions. And here again, we are back with another one, ‘Emerging Businesses to Watch-2023.’ In this context, our editorial team had an interesting and joyful virtual session with the leadership panel of INTIME Securities Pvt. Ltd.

The management of the company, and the MD, Mr. Arun Kumar Shrivastava, shared numerous lesser-known facts about the company and also shed some light on his overall entrepreneurial journey so far. His dedication and passion for the business world highly inspired us and made us feature them in this exclusive read. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value to the lives of our global readership panel and will surely encourage budding leaders to break the barriers and chase their dreams.


Giving a detailed introduction of the venture, Mr. Arun asserts, “Conceptualized in the year 2006, INTIME Securities is a Financial Products Distribution company, specializing in Mutual Funds and Insurance. We are an AMFI Certified Mutual Fund Distributor. With my 35-plus years of personal experience and 4000 plus clients worldwide in the industry, an empowered network of our partners and team members, we offer multiple and need-based solutions to our clients for investment, retirement, children’s education, and protecting their 360 degrees interests through insurance.

Also, my daughter Mrs. Akanksha Shrivastava is a Certified Financial Planner, specializing in Investment Planning and Retirement and Tax Planning. She is a part of our company and looks over the current young generation’s investments.”

Enlightening us further about the initial journey, Mr. Arun quips, “Born in a lower-middle-class family, I had the option to remain in my village and do farming or study and do something of my own.  But I was always determined to be a businessman and do something of my own, rather than working for others and doing a job.  After my graduation, I came to Dhanbad and started working as an Insurance Agent in the Life Insurance Corporation of India in 1988. At first, I wasn’t able to get through.

The competition was really high. So, I changed my selling plan. Instead of salary saving scheme mode, I switched to yearly mode. It was a new concept in the area and I presented them according to the customer’s suitability. It became a success. I was awarded the ‘Million Dollar Round Table Agent’ award. Since the time I can remember, I had promised myself 3 things:

  1. Never wear plastic slippers/ shoes.
  2. Never provide the tuition.
  3. Never ride a bicycle.

For me, these 3 things were figures of poor financial situations. I have always been challenged to achieve my dreams and break my own past results. Till now, they have motivated me.”

He further adds, “One mantra which I followed in my earlier career was I always went to high-profile people and made sure to remain between them. They introduced me to other people and my circle grew. I had started learning etiquettes and the way of talking these people liked. In 2002, I entered into Mutual Funds and started the company in 2006. When a new financial product arrives in the market, people are more scared and do not like to invest. At that time, I started personally curated schemes for them to invest in. It worked and the company’s clients escalated to 4000 plus worldwide.”

  • In 2019, he opened a society called “Dhanbad IFA Study Circle”, where he was the President, for educating and creating awareness among fellow distributors for their growth and development.
  • In 2022, he is on “Mission 1000 Crorepatis” in which he will be making his clients crorepatis over 10 years with planning and portfolio management.


Leadership, as Mr. Arun rightly points out, is all about guiding and motivating people to work together towards a common goal. However, what sets his leadership style apart is his belief that his partners are not just team members, but a family. In the finance industry, where profits and numbers often take precedence over human interactions, Mr. Arun’s approach to putting customers’ needs first and valuing human relationships is commendable. A leader who fosters a culture of empathy and mutual respect within an organization can create an environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to perform to their best abilities.

Another aspect of Mr. Arun’s leadership style that is worth highlighting is his approach toward mistakes. Rather than assigning blame, he believes in focusing on corrective actions and learning from mistakes. This approach can create a culture of continuous improvement, where everyone feels encouraged to take calculated risks and learn from failures. By embracing failure as an opportunity to learn, organizations can foster a culture of innovation and creativity, leading to better outcomes and growth.

We can surely say that Mr. Arun’s leadership style which values human relationships, customer needs, and continuous learning is a shining example for leaders in any industry. A leader who puts people first and encourages a culture of learning can create a motivated and engaged workforce that delivers outstanding results.


The company is looking forward to hiring more employees for sales and marketing to reach people who are unable to use technology. “The key to expanding our business is to add a human- touch with advanced technology as every client’s needs are different. With the help of training programs, webinars, and group meetings, we are planning to expand the reach of financial literacy to students in schools, women who are housewives, etc. Completing our mission of making 1000 clients crorepatis over 10 years.”-Mr. Arun Kumar Shrivastava.

Before signing off, the inspiring leader shared a few words of wisdom for the budding entrepreneurs out there by saying, “When you have a mission or accepted a challenge, never deviate from it. Never deviate from a solid business plan. Make it scalable and trust yourself. Nobody understands your goals, dreams, and business plan better than the way you do. Build a strong network. It will become your legacy over the years. Never be afraid of feedback. Build over it.”

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