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The Iconic Eatery in Chandi Chowk, Serving Authentic Mouth-Watering Crisp Kachodis Since 1961

India has been graced with many different types of street cuisine, but samosas and kachoris are far superior to the others. While samosas are praised for their uniformity, kachoris enjoy their variations. Unlike samosas, kachoris boast a distinct taste made across different places in India.

Renowned for offering delectably crisp kachoris, J.B. Kachori Wala (Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala) in Chandni Chowk has continued to maintain the taste and has successfully drawn clients from all over the world. Established in the year 1961, the legendary eatery is more than three decades old and has been serving the authentic flavour of old Delhi for more than three decades.

JB Kachoriwala aims to offer the finest food possible to its customers, and by best,” they mean making no compromises when it comes to taste, quality, or customer pleasure. To continue becoming the best, they strive to excel every day to maintain. Because of their unmatchable taste and decent price, JB Kachoriwala has been honoured with multiple big names in the food industry’s critic awards, like Times Food, Navbharat, Hindustan Times, and News18, and was awarded the best QSR restaurant in 2022 by Franchise India.

The Differentiating Factors That Make JB Kachoriwala Stand Out
The authentic taste is their strength, as are the hygiene and quality standards, which they can bet on being the best at. That’s what helps JB Kachoriwala retain their decades-old customers as well as their continuing generations, plus attract new vigilant consumers as they can see the hygiene standards and taste the quality we serve, which is unmatchable.

Explaining more about the company, the leading man, Tarun Verma, Managing Director asserts, “We have stuck to the original recipe found by my grandfather and never let go of quality standards. Since the day our company was formed, that has remained our trade secret and authentic flavour. The founders and employees have the same desire to uphold our standards. As we don’t let the essence of it escape, this naturally leads to us not doing anything additional to get the true taste. In order to maintain the character of our meal, we specifically obtain our materials from old Delhi.”

“Keeping food quality high and safe goes hand in hand. Our essence is the hygienic assurance of quality. At our workshops, we uphold the highest standards of hygiene. All of our chefs wear the correct kitchen attire, and we routinely inspect the food’s composition. From the kitchen to the outlet, adequate masking and protective headgear is required. We can compete with any other restaurant in our industry since we don’t provide stale food. Hygiene guarantees the flavour and quality for which we strive and have been doing so for decades,” he added.

R&D: The Core of Business
It is the foundation and soul of all startups and established companies alike. You must become familiar with the everchanging environment, consumer behaviour, growth parameters, staff expectations, and management. To succeed in this constantly changing climate, where consumers are so well educated and you are so exposed to the outside world thanks to social media platforms, one must continually be aware and updated.

The environment’s pros and cons, the extent of required development, and the fluctuating scale of operational capacity must all be understood. This is the most crucial aspect influencing an individual’s or an organisation’s ability to survive.

The Unique Market Tactics at JB
Tarun and his team have shifted from print media to social media, where they can connect to many people and their experiences with them, which has not only helped the team to understand them but also made them feel connected to them, which somewhere the visionary leader believes adds on to that personal connect without being into it. In this digital era where everyone is so social for almost everything, where can we be left untouched by this? Without regard to age, gender, or location, the reach has also significantly increased.

Tarun’s Take on Leadership
For me, “it is a very responsible thing, and you need to understand its essence, which is that we (including us, our employees, and the consumers) are a thing that can only be possible if it is not just about an individual but all. If you possess this essence, you will naturally be able to lead, or, maybe more accurately, ride along with everyone.”

Making an Delightable Mark in the Food Segment
Being a quick-service restaurant, their strength is giving the customer the authentic taste they require in an instant. People today demand things quickly, making time a crucial restriction. This is especially true if you do not offer a dinein option, in which case you must be prompt and attentive to your customers’ needs. Therefore, we have taken steps to avoid dissatisfying our clients. Even people find them at ease with them since, as the word QSR suggests, they always keep it. People find digital payments to be really handy, and they make sure to convince them by incorporating them into their behaviour even in markets like old Delhi.

How Does the Future Seem for JB Kachoriwala?
The company plans to expand its storefronts across India and in Delhi-NCR. They also aspire to launch the first international outlet in Dubai Further, the company has developed a diversely planned franchise model to expand its business while monitoring and controlling quality and taste to the maximum extent.

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