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JioSh URL Private Limited

JioSh URL Private Limited


Business Connect is a well-established platform renowned for its impeccable monthly editions in which we try our best to feature some outstanding business leaders out there inspiring the entire business world. And here again, we are back with our November edition, Best Startups in India-2022, which is centric to introduce the world to some outperforming startups and the brains behind them. In the continuation of this series, our editorial team had an interesting and inspiring virtual session with the leadership panel of JioSh URL.

The Founder & Director of the company, Mr. Navinkumar Mali shared numerous lesser-known facts about the company and his overall entrepreneurial journey so far with us. This fascinating read is an outcome of that joyful session. We truly hope and desire that this will not only inspire you but will encourage budding leaders to chase their dreams. So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the read.

Bcm: Please Introduce Our Readers To The Service Portfolio Of The Company And The Overall Problem You Solve.
Navinkumar: Our company name is JioSh URL Private Limited, we are a tech startup that is registered with the Startup India campaign of the Government of India. This gives us access to various resources and benefits that can help us grow and succeed. We are committed to using these resources to the best of our ability so that we can achieve our goals.

Our website domain is At its core, our website creates short URLs and bio links to connect people with the content they are interested in. This is especially useful everywhere in digital space & every social media platform. Also, Short URL’s QR codes can be helpful tools for diverting users from physical to digital platforms. By scanning the code, users can be directed to a website or online content, making it a convenient way to access digital information.

By having a central hub for all your links, you can direct your audience to your other content with ease. Shorter URLs are easier for customers to remember, and they can help with your brand or company promotion by providing multiple digital account creations in a single link. Not only that, but you can also get analytics for each link to see how many people clicked on it. This is especially useful for seeing which platforms are providing the most engagement for you and your product.

Plus, every social media platform has one bio-link space that you can use to redirect people to your primary website. This comes in handy if someone is interested in what you do and wants to learn more about you and your business. If anyone clicks on that bio link, it means they are interested in our profile. For businesses, this click signifies that the viewer is interested in what they do and wants to know more about the company. So, in the bio link, we can provide multiple digital account creations in a single Link.

Plus, we are giving every analytics of that individual link as well as how many people clicked on our bio link. So, those kinds of analytics are required for any brand promotion, any individual promotion, or any corporate company promotion. This will give you a more holistic view of your product, sales, and audience. Indians are already using short URLs, but Bio-Link is a new concept in India.

Bcm: Can You Please Share Your Success Journey With Our Global Readers? Also, Please Tell Us The Secret Behind This Growth Trajectory.
Navinkumar: In 2016, when I started promoting my book, I realized that I didn’t know some key information on how to share links, calculate analytics, and improve my marketing strategy. I was learning Digital Marketing at the time, and though I spent a lot on my book promotion, I eventually realized that it wouldn’t work. After some time, I came across foreign companies selling the same services in India.

That’s when I realized that I could have saved a lot of money if I had just used those services from the beginning. I was promoting my book digitally and I noticed that the prices were higher in India. I had a problem in 2016 when I didn’t have a credit card and the foreign company was working with only accepted credit card payments in US currency.

Now, The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given us many instructions to us about not sharing our credit card information or OTP (one-time password) with anyone. So, we Indians are used to doing UPI payments. I thought that there is a need in the market for something better. We understand that not everyone uses the same currency, which is why we are providing payment options in Indian rupee for our Indian users and 100 different foreign currencies for our international users. This way, you can choose the currency you’re most comfortable with and have a seamless experience with our payment options.

The next issue we discovered was that a foreign company was charging more for these services than we had anticipated. The cost of the service was more than what we expected to pay as Indians. Even though I found that foreign company services have some limitations in terms of features and analytics, I decided to create the best short URL Service with more features at the best price for Indians and people all over the world. So, I build the whole digital ecosystem for Short URLs.

Around that time, the Indian government started to wean off its dependence on foreign applications within the country. It’s possible that they banned 59+ apps then because our data was being sent outside of India and they were using it for marketing purposes. It occurred to me that this data should stay within India because Indian companies are subject to the Indian government and judiciary system – but foreign companies aren’t.

Bcm: What Is Your Approach Towards Competition In The Market? How Do You Tackle That Situation?
Navinkumar: We have no direct competition in India at the moment! Recently, we received a startup recognition certificate from the government of India which goes to show that our idea is unique and registered as ranked by the government of India. There are no Indian websites available for our competition but there are foreign competitors and foreign websites as a competitor available for us. Therefore, we are increasing our features more than foreign companies, we are offering the best price to Indian people as well as foreign people with the best services and a unique support system.

We are currently handling the short URL and bio-links needs of several companies and individuals. Our major client right now is MSEDCL – Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited. They use JioSh URL to share monthly meter reading photos with their consumers. We are adding more and more customers to our website to generate revenue.

Bcm: What Is Your Master Plan To Scale In The Coming Future? Please Share Some Token Words For Our Readers Observing You.
Navinkumar: Our company has big plans to be the next big thing – or in other words, a unicorn in the next three years. For those of you who may not know, a unicorn is a term used in the business world to describe a startup company that has achieved a value of over one billion dollars. We are currently based in a remote city, and there’s no doubt that we face unique challenges that come with that.

However, we’re dedicated to making our startup the best it can be despite the odds. Before I finish, I want to give a motivational message to all the readers out there, especially those of you who might be based in smaller towns or cities. It’s easy to feel like you’re at a disadvantage when the resources around you are limited, but I want you to remember that it’s possible to achieve great things no matter where you come from. We’re proof of that. So don’t give up on your dreams – anything is possible if you work hard enough for it.

Our Tag line is Refine & Redefine your Links. Our tagline is more than just words. It’s a commitment to the world wide web, to society, and to our ability to help and guide people. Our tagline will help us to refine and redefine the way links are created and let the world know we are a force to be reckoned with. We aim to corner the market on link refinements and redefine the way the world links. With our commitment to the market, we are sure to refine and redefine the way you link for good!

My father taught me that “Nothing is free & No one is perfect.” Every day I read this & I improve myself and my company for perfection.

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