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Learn Digital Academy

Learn Digital Academy

Developing Industry Relevant Skill in Digital Marketing and Graphic Designing 

Organizations, governments, startups, and non-profit organizations are spending a major portion of their earnings to target, attract, and bind their audience. This is the prime reason to learn Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing skills are unquestionably a ‘The Marketing’ of the future’.

Around 30 lakh students graduate in India every year but a very low percentage are employable despite huge demand. The root cause behind such a poor ball game is the vacuum between industry-relevant skills and education. These students are good at theoretical knowledge but do not have hands-on experience and skills to apply these theories. Organizations want people with industry-relevant skills. They want people that can take the business to a higher level, convert their leads, and increase their sales and profits.

In the last few years, the world has seen an extensive shift from analog to digital. There’s a significant rise in the number of people joining the online world. Thus honing up your skill as a digital marketer can take your career to a new level.

The significance of digital marketing fits not only in favor of marketers but it bestows innovation to the consumers too. Let us look and understand how skill development organizations like ‘Learn Digital Academy’ (Digital Marketing Consultant of the year 2019 – The CEO Magazine) is polishing one’s ability to acquire industry-relevant skills as a digital marketer.

Learn Digital Academy is an Education Brand of Webi7 Digital Media offering courses certified by Jain University Centre for Skills. The academy offers Digital Marketing and Graphic Designing Courses with University Certified Curriculum continuously updated as per the industry standards. The article answers some of the fundamental questions any learner may have.

How will you learn the skills most relevant to you at Learn Digital Academy?

Through productive upskilling strategies and programs learners will recognize gaps in their knowledge and skill. This will allow them to focus on the areas they need to.

How can you use what you learn on the job?
A comprehensive Digital Marketing learning experience involves Training, Certification, Internships, and Placement in a reputable Digital Marketing firm. Learn Digital Academy believes in Quality Education and value for money. The academy follows a strictly goal-oriented teaching curriculum through live projects and practical coursework so that students can see for themselves the results of putting Digital Marketing strategies into practice. New and Seasoned Entrepreneurs can enhance their practical digital marketing skills to use in running their online business.

Will you be given time to learn?
Learn digital academy is an education brand of Webi7, the trainers actively participate in client projects under Webi7 keeping themselves updated with the latest industry tools and techniques. Thus, guarantees the student with the updated training knowledge and technique

Why Learn Digital Academy is a popular skill-based organization? : Learn digital is a skill development partner of Jain University Centre for Skills. When a university chooses an academy as its skill development partner, it says a lot about the academy. Here are some of the reasons:

  • It’s an only Digital marketing Agency based training institute.
  • The academy is a skill development partner of Jain university
  • Learn Digital strictly follows a University certified curriculum
  • The institute has industry experienced trainers with a minimum of 5 to7 years of experience:
  • You get to learn practical aspects through live agency projects of the actual businesses
  • Trainers are updated with continuously evolving digital marketing industry as being a part of Webi7 digital Media
  • The academy organizes Webinar Marketing & self-development sessions from Industry leaders & influencers
  • Most importantly, the academy also offers university certification with on-campus placements packages


Learn Digital has been awarded ‘Digital Marketing Consultant of the year 2019 by the CEO Magazine’ It has been awarded by Sorav Jain as ‘Top Digital Marketing Training Institute’ in Bangalore. In addition to this, the academy is recognized as ‘Users Choice 2019’ by Justdial

We chatted with Nikhil Jhunjhunwala, the co-founder of Learn Digital about their journey, how he and his team ensure to promote the most industry-relevant skills and excel at it. Here’s a short extract from our conversation

What kind of clients do you serve?
We train students, working professionals, homemakers, and entrepreneurs to provide them with better career and money-making opportunities. We are a growing team of professionals ready to pave the way forward for aspiring Digital Marketers and just about anyone interested in learning new Digital Marketing Techniques.

Did everything come easy, or you have your story of struggle?
We started as a Digital marketing agency, meanwhile hiring we faced lots of challenges as freshers were not trained adequately and they needed to be again taught the complete course thus we started as an institute.

Do you still come back to work with the same zeal, like you did when you started?
The business has always been a passion. Zeal has increased with each day into the business. Earlier the mind used to run 8-10 hours for work now it’s from the time the eye opens and shuts down.

In terms of your market, what do you feel the future holds for entrepreneurs?
The Professional and Online Training Industry is on a huge growth track right now. People around any part of the globe can learn from the world’s best trainers easily and upgrade their careers. The education market globally is worth more than trillions. In the coming future, we see our self amongst the biggest EdTechcompany in India and helping lakhs of student for a better career opportunity

How are you giving back to society?
We have organized sessions with JITO for educating the Digital Marketing Certification course for students who are financially challenged and help them in setting up their career turning them into the financial hand for their family

There’s a lot of unpredictability about how the working style will change. AI has begun to rapidly reshape the industry. One should develop the habit of learn-unlearn and relearn to stay in the race as most industries are likely to witness dramatic changes. This means that polishing your skills and making it industry-relevant is a major part of your career growth. Evaluate your work and learning progress and assess what skills can take your career to the next level. Next, learn practical skills and accelerate your working life.



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